mindsetOur state and national “leaders” are not following the Constitution with regard to the right to keep and bear arms, but so what. It really isn’t UP to the president, the governors, the legislatures, or even the courts. We live in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and whether or not our “leaders” recognize it, the Constitution gives them FAIR WARNING *NOT* to infringe upon the INALIENABLE, PREEXISTING rights of the people. Whether you believe those rights come from God, or are a FACT of nature, they exist separate from and outside the pervue of LEGITIMATE government control.

The phrase “people get the kind of government they deserve” comes to mind. If “WE THE PEOPLE” want responsible, RESPONS*IVE* government, *WE* have to DESERVE it by *ACTING responsibly and TAKING responsibility for our governance. If we are unwilling to *DO* that, then things will most definitely get SIGNIFICANTLY worse.

Keep in mind, we don’t NEED a majority to enforce the highest law of man. We just need to FULLY understand that our rights ARE NOT GRANTED and cannot be taken away by governments, they can only be FORCIBLE infringed. *THAT* is what our state and national governments are desperately trying to do the people. The sooner more of us wake up to that fact, the sooner we can get down to the TRUE purpose of government and abandon this “political theatrical excuse” for a government

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