United We Dream Congress? Really?

united-we-dream-congressIn yesterday’s New York Times, there was an article on something called the United We Dream Congress 2012 held in Kansas City, MO.  According to the article, most of the “attendees” don’t have papers and thus are here illegally.  (Probably would have been a good idea to send some INS agents to this gathering.)

Apparently they have a whole list of demands for President Obama and the Democrats in Congress.  You can either read the Times article linked above or visit their web site, also linked above, if you want to learn more about their demands.

Dr. Gayle Kesselman of New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control sent out an e-mail earlier today which was very succinct:

Dear Immigration Reform Supporter,

Any normal nation, if they accepted immigrants in the first place, would demand that immigrants learn the customs and laws of their adopted nation.

Only in America in 2012 do young immigrants, who did not even come here legally in the first place, get to lecture us on how we should change our laws to suit them!

We have to ask ourselves if we are a normal nation.

Gayle KesselmanCo-Chair, New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control, Inc.

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