What does the Board of Trustees at Centenary College Think?

barbara-jayne-lewthwaiteBarbara-Jayne Lewthwaite is the President of Centenary College in NJ.  She has held that position since you hired her in 2009.  Centenary College has an enrollment of just over 1,900 students and charges them more than $39,000.00 for tuition, fees, room and board per year.  It is located on 44 acres in bucolic Northwest New Jersey, in Hackettstown, Warren County.

New Jersey’s political landscape is such that Northwest New Jersey is by far and away the most conservative part of the state.  Officeholders at all levels of government from Northwest New Jersey are consistently among the most conservative in the state.

These elected officials include Congressman Scott Garrett, municipal councilmen and women, State Assemblymen and women and State Senators among them.  It is safe and accurate to say that Northwest New Jersey is the most conservative part of New Jersey.

It is against that backdrop that Conservative New Jersey was involved in organizing a panel discussion between movement conservative leaders in New Jersey and grassroots activists that was to have taken place at Centenary College this past Saturday.  Discussion and negotiation of the contract started on November 20th of last year and concluded with a 5 page contract dated January 4th of this year.  All in all, it was a pretty standard 5 page contract.  Right up to late last week when the catering arm of the College was given the number of expected attendees to prepare for, there was no hint of any problems.

Late Friday afternoon, we were contacted by Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite, the President of this college and unceremoniously told we were not welcome on your campus and “permission” to hold our panel discussion on your campus was being withdrawn.  When challenged for a reason for this last minute cancellation, the esteemed college President responded that she did not approve of one of our panelists/speakers as well as the subject matter; specifically the 2nd Amendment.  At 5:57pm on Friday evening she ended the discussion by hanging up the phone.  New Jersey conservatives had been kicked off your campus.  Do you think she was proud of herself?  Was this decision indicative of the mindset of the Board of Trustees?

As any visitor to your campus can easily see on one of the many plaques adorning your buildings, Centenary College has been the recipient of tens of millions in New Jersey residents’ tax dollars over the past several years.  (A more accurate dollar amount will be forthcoming) This didn’t seem to bother the President of this liberal arts school; does it bother the Board?  Is your mindset truly one of “we can take conservatives’ tax dollars but we don’t have to tolerate them on our campus?”  The administration of this liberal arts school appears to want nothing to do with any discussions about one of our country’s founding documents, namely the Bill of Rights if that discussion comes from conservatives.  Is that also the Board of Trustee’s position?

If that is the case, then so much for institutions of higher learning being a hot bed for intellectual thought, discussion, and debate.

It is even more disconcerting when you read the following quote from Barbara-Jayne Lewthwaite given to the Newark Star-Ledger last February when she welcomed the NAACP to her campus with open arms and presumably had absolutely no problem with anything they discussed.

“As president of Centenary College, I have the distinct pleasure of working with organizations such as the NAACP to further the cause of issues such as diversity both on campus and in the region at large. The idea of inclusion is extremely important to me, as an educator, parent and community leader. The recent creation of the college’s NAACP chapter is a great example of inclusion at work in our community.”

While not agreeing often with positions taken by the NAACP, here at Conservative New Jersey we have worked with them on more than one occasion when we do agree.  Recognizing that they often advocate for different political goals than conservatives do, why is NAACP welcome on your campus but not conservatives?  Is this a conscious decision of the Board?

“Diversity and inclusion are extremely important to me.”  Really?  So important that you would breach a contract with conservatives a mere 17 hours before they were to meet on your campus?  Is this the way the Board of Trustees entrusts this President and her administration to conduct the day to day business of Centenary College?

If it is a “distinct pleasure” to work with liberal groups, how would you describe working with a conservative group?

Now that the Board of Trustees is well aware of what happened, would conservatives be welcomed in the future to hold a panel discussion discussing the future of the conservative movement, and yes, even one of our founding documents and the inherent freedoms it gives us?

Does the Board of Trustees think that an apology is owed to New Jersey conservatives?

Does the Board of Trustees think that breaching a signed contract 17 hours prior to an event is a good, positive, inclusive way to conduct business in their community?

Is the disdain of conservatives that President Lewthwaite exhibited this past week, coupled with her rudeness, something this Board of Trustees condones, either implicitly or explicitly?

Below is a full list of the Board of Trustees of Centenary College.  If you know any of them, perhaps you could ask them if this is the type of “inclusion and diversity” they expect from the President of their college?

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Board of Trustees Officers

  • Arden Davis Melick ’60, New York, NY……………..Chairman
  • Kenneth Lee Hahn, Califon, NJ…………….1st Vice Chairman
  • Norman Worth, Hackettstown, NJ………………………2nd Vice Chairman
  • Christopher Treanor, New York, NY……………………..3rd Vice Chairman
  • Lucinda Thomas Embersits ‘59, Madison, CT………Secretary
  • Alan J. Shaw, Iselin, NJ………………………………Treasurer

Board of Trustees Members

  • Ellen Baars-Banks ’93, Mount Bethel, PA
  • Audrey Bonaparte-Watts, ’78, Teaneck, NJ
  • Howard L. Burrell, Glenwood, NJ
  • Stanley Caine, Adrian, MI
  • Tilly-Jo Emerson, Morristown, NJ
  • Rev. Dr. Frank Fowler, Hackettstown, NJ
  • Rochelle Makela-Goodman ’97, Annandale, NJ
  • Wolfgang Gstattenbauer ’84, Augusta, NJ
  • Michael Halpin, Hackettstown, NJ
  • David W. Johnson, Cranford, NJ
  • Michael Lavery, Hackettstown, NJ
  • Joann LaPerla-Morales, Edison, NJ
  • George Muller, Flemington, NJ
  • Raymond Nisivoccia, Mt. Arlington, NJ
  • Denis Hennessy O’Rourke, Hackettstown, NJ
  • Alden Siegel, Morristown, NJ
  • Orin R. Smith, Brielle, NJ
  • Timothy L. Smith, Parsippany, NJ
  • James D. Stryker, Pittstown, NJ
  • Linda Van Winkle Watkins ’62, Mystic, CT


  • Harris F. Smith, Califon, NJ
  • Bishop Hae-Jong Kim, Englewood, NJ
  • David A. Lackland, Warren, NJ
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  1. Donny Dee says:

    She must have objected to that perennial loser and incendiary loudmouth Steve Lonegan. Lewthwaite is probably a mainstream, common sense conservative Republican who doesn’t want a rabble-rouser like Lonegan giving Republicans a bad name, the same reason conservatives distanced themselves from crazies like Bader Qarmout and Gene Hoyas in the last election.

    Fortunately we won’t have to worry about Lonegan anymore as his political career is as dead in the water as the Costa Concordia. Chris Christie saw to that when he wiped Lonegan all over the political map four years ago. Since then Chris Christie has made conservatism in New Jersey respectable again, and Ms. Lewthwaite obviously wants to keep it that way. Besides, I’m sure if Chris Christie wants to hold a town hall on Centenary’s campus he would be given the red carpet treatment.

  2. J.B. says:

    Would this be the same Steve Lonegan who Gov Christie met with and praised last Thursday (Jan 17)? The same Chris Christie who told 100 conservative activists, many of whom also attended or planned to attend the Centenary event on Jan 19, that Steve Lonegan was essential to Christie fighting RGGI?

    Donny Dee was a serial abuser of women when he was in office. I don’t think Dr. Lewthwaite knows him and if she did she would probably have a retraining order against him. No woman was safe from Donny. His staff sent escorts with any woman who was sent to his office. He was a very sick and scary man for any woman to be near.

    Dr. Lewthwaite sounds like the typical education establishment liberal. Of course, a serial abuser like Donny Dee would mistake a liberal for a “mainstream, common sense conservative”, but this is the man who destroyed the Republican Party in the late 1990s, lost the legislature, and we have never come back.

    Under Christie we have lost legislative seats too, but we all hope that Christie allows Kean and Bramnick to run strong candidates against Christie’s coalition partners in south jersey.

    Lonegan heads the strongest conservative lobby group in the state. Donny is just a hack lobbyist who is washed up in politics. He was such a crook that he couldn’t even stay in the race. Even his slobbering love affair with Chris Christie doesn’t change that.

  3. Donny Dee says:

    Mainstream, common sense conservatives are always welcome at Centenary College. Just ask their 2007 Commencement speaker, perhaps the most honored and respected conservative in the State of New Jersey as well as the next Junior United States Senator and first Republican to hold that office since 1979, the Honorable Leonard Lance.

  4. truther says:

    First Donny does a little Heroin…

    perhaps the most honored and respected conservative in the State of New Jersey

    Then he hits the crack pipe…

    as well as the next Junior United States Senator and first Republican to hold that office since 1979

    (Guess this doper forgot about Nick Brady, April 12, 1982 – December 20, 1982 or maybe he was high the whole time)

    the Honorable Leonard Lance.

    National Journal - Liberal on Social Policy - 49%
    National Journal - Liberal on Economic Policy - 52%


    Poor Donny. Someone shit in his head and forgot to flush it.

  5. Andrew says:

    Lance “the most honored and respected conservative in the State of New Jersey”? Not even Lance would make that claim and his wife would probably fight you if you called her husband that. It would be an insult to them.

    Yep, there are definitely a couple brown bombers stewing in Donny’s brain. Somebody should twist his nose and flush him out.

  6. Andrew says:

    Timothy L. Smith, Parsippany, NJ

    Same one who wants to run as a conservative Republican for U.S. Senate?

  7. Biagio Bruno says:

    Something is missing from your story.

    Did your conference have a campus sponsor, such as faculty, department or student organization?

    Did Centenary provide any written notice of cancellation? What reason was included in the written notice?

    There was a written contract. What were the provisions for cancellation? Did Centenary follow the contract in cancelling the event?

    How many individuals were actually inconvenienced? How many registered in advance? How many in addition were expected on the day of the event?

    If Centenary did not honor the contract, what legal recourse do you have? And do intend to file a claim?

    I did not note any coverage of the event? Was it actually held at the alternate location? Was it newsworthy?

    It would be ill-advised for a private institution like Centenary to not honor a contract, especially one that involves the community at large. The fear of Lonegan seems ridiculous given that one would first need to explain to most who he is before it could be explained why he is controversial.

    Please keep us posted.

  8. jean says:

    This politically correct BS that is being shoved down our throats has gone on for far too long and with no consequences for the ignorant feel good do good liberals that speak of tolerance then want to silence us.

    Enough is enough!

    NJ conservatives should make an example out of Centenary College and work hard to ensure that their reputation reflects their ignorant and uncalled for behavior!

    Silence is no longer a conservative option.

  9. Rob Eichmann says:


    Some answers to your questions:

    We had a signed written contract.

    That contract provided for written cancellation with 30 days notice. There was no written cancellation, and the event was cancelled just 17 hours prior to it being held. Obviously they did not follow any procedures for cancelling the contract.

    Well over 120 people were inconvenienced.

    They did not honor the contract, all options are being explored.

    Yes, the event was held, yes it was covered in the local press.

    It is very ill advised of an institution of higher learning that accepts tens of millions in taxpayer money to do what they did.

    At this time, I will not confirm or deny which of our speakers/panelists the College President specifically objected to.

  10. URA Putz says:

    Boo hoo hoo!!!! Slow day at CNJ. HaHaHa!!!!

  11. Biagio Bruno says:


    File a civil suit a make Centenary defend their actions. Make them explain it in a response to your complaint. Ask for damages. Redirecting an expected crowd of 120 is more than an inconvenience, and damages the credibility of your blog as an organizer.

    Cancelling on such short notice through a phone call is tactless and rude. Some may forgive cancellation based on the personality or views of the speaker, but all must agree that this is not acceptable behavior from adults at a respected institution.

    You might consider contacting FIRE for some legal help. This may be a little beyond their usual mission, but they will probably have a lot of valuable background information about similar situations in other places. They may also have worked in the past with an attorney in North Jersey.

    FYI. This should not be the kind of experience that happens often enough to learn from, but some hindsight may prove valuable in the future. Next time someone attempts to do something like this, force them to provide notice in writing. Without a written withdrawal, who knows what explanations may created after the fact.

    Keep us posted.

  12. truther says:

    URA Putz = Ray “LORD OF ASS” Lesniak, the drug king of the Jersey shore.

    Ray: “Have you met Ass, my girlfriend?”

    Visitor to Rayland: “No, but can she sizzle a steak for me?”

    Ray: “Sure, but remember that I am Ray “LORD OF ASS” Lesniak.

  13. Donny Dee says:

    Sounds to me like Centenary was misled about the nature and/or purpose of the event, otherwise why would they cancel without notice and put themselves in legal jeopardy? I can’t imagine that they would have approved the contract if they were informed up front that an incendiary loudmouth like Steve Lonegan, a polarizing figure if ever there was, would be a featured speaker. My guess is that without Lonegan the event would have gone on as scheduled and that Murray Sabrin, a finance professor at Ramapo, would have been acceptable.

    Here’s the “Donny Dee” challenge. You don’t need a lawyer either. File a claim before a local magistrate, or Superior Court in Warren County, for breach of contract. That will force Centenary to file a written response, which will likely be that they were misled about the nature of the event and, specifically, the presence of the notorious Steve Lonegan as featured speaker. Then a judge can decide if Centenary was justified in nullifying the contract.

    It’s easy to prove me wrong. Otherwise, I can conclude that your failure to fully inform (I emphasize the word “fully”) Centenary upfront about Lonegan as featured speaker was their justification for cancelling the event.

  14. Julie says:

    Donny Dee was a much more controversial figure than Steve Lonegan ever was. He was so controversial that he had to give up a campaign for Governor after the New York Times exposed what he was about.

    Chris Christie and Steve Sweeney have spoken with much more violence than Steve Lonegan ever has. Sweeney threatens to punch people in the face and Christie chases people down the boardwalk with an ice cream in his hand.

    Steve Lonegan doesn’t do that. For one thing, he can’t. He is legally blind. He is the only political figure with a disability to have gone so far in New Jersey politics.

    Why do sighted people like Donny Dee hate Lonegan so much? Because they have done better? Maybe Donny Dee and the people he supports would feel better if Lonegan was in the gutter begging for money. Where his kind belong, right?

    Maybe Donny Dee and the people he supports feel that blind people should be seen and not heard from. They belong on government programs doing as they are told. They should be grateful vassals of the state.

    Not Lonegan. Steve Lonegan pulled himself up and took on the political establishment in New Jersey. He doesn’t need or want government to take care of him.

    We all remember that disgusting web ad Christie’s people did that mocked Lonegan’s blindness. Donny Dee wants to associate himself with that.

    Does Centenary want to associate itself with Donny Dee’s hatred too?

    Wouldn’t a speech by the state’s most significant disabled political figure be an inspiration for the students at Centenary? When was the last time Centenary had a blind political figure speak on campus?

    Or does Centenary buy into the same Marxist ideology of intellectual slums like Montclair, who believe that a terrorist like Bill Ayers is a better role model for students than a free marketer like Steve Lonegan, who overcame his disability to make a political career for himself?

    I would LOVE to establish that Centenary discriminated against Steve Lonegan. LOVE it.

  15. truther says:

    Donny has his own disability. Someone shit in his head and forgot to flush it.

  16. Rob Eichmann says:

    Not sure why you are so focused on Lonegan. At this time, I will not confirm or deny which panelist/speaker she objected to.

    As for the legal ramifications, they are being worked through. The signed contract is something they have so far not wanted to address.

  17. Opey says:

    Looks like Donny is up to his old tricks again:

    HEADLINE: Naked Man Jumps Off Family’s Roof, Goes On Defecating Rampage Inside Home…

  18. Opey says:

    Naked Man Poops, Goes On Rampage… fell to the floor in the living room and started masturbating.

    A crowd gathered and they chanted “Donny, Donny…”

  19. Tea party Jane says:

    Smart really smart trying to pit Lonegan against Sabrin. What’s the point, why the name calling. Both are on the same team in the end. Republicans will never get their act together as long as the Donny Dee’s play the elite card . If some stinking place wont accept you move on and find another. The silly immature infighting is holding us back.

  20. Donny Dee says:

    Come on, it had to be Lonegan. Who else? It couldn’t be Murray Sabrin, though he is an idiot who’s made a fool of himself in three races for statewide office, at least he has a respectable job as a tenured professor of finance at a “government” college, Ramapo University. Granted, Ramapo isn’t Princeton, or even Centenary, but it is government-owned and government-controlled, and since liberals control government schools and colleges, there is no way Centenary could justify breach of contract because they didn’t know about Murray Sabrin and Murray Sabrin is too extreme.

    Besides, I’m sure CNJ would have no qualms if Centenary cancelled an event which featured speakers who were holocaust deniers, avowed racists and neo-nazis even though holocaust deniers, avowed racists and neo-nazis are taxpayers who have the same first amendment rights and right of access to public facilities as anybody else.

    Finally, as to Lonegan, I don’t care if he has no arms and no legs, he’s still a rabble-rousing troublemaker who fortunately was overwhelmingly rejected by mainstream, common sense conservatives four years ago. As to being legally blind, I’ve known lots of people who were legally blind and they can still make a nuisance of themselves with their overinflated egos and wagging tongues. Lonegan is a nuisance because he has a cushy job with Americans For Prosperity which requires him to be a nuisance in order to justify his paycheck.

    Like I said before, take the “Donny Dee” challenge and prove me wrong. If Sabrin was the reason, then winning a breach of contract suit should be a slam dunk. I don’t think you’ll find a single judge in the State of New Jersey who will rule that Centenary was justified in breaching the contract because of Murray Sabrin. OTOH, there are probably lots of judges who will agree with Centenary that they were justified in preventing a notorious character like Steve Lonegan from using their campus as a soapbox to promote what’s left of his political career.

    Assuming Lonegan was the reason for breach of contract, then it would be your civic duty to file a claim, not only to send a message to other instituions that discriminating against conservatives is unacceptable and illegal, but to maintain Lonegan’s reputation as well. Otherwise other institutions can discriminate against conservatives, and Lonegan in particular, with no fear of legal consequences for their actions.

  21. Donny Dee says:

    @Tea Party Jane said “Smart really smart trying to pit Lonegan against Sabrin. What’s the point, why the name calling. Both are on the same team in the end.”

    Stick to tea and stop drinking the kool-aid. Murray Sabrin rejected Steve Lonegan as too extreme for the Republican Party, and endorsed Chris Christie for Governor instead. In 2008 Lonegan refused to endorse Murray Sabrin for US Senate and instead endorsed Joe Pennacchio, despite the fact that Sabrin proved beyond question from Pennacchio’s own statements that he wanted to put welfare recipients in concentration camps.

    The bottom line is Murray Sabrin and Steve Lonegan are as much on the same team as sliced ham and chopped liver in a kosher food market.

  22. truther says:

    The “Donny Dee” challenge is to see how long he can be in a room with a woman without putting his hand up her skirt.

    overwhelmingly rejected by mainstream, common sense conservatives

    Christie picked up 55% of the vote in the primary, better than the 48% he got in the general election, but not as overwhelming as the 14% margin Bret Schundler scored.

    Remember that Schundler won his primary without the support of the establishment pigs, while Christie had all the pigs in his back pocket.

    Christie has nothing to brag about and if you would crawl out of his ass once in a while you would realize this.

  23. truther says:

    Here is the truther challenge:

    Why doesn’t some organization conduct a poll on some of these fun facts in Christie’s past? Here is a fun fact about his appointment as U.S. Attorney.

    Controversy surrounded his appointment; some members of the New Jersey Bar professed disappointment at Christie’s lack of criminal law experience and his history as a top fundraiser for George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign.[23] The extent of the role played by Bush’s political adviser, Karl Rove, also became an issue after Christie’s law partner, William Palatucci, a Republican political consultant and Bush supporter, boasted that he had selected a United States attorney by forwarding Christie’s résumé to Rove.[24]

    Christie has stated that his distant familial connection to Genovese crime family leader Tino Fiumara never came up during his Federal Bureau of Investigation background check for his position as a U.S. Attorney; he told the New York Times in 2009 that he had assumed that investigators were aware of the connection.[25] During his tenure as U.S. Attorney, Christie recused himself from his office’s investigation, indictment, and prosecution of Fiumara for aiding the flight of a fugitive.[25] A 2011 commentary on MarketWatch identified Fiumara as Christie’s aunt’s husband’s late brother and said Christie has dismissed the relationship as a “private matter”.[26]

    We all thought that “rather be respected than loved” moment at the convention was right out of the Sopranos. Maybe it was.

  24. truther says:

    Here is another fun fact:

    Christie has been accused of using his office’s role in crafting deferred prosecution agreements to award lucrative federal monitoring positions in no-bid contracts to friends, supporters, and allies.[33] Questions first arose after Christie awarded a multimillion-dollar no-bid contract to David Kelley, another former U.S. Attorney, who had investigated Christie’s brother, Todd Christie, in a 2005 fraud case involving traders at the Wall Street firm, Spear, Leeds & Kellogg.[34][35] Kelley had declined to prosecute Todd Christie, who had been ranked fourth in the investigation—initiating a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) complaint among twenty traders who earned the largest profits for their company at the expense of their customers. The top three were indicted, as were eleven other traders.[36]

    Christie was similarly criticized for his 2007 recommendation of the appointment of The Ashcroft Group, a consulting firm owned by Christie’s former superior, the former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft, as a monitor in a court settlement against Zimmer Holdings, an Indiana medical supplies company. The no-bid contract was worth between $28 million and $52 million.[37][38] Christie defended the decision, saying that Ashcroft’s prominence and legal acumen made him a natural choice. Christie declined to intercede when Zimmer’s company lawyers protested the Group’s plans to charge a rate of $1.5 million to $2.9 million per month for the monitoring.[33][39] Shortly after the House Judiciary Committee began holding hearings on the matter, the Justice Department re-wrote the rules regarding the appointment of court monitors.[40]

    Christie also faced criticism over the terms of a $311-million fraud settlement with Bristol-Myers Squibb. Christie’s office deferred criminal prosecution of the pharmaceutical company in a deal that required it to dedicate $5 million for a business ethics chair at Seton Hall University School of Law, Christie’s alma mater.[41][42] The U.S. Justice Department subsequently set guidelines forbidding such requirements as components of out-of-court corporate crime settlements.[43]

    In June 2009, Christie was called before the House Judiciary Committee as part of its consideration of new regulations on deferred prosecution agreements. In his testimony, he defended his decisions to award no-bid, high-paying federal monitoring contracts to law firms that his critics say constitute a conflict of interest. Christie left the meeting after two and a half hours of questioning, against the requests of the Committee’s chairman, stating that he had to attend to pressing business in New Jersey.[33][44]

  25. Donny Dee says:

    Why are you rehashing recycled horse manure from Lonegan’s pathetic campaign ads four years ago? Conservative voters were exposed to all this cow flatulence during the campaign as the “taxpayers best friend” spent millions of taxpayer’s money on those creepy ads. Even that discredited idiot, the former ball picker at the NJ Lottery, Dick LaRossa was regurgitating that crap on his own website and PolitickerNJ. We all knew about it and conservative voters were smart enough and astute enough to see through it all, which is why they overwhelmingly rejected Lonegan and his sleazy tactics.

  26. truther says:

    Nope, it is from the New York Times and Washington Post, the two newspapers of record in these United States of America.

    And rehash we will, thanks to Donny.

    I’d forgotten myself about Christie’s mob connections. Wonder who else has?

    That’s cool, because when you talk about something and cite credible sources like the Times and Post, it gets passed around and soon everyone remembers.

    Your Chris Christie comes from a mobbed-up family and he got his political career from the corrupt Bush administration through a “legal” bribe whose conduit was Karl Rove.

    Good job Donny. Christie has you to thank.

  27. Mocky Mark says:


    Time Mag is right. THE BOSS!

    Who wants a mob boss for president?

  28. Tommy Guilfoil says:

    Questions for Donny Dee ??????????

    now that he has called both Steve L and Murry Sabrin Idiots.

    Hey Donny What office did you run for coward ? When did you ever stick your neck , your time or your money out to get on a ballot. ?? Bets are that you could not shine the shoes of any of these men

    What is your real name you coward and why should anyone pay any attention to you. ?

  29. Donny Dee says:

    @Tommy Guilfoyle said “why should anyone pay any attention to you. ?”

    For the same reason you are.

  30. Donny Dee says:

    @Truther said “Chris Christie comes from a mobbed-up family”

    An aunt’s deceased brother-in-law? So what would we find if we gave your family tree a good shake?

  31. Donny Dee says:

    @Tommy Guilfoyle said “Hey Donny What office did you run for coward ? When did you ever stick your neck , your time or your money out to get on a ballot. ??”

    Why should I? I support Chris Christie, who’s the greatest governor we’ve ever had, and I support our conservative Republican leadership, including the next Speaker of the New Jersey Assembly Jon Bramnick and the next President of the New Jersey State Senate, Tom Kean.

    I’d bet that three-time losers Lonegan and Sabrin could not shine the shoes of any of those men.

  32. Mark D Quick says:

    So what would we find if we gave your family tree a good shake?

    Depends on how far you go back….. but as history goes, I find things never really change… A tree full of patriots…

    The strongest proof that Tom’s actions were approved by the people and that he was looked upon by the settlers as a protector of their homes and the guardian of their wives and children, is the fact that he was always welcome to their houses….. We could start with Great Uncle Tom Quick…

  33. Donny Dee says:

    @Mark Quick said: “So what would we find if we gave your family tree a good shake?”

    Who cares? I don’t. And whatever someone would find up there, I’d still be the same person. The same goes for Chris Christie and his family tree.

  34. Mark D Quick says:

    Well DD,
    We live up here. As you state

    that must mean your down there….

    and we all know doggy dooo runs down hill,,, giving a perfect reason to explain your sheet for brains

  35. EnoughOfTheBull says:

    Yes Andrew, THAT Timothy Liam Smith. Inform him of the facts of the situation and give him a chance to comment. The same for all board members. I wonder how many of them are kept in the loop and how many are used for window dressing by the college.

    CNJ might like to research Centenary because in the 1990s the college was in dire straits in danger of closing facilities in disrepair but over the last 10 years or so all if a sudden money started pouring in and they started building out the campus like crazy expanded their alumni and fundraising staff and mailings….and almost to a person it seems no one who was there in the 1990s is there now. Wonder why….and where all the $$$ came from. As they noted a lot of it was taxpayer dollars…but what deal did they cut and with whom????

  36. EnoughOfTheBull says:

    I’m sure as part of the deal they had to renounce and abandon their Christian founders and principles. Hmm who do we know who makes deals like that? “:-/

  37. Wolfie says:

    three-time losers Lonegan and Sabrin


    Three time loser CHRIS CHISTIE is a member of that club too.

    Lost for State Senate (rejected by the Democrat party after he messed up his Rep petitions).

    Lost for State Assembly (rejected by the voters of his district).

    Lost for Freeholder (rejected by the voters of his county).

    Three times!!!

  38. Wolfie says:

    An aunt’s deceased brother-in-law? So what would we find if we gave your family tree a good shake?

    SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE dopey Donny, nobody here is RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.

    We are not news. Mob man is.

    Is this the same aunt whose estate tried to rip off the lawyer who handled the disposition of its assets? Then Christie used the power of his federal office in a personal “family” matter to force the lawyer to pay the amount in dispute?

    Some family. Mobbed-up and the misuse of power.

    First we had Bush and his theft of power from Congress. Now we have Obama and his illegal use of power. Why would anyone concerned about the Constitution want a mobster like Christie?

  39. truther says:

    Christie the mob boss.

    Donny opened up a can of worms.

  40. Rob Eichmann says:

    None of any of that crap changes what Centenary did. They take tens of millions in taxpayer dollars, breach a contract, and screw conservatives.

    Makes one wonder about the Board of Trustees and why they appear to think that this is an acceptable way to run their little fiefdom.

  41. Tommy Guilfoil says:

    Donny wont run for anything because Donny has no balls.

    Empty vessels make the most noise

  42. Donny Dee says:

    @Rob Eichmann: If you’re so concerned about what the Board of Trustees thinks, then why don’t you do your civic duty and file a breach of contract lawsuit against the college? I guarantee they will take notice, and you will receive a written response.

    Like I said before, you don’t need a lawyer. You can fill out an application yourself for a claim of judgment against the college for breach of contract. If everything you wrote is correct, it should be easy and a slam dunk to get a favorable decision. An added bonus should be the publicity you get from local media, especially the ones who covered your event after it was cancelled.

    You wouldn’t be doing this just for yourself, but all the people who were needlessly inconvenienced. And whoever the speaker was that they objected to you owe it to that person to clear their name.

  43. LegalEagle says:

    Don’t listen to this Donny character. What he suggests is a very poor way to go about it and will limit your options.

    Get an attorney. Use the discovery process. It sounds like you have a good case which could result in a significant award.

    Taking advice from an anonymous crank is a mistake. For all you know, Donny could be retained by the college.

  44. Donny Dee says:

    If you want to consult an attorney that’s fine. I never said don’t use an attorney, but if it’s a simple breach of contract issue you can save yourself the fees and handle it yourself. If you can prove significant damages and have a good case, then you should have no problem finding an attorney willing to take it on contingency.

    As far as discovery, what is there to discover? They reneged on their contract, that’s discovery enough. The only way discovery becomes an issue is if you’re going to sue them for defamation as well as breach of contract. But then you have to show not only that they breached their contract but in doing so committed serious, irreparable harm.

    Either way you need to quit bellyaching about it and do something besides posting complaints and insinuations. You owe it to yourself, your supporters and, most of all, the panelist/speaker who was allegedly defamed by this action and needs to clear their name. It’s time to fish or cut bait.

  45. LegalEagle says:

    I never said don’t use an attorney,

    This is the problem with characters like Donny Dee. They can’t keep track of their own advice.

    Here’s the “Donny Dee” challenge. You don’t need a lawyer either. File a claim before a local magistrate, or Superior Court in Warren County, for breach of contract.

    Now get a load of this:

    As far as discovery, what is there to discover? They reneged on their contract, that’s discovery enough.

    What is the name of your firm Donny? Not with a firm? Not a member of the bar? Never got out of grade school let alone law school?

    Either way you need to quit bellyaching about it and do something

    Actually, “bellyaching” is perfectly fine. It is your right under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    I don’t think that people like Donny, people engaged in a cult of personality built around an authoritarian “leader”, respect the First Amendment very much. But do go on “bellyaching” as much as you like.

    You can do both. Keep up your “bellyaching” while you interview attorneys to take your case. Take your time and select someone that you are comfortable with. Insist on discovery. Don’t take the advice of anonymous fools like Donny Dee.

  46. truther says:

    Donny keeps trying to change the subject away from Chris Christie’s mob ties.

    “Like my mudda aways said, respect is more important than love.”

    Was she the model for Livia Soprano?

  47. Donny Dee says:

    @LegalEagle: Just to clarify, I said you don’t “need” a lawyer, which is not the same as don’t get one. That’s up to CNJ if they want to save the fees. I just gave them an option that they might want to exercise if they choose to do so. Who are you to tell them they must have a lawyer? Are you a lawyer? Obviously lawyers don’t want people filing their own lawsuits or settling their own cases because then they lose money, just like a real estate broker who wants to make commissions telling people they can’t sell their own property themselves when in fact they can and many do. I’ve known lots of people who filed lawsuits without using an attorney, and in many instances were successful especially when it involves a simple case like breach of contract.

    I also said if they want to sue for defamation then it becomes more complicated and they should (not “must”) have an attorney. I don’t think they need to waste time interviewing, I’m sure CNJ knows lots of attorneys, and assuming Lonegan was the reason they cancelled the event he may want to use his own attorney if he wants damages for defamation. That’s up to him. I know one attorney who would probably take it pro bono, Michael Patrick Carroll. He’s a big shot in that part of the state, a tea party hero and stalwart Loneganista. His office is in Morristown which isn’t far from Hackettstown, plus he would bring lots of local publicity.

    Look, this isn’t Roe v. Wade, Gore v. Florida or Brown v. Kansas City. I’ve known people in similar situations who have handled this themselves, more often than not with an out of court settlement. In fact, you could probably take this case to the People’s Court or Judge Judy and get lots of publicity for yourselves and your cause. Anyway, the longer this lingers the more I begin to suspect that maybe the other side had some justification for breaking the contract which perhaps CNJ doesn’t want to come out.

  48. truther says:


    January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month. What is Chris Christie’s record on Human Trafficking?

    The Medrano case is a prominent case of human trafficking as is refered to in U.S. Justice Department studies, FBI reports, and histories detailing this crime against humanity.

    The Hudson Reporter said:

    Luisa Medrano was arrested and faces 255 years in jail for [alleged] human trafficking with girls as young as 14 and kept them as virtual slaves in her bar-rooms, and forced them into prostitution.

    Then-US Atty Christopher Christie said the time of Medrano’s indictment for human trafficking that, ‘This was inhuman and sadistic treatment of young women who were kept as virtual slaves. These are the most vile crimes I have ever seen in my time as US attorney.”

    The brutality involved is beyond imagination–corrupt Third World savagery taking place in residential neighborhoods.

    Luisa Medrano was convicted of smuggling underaged teenaged girls from Honduras into the United States to work in her Union City and Guttenberg bar-rooms. Medrano forced the teens into slave labor in round the clock labor at her barrooms then forced the girls into prostitution.

    There is at least one story illustrative of Medrano’s savagery—repeatedly throwing a teenage girl down stair steps until she had a miscarriage.

    The Justice Department states:

    Medrano, a naturalized U.S. citizen who emigrated from El Salvador in 1974, admitted that from October 2004 to January 2005 she harbored illegal Hondurans and employed them at her bars in Union City and Guttenberg. Ringleaders had forced them to work there to pay off smuggling debts that ranged up to $20,000, authorities said.

    Luisa Medrano is the 10th defendant to plead guilty in connection with a smuggling ring that brought more than 20 young women and teenagers from small villages in Honduras with promises of employment as waitresses and then forced them to work at bars in Union City, New Jersey. Medrano owned the Hudson County bars where the young women were put to work: El Paisano Bar and Nightclub, at 509 22nd St., Union City; El Puerto de la Union I, at 6710 Bergenline Ave., Guttenberg; and El Puerto de la Union II, at 3806 Bergenline Ave., Union City.

    Medrano also owned the three apartment buildings where the women were housed: 509 22nd St. and 2604 New York Ave., both in Union City, and 75 68th St. in Guttenberg. The women worked at the bars six days a week, from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., for $240 a week plus tips, and lived the apartments where they were virtually imprisoned. The women, including at least four juveniles who obtained false identification, would get the male patrons to buy beers for themselves and the women, and would dance with the patrons for $3 a dance.

    After rescue, the women stated that they were beaten, their families had been threatened in Honduras, and they were subjected to forced abortions. Investigative efforts resulted in the rescue of nineteen Honduran females, six of whom were juveniles as young as 14 years of age.