What’s wrong with Amnesty for Illegal Aliens?


What message are we sending about the values of our nation and our concern for our working class people? Many real issues are overlooked because those having the conversation have no clue or do they care about the true affects of this nightmare they have forced on our working class families.

Over the past 20 plus years with the rising numbers of illegal aliens entering our country the wages of working class families has decreased and job opportunities disappeared. Most Illegal aliens work in jobs involving the construction trades, landscaping and other tasks not requiring a college degree. The loss of value in these fields has caused many problems and trapped people in poverty and lowered the standard of living for millions of American’s. In so doing the benefits and other perks provided by employers have disappeared and have been left up to government assistance programs. The loss of quality employment opportunities entrap those struggling to make a better life and future for their American families.

When we as a political party overlook or fail to explain the effects of this problem and allow the argument to be pushed off as a race issue every American is done a great injustice. I know when you start actually talking about illegal immigration and its effects: it’s clear that poor working African-American, Asian, Hispanic and White American’s from the inter cities and rural communities’ voices are not welcome at the table. The leftwing press neither cares about or does it want to print the perspectives of these working Americans.

Our elected officials are either afraid to publicly have this conversation or won’t because their position is a lie or they are afraid of the negative press. You also get the others who say one thing to get elected, and then, do nothing in order to get campaign donations from businesses looking for cheap labor, or to protect those within the party or their business interests. In doing so I believe they fail to uphold the most important part of their oath of office: to protect the American people from all threats foreign or domestic. When we allow the weakest and poorest among us to be harmed and or forced into handouts we weaken our republic and place more powers in the hands of government.

Personally I can say that over the past 10 plus years my family has paid a substantial price. I am a mason and landscaping contractor and I refused to hire Illegal aliens; in doing so I was unable to keep qualified help or bid jobs at rates to pay the bills. While trying to make ends meet, I worked; pushing my body and causing myself physical injuries. Finally, I gave up my business and went back to work for others only to find the same problems and no long term employment. Bouncing from job to job and working the odd job is no way to provide for a family. Failure to enforce our immigration laws has made this a reality for many struggling families.

Giving amnesty to people who broke our laws and caused suffering is a slap in the face to all law- abiding taxpayers. So is telling poor working Americans that they don’t matter. As I sit here writing this, 24 million Americans are under - or unemployed, 48 million collecting food stamps and our policies don’t look to change these statistics anytime soon. So the question should be: Do we support foreign invaders or our own working or employable needy and poor American families?

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  1. Carolyn Ferrante says:

    The sorry truth is that we “legitimate” American citizens have no legal right to formally protest against this ongoing invasion of illegals, those who consistently and freely come across our southern border. How can this be? It makes no sense that there exists no formal, government-supported platform from which American citizens can wield some power and finally turn the tide on these non-citizens. Let’s face it — our sitting President and the two before him seem to be against Americans and for illegal Latinos. Yet, we sit helpless. This makes no sense; only a portion of industries benefit from illegal labor. So what’s really going on, I wonder?

  2. Charles Ruppart says:

    There has been an ongoing effort to balance the Western Hemisphere with dark-skinned people. Ever since the first George Bush was president our govenment has been trying to make sure our continent gets its share of sunlight. You see dark-skinned people attract more rays and thereby the vegatation on the other side of the planet flourishes. Washington believes that if you allow more dark skinned Mexicans into America we will have more food to eat. That’s what’s really going on; thanks for asking!

  3. Debbie Natyzak says:

    You should really write a column on how this got out of control.. I remember when our Governor Whitman was employing illegal aliens for her household. Made headlines, but what came out of it? We have had migrant help for decades. On the vegetable farms, both Puerto ricans and Mexicans were employed. Our own people would not live and work in the conditions these people did, so what are you to do? Today you can’t get an American born person to be a live in caretaker for the elderly. Most of these people come from eastern Europe or the islands. There is nothing like living in America and living the good life whether you are a laborer or the employer trying to make a living.

  4. Marinochka Shostakovichavoff says:

    When Ayn Rand first came to this country from East Europe she set up a boarding home for the elderly. She took these people for everything they had while putting poison in their medication. She especially liked to torment any misfortunate person with a painful condition. She took in cancer patients for free just to watch them suffer. She gave up the home after a few years when she discovered she could make more money selling pulp fiction to greedy people. She became something of a cult hero among evil people.