obama-job-plan-obama-golf-job-plan-politics-1314402478Conservative New Jersey has always had a policy of offering our site as a place that any conservative may use to express their opinion on the issues of the day. Tonight we have “TRADING RED, WHITE AND BLUE FOR GREEN. OBAMA FLUSHES THE KEYS TO OUR PIPEDREAM….GOLF ANYONE???!!” by Lucille Petillo. 

Every day when you listen and watch the news you see more and more examples of how President Obama has divided our country. This past week when the news surfaced that the Keystone Pipeline, instead of benefiting the US and helping make us less dependent on foreign oil, will now become an asset to the Chinese was a shocking realism. The Chinese finalized a $15.1 billion takeover bid for Nexen Inc. which Canada wanted the US to embrace while cautiously courting China after Obama’s rejection. The way we have treated Canada, it is not surprising that they are looking to establish “diversity” as their Prime Minister, Stephen Harper states, so they are no longer dependent on the US accepting as the Harper put it a “no brainer.”  President Obama has alienated Canada with his decision against the project.

When the Keystone XL was presented to Obama, he rejected the offer that could have created jobs for American workers and investments for our pathetic economy. We would have relief from record high gas prices that keep going up. It is obvious that this President does not have the best interest of America at heart  The major setback for the people and workers in the United States is immeasurable. The Pipeline would create tens of thousands of high paying jobs and 20,000 construction jobs. It would have brought oil from Canada and North Dakota to refineries in the US.  Our major goal has been to set us free from the clutches of the Middle East with their restraints on us for oil. Here we have oil in our own country that our own President will not allow us to take advantage of. Instead, he gives the advantage once again to Chinese workers and investors just like he has done with the building of bridges in infrastructure projects. 

When Obama rejected the proposal of the Trans Canadian Corporation’s Keystone XL to transport oil taken from Canada’s tar sands to the American market, the population of Canada regarded it as an insult and an offense from their neighborhood friend.  Since that rejection, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper went to China and sold their energy ideas which he did successfully and easily for the Chinese were quite willing.  The government of China is a Communist party government with questionable imperialistic goals in the political arena of the world.  This is a bull’s eye for China that is right in America’s backyard like the bridges, thanks to Obama.

The strong ties between the US and Canada were favorable for both our countries.  It is evident that we will suffer if their economic and political relationship continues to deteriorate and weaken.  The US will regret the day they ever made the decision to ignore the Canadian oil sands patch.  Any goodwill that was between our two nations cannot be mended that easily.  Obama seems to have a knack for antagonizing our friends and rewarding our enemies; the same way he treats hard working successful people and businesses as failures.  Then he tells foreigners to break the law and come into the country as illegalls with total disregard for the immigrants who are waiting, according to the law, to come into the country.

Obama’s policies have been a disaster for our country.  His conduct with England when he sent back the bust of Winston Churchill was despicable, and of course, his obvious ambivalent attitude toward Israel.  It is fascinating to observe the arrogance of his manner that makes one wonder why the Media and the citizens allow this imposter to do as he pleases whether destroying our image in the world or outsourcing our workers’ jobs to China which is the exact same thing he has accused Romney of doing.  He deliberately does these things because he wants our country to fail, he wants civil unrest, he wants people to feel the scarcity of things they need to survive, he wants to make choices for you and your family, and lastly he wants to think for you by educating the youth to accept wrong for right.  Barack Hussein is a very clever, dangerous, sinister person who emulates pure evil incarnate.

How can anyone respect this president to make a good decision when as a father, in his campaign speech, he talks about how his daughters will be hurt if they cannot get birth control through contraceptives or sterilization as young as 12 from Planned Parenthood?  WOW!!!  A father who uses his daughters to promote a unholy agenda!  This means he expects his daughters to be promiscuous!!!  Maybe Barack Hussein and Michelle are not fit parents to accept such behavior from their daughters!!  In 2010, Planned Parenthood Federation of America got $487.4 million from the federal and state governments, using taxpayer’s money for one-third of their $1 billion in assets.  Taxpayers are funding abortions and birth control which is a choice representing irresponsible behavior that taxpayer should not be responsible to pay for.  Here is where consequences must be held accountable for behavior.  Planned Parenthood is a farce since there are more unwanted pregnancies, (1 million a year teenage pregnancies to be exact) now than ever before so obviously it is not working.  The only thing increasing is the lack of moral behavior in a perverted society with little responsibility for one’s own choices!

So what is the real reason that Barack Hussein axed the Keystone deal, well it comes down to his buddies who pull his strings.  Who would benefit by Obama’s decision?  Warren Buffett who owns the Burlington Northern Santa Fe company is among U.S. and Canadian railroads that stand to benefit from the Obama administration’s decision to reject the Keystone XL oil pipeline.  There is no environment issue here and there is no way our technology will allow us to be totally solar powered.  This also strengthens the people who hate us.  The second person to profit from Barack Hussein’s decision is the obnoxious, George Soros.  Mr. Obama has placed us at the feet and mercy of Soros, his power and his personal money supplier.  The losers are the American people.  If you wonder what the Canadian Prime Minster means when he says “diversify its energy exports“, he is talking about China.  The great irony is that now the oil underneath American soil and American waters that would bring great independence and security to us will now benefit China in the world arena.

Obama’s policy in regard to oil is an incompetent journey of spreading his green ideology against oil.  The green idea is a contrived, progressive gimmick without any reliable proof.  Obama has embarrassed our country with Solyndra which has led to a campaign against oil and gas production in the US, but the results are more scandals and unwise federal loan guarantees to doubtful green energy companies.  This has occurred when Iran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz through which the majority of the world’s oil passes from Persian Gulf fields.

Unfortunately, Obama shows no sign of learning from his mistakes.  A responsible president would move quickly to exploit our own accessible sources of oil, lifting restrictions on domestic production and quickly signing on the pipeline deal with Canada, an American ally.  Obama, however, is doing neither of these things.  In fact, he deliberately seems to act as an enemy of the people instead of a servant of the people.  He has been AWOL since the campaigning started and by the tone of his campaign ads, one can see the flaws in his perverted, self-centered personality.  Anyone who truly loves this country could never be as disrespectful to our Constitution as he has been without regard for anyone or anything.  Barack Hussein is “above the law” so he decides which parts of our Constitution he will uphold and defend!!!!

How anyone cannot see the motivation behind this man baffles me?  He says one thing and does another like financing oil exploration off the shores of Brazil.  We are in debt and he lends billions to Brazil’s company Petrobas to finance offshore drilling near Rio de Janeiro.  Isn’t it strange that our treasury is desperate for money and yet we dish out foreign aid to Petrobas, one of the largest corporations with Soros as a primary figure?

The question you have to ask yourself is why would Obama willingly underwrite drilling in Brazil that he won’t allow at home which would create thousands of needed jobs and the oil would be free to us here?  The Green Goblins pleaded their progressive fantasies and managed to go to court to block drilling in the US.  This is absolute lunacy.  Brazil has achieved energy independence, they’re economy is thriving as the leading oil producer in South America.  They are proof that America could become independent of foreign fuel.  There is only one word that describes his behavior; Treason.  Obama should be asked to resign or be impeached for this is only one of many charges that could be waged against him if we had an honest and professional Media that reported news honestly about all Barack’s shenanigans instead of their own spin agenda.

On June 26, the Calgary Herald stated that TransCanada secured 3 permits from the US to build 2.3 billion southern section of the Keystone XL pipeline in Galveston, Texas which will transport 830,000 barrels a day of crude oil and they are working on permits for Tulsa and Fort Worth.  Obama blocked the Keystone XL in January and now he is issuing permits so that China will reap the benefits.  Why??  Americans will face higher gas prices when the Keystone XL Pipeline is completed.  The NRDC report stated that the TransCanada openly told Congress and reporters that now they were looking to ship refined oil from the gulf to the overseas market which is the China Connection.

Just remember that while we were distracted deliberately, on purpose, by the unconstitutional Obamacare SCOTUS fiasco, Obama reinstated a 27-year offshore drilling moratorium, putting the entire continental shelf off limits to new oil and gas exploration until 2035 by the US.  I wonder if Barack Hussein will help us pay for gas at $8.00 or more a gallon and whatever it will cost in 2035, if we still exist as a Nation.


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One Comment

  1. jtsgrandmom says:

    Am not understanding all the focus on BHO. These plans were set in motion decades ago. The GOP and past GOP presidents have been implementing the UN takeover every bit as much as the Democrats and the Democrat presidents.

    Governors in states have been granting oil rights on and off shore to China and other nations, for years, too. I can think of GOP Perry who has signed over Texas oil shales to China.

    The plain fact that WTP simply must come to terms with, is that be it oil, land, property, resources, water, the air we breath, this gov’t. no longer acts in the interests of our Republic but instead, are the puppets of the globalist cartel, comprised now of the bankers, the corporations and what is in real terms the entity now masquarading as the US gov’t but really a FOR PROFIT corporation.

    Blaming Obama is to blame one cancer cell in a body riddled with terminal cancer. And as with any mistasticized cancer, the only hope is to cut all of it out of the body, no matter what the risks, no matter what the pain.

    This all didn’t start with BHO, it will not end without him. Romney will continue the global cartels’ mission, just as did BHO, Bush II, Clinton, Bush 1, Carter, Ford, Nixon, LBJ, even Eishenhower and certainly FDR, before them.

    Unless and until we come to terms with ALL the malfactors in this global scheme, we are doomed to be absorbed into it.

    And become subjects of tyrants, not sovereigns in our land.