Where Is The Outrage?

outrageLet’s quickly recap.  New Jersey Democrats want to make same-sex marriage their single most important legislative agenda item in this session.  Our unemployment rate continues to hover around 9%.   New Jersey citizens have a tax burden that is at or near the top in the country.  Our property taxes are the highest in the nation.  The regulatory environment for businesses is among the worst in the country.

New Jersey Democrats focused their campaign last fall leading into the November elections on correcting these problems.  Barely two months later, their single most important legislative agenda item is same sex marriage? Really?

This stunning stunt tells all of New Jersey that the Democrats have no solutions to our taxation and spending problems.  This stunt makes it very clear that they want social engineering for each of us.  This remarkable abdication of their responsibility to each of us as New Jersey residents makes it clear that they do not want to reduce our highest in the nation tax burden, tackle our lack of job growth or job availability, or make it easier for companies to expand and create jobs in New Jersey.

The Democrat party has declared war on religion.  They know better than what your deeply held beliefs are, and have been for your entire life.  They also do not think you will care that this is their number one legislative priority.  They are of the mindset that you enjoy t,he highest taxation in the country, high unemployment, and ever dwindling job prospects.  Yet, their time should be spent on same-sex marriage, which does nothing to alleviate any of your every day concerns mentioned above.

Governor Christie should be lambasting this insanity, yet disturbingly, he remains silent.  As our Governor, who does recognize all of the issues mentioned above, you would think that he would be using his bully pulpit to effectively shoot this nonsense down and work to make New Jersey a state that welcomes families and businesses and jobs.  Why is he not lambasting the Democrat leadership that makes this their biggest priority?  The candidate he is so forcefully behind for President was unequivocal last night in his opposition to same-sex marriage, why is our Governor so silent?

As outraged New Jersey residents it is important that we call Senate President Sweeney’s office and ask him when he will take his job seriously and put his legislative priority toward correcting the fiscal problems that continue to plague our state.  He can be reached at 856-258-9801.

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One Comment

  1. Curt says:

    “The Democrat party has declared war on religion.”

    I”ll believe gay marriage is a “war on religion” when you come out swinging against birth control and divorce, Rob.