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Conservative New Jersey Comment Policy

Conservative New Jersey encourages and welcomes healthy and robust discussions of the topics discussed on our blog.  Our comment policy is one of openness.  However there are certain guidelines for discussion, they are as follows:

1.  Comments will be about the subject of posts, not directed at the author of posts.

2. Comments will reflect views on the subject matter of the post which they are attached to.

3. CNJ Editors reserve the right to monitor and/or remove comments that do not pertain to a post’s subject.

4. CNJ encourages anyone that has a different viewpoint than that expressed in a post to contact the editorial staff and make arrangements to write a post that expresses your viewpoint.

5. Blatant disregard for civil discourse toward other commenters will not be tolerated.

6. Comments that contain one or more links will be routed to an editor for approval.  CNJ Editor’s reserve the right to remove links at their discretion, or to remove a comment in it’s entirety.  Every effort will be made to post comments with links in a timely fashion.

7. The editorial staff of CNJ, at their discretion, will remove comments that violate these terms.  Under most circumstances you will be warned once of a violation.  Additional violations may result in CNJ revoking your ability to comment on our web site.

Instructions for Comment Toolbar

STRONG: Use this for making text bold

1. Highlight the word you wish to make bold

2. Click on the Strong tab

Word or phrase is now in bold text

EMPHASIS: Use this for italicizing text

1. Highlight the word you wish to italicize

2. Click on the Emphasis tab

Word or phrase is now italicized

LINK: Use this to attach a clickable link to a word or phrase

1. Copy the link you want from the browser window

2. Highlight a phrase in your comment such as, “here is the article”

3. Click on the link box above the comment window

4. Paste the link you copied from your browser window into the link box

You now have a clickable link in your comment.

QUOTE: Use this to block in a quote from another commenter

1. Copy the portion of the comment from a fellow commenter

2. Paste it into your comment box

3. Highlight the portion or phrase that is now in your comment box

4. Click on the Quote box above the comment window

Your imported comment is now in block quotes

STRIKE: Use this for placing a strike through your text

1. Highlight the word you wish to strike

2. Click on the Strike tab above the comment window

Word or phrase now has a strike through it.

CLOSED TAG: We will bypass closed tag as it will not enhance your web experience at this time!

Instructions for Using ” Tweet This Post!”

You need to have a Twitter Account to use this function. You are encouraged to open a Twitter account. It will allow you to share the message of Manly’s Republic with many additional citizens across the internet.

Once you have Twitter set up you can follow the simple directions below to “Tweet”  different posts.

1. Click on “Tweet This Post!” (found under every post on the main page.)

2. It will open up to your personal page in Twitter and will automatically place the link in your Update Box

3. At the end of the link make a space and type in #tcot and hit your Update button.

This will send the post across to a huge number of people who happen to be on Twitter at the time.

TCOT stands for Top Conservatives on Twitter. By adding #tcot you are allowing the post to be made public to a vast number of Conservatives.