TPATH Joins Effort To Give Drivers’ Licenses To Illegals


Is the New Jersey Tea Party movement “conservative” or is it really just a political mutual support association? Conservatives here in New Jersey and around the country are asking that question in response to the endorsement by some of Bader Qarmout, a candidate for the Republican nomination for United States Senate.

Under current law, every illegal immigrant in the United States faces deportation. Those who employ them face fines and sanctions. Under Bader Qarmout’s plan, these illegals would be permitted to remain in the United States, work here, open bank accounts, and obtain a driver’s license - all for less than the price of a Big Mac a day. That’s right, by paying a fee of $19.25 a week (that’s just $2.75-a-day) illegals can stay in the United States and work, open bank accounts, and drive here - all under the Bader Qarmout plan.

That’s called amnesty folks. No other word for it.

Until today, when confronted by the Qarmout amnesty plan, most of his Tea Party supporters would maintain an ashamed silence. They would try to explain that he was “a good Christian” (like Jimmy Carter?) or they would simply try to change the subject (”an attack on one is an attack on all”). Until today.

Today something called TPATH, a website run by Bayshore Tea Party co-founder Dwight Kehoe, endorsed Bader Qarmout and addressed the immigration issue. Here is what they wrote:

But one issue that needs to be addressed in this endorsement is Qarmout’s illegal immigration plan. The scoundrels referenced above, apparently having real concerns that their establishment candidate is in trouble, have been calling Bader a liberal and that his plan would allow illegal immigrants the right to vote. It is one of the most egregious, nasty and blatant lies that this cadre of phony conservatives have hoisted on the citizens of NJ. And let me tell you, that is saying something because the list of foul, dirty than dirt lies and intentional distortions slithering from them is long and repulsive.

Just to get it straight and on the record, Bader told TPATH directly that his plan would never allow illegal aliens to vote and he would never espouse that. TPATH is certain that is his position and although we may not agree completely with some of Mr. Qarmout’s ideas on immigration, they are ideas and thoughtful ones.

Who are these referenced “scoundrels”? Could Kehoe be referencing his own organization, the Bayshore Tea Party Group, which endorsed the “establishment candidate” before flip-flopping to Bader Qarmout? No, it wasn’t reported on some blog, Bayshore’s Barbara Gonzalez is quoted in the state’s largest newspaper, the Star-Ledger, and she never asked for a correction.

As for Bader Qarmout’s immigration amnesty plan, well, it is liberal. It is so liberal, that we cannot find another Republican candidate in the entire United States with a more liberal immigration plan. It is even too liberal for many Democrats.

As for claiming that the Qarmout plan “would allow illegal immigrants the right to vote”, well, that’s right off his website - before he changed it. It’s all rather Orwellian of Qarmout and Kehoe, but here’s what happened. From February through April, Bader Qarmout’s immigration plan contained the following language:

The illegal aliens would be required to pay a registration fee of $150.00 per adult and $10.00 per child under 18 years old. The registration application would require the applicant to be photographed and fingerprinted. (The USPS could fill that need for a fee of $20.00 for photo and $23.00 for fingerprinting). After the applications is completed and filed it would be entered into a nationwide database system. At this point the applicant would be issued an alien number similar to an H1 visa. The alien number would be specific to every applicant and would be required in addition to a social security number in every instance a social security number is required. The H1 visa would allow the applicant to work and pay taxes, along with open a bank account and get a driver’s license. The H1 visa would not allow the applicant to vote until the end of a 10 year probation period has expired.

A couple weeks ago, in response to questions raised by CNJ and other conservatives across New Jersey, Bader Qarmout removed the underlined language from his website. In the mind of Dwight Kehoe, that means it never happened. You can view a copy of the screen-saved original document here.

Kehoe is a well-known leader in the New Jersey “Birther” movement, so I’m sure he will understand that documents can be doctored. That’s why I’m at a loss as to why Kehoe has embraced this doctored document as true. It is almost humorous how emotional he gets over it, sounding just like some deep blue Obama-supporter does over the birth certificate: “Egregious, nasty and blatant lies… foul, dirty than dirt lies and intentional distortions slithering from them… repulsive.”

Oh Dwight, check your diaper. Bader wrote it. CNJ reported it. Bader got caught and had to change it. That doesn’t change the accuracy of our report.

But hold on, says Dwight: “Bader told TPATH directly that his plan would never allow illegal aliens to vote and he would never espouse that.” What a child you are, Dwight. Politicians lie, and Bader Qarmout learned to lie from former State Senator Richard “Dick” LaRossa, his campaign consultant. LaRossa is an accomplished liar. He’s so good at it, that last year he lied his way into the keynote speaking role at the so-called “Citizens Convention” - passing himself off as a right winger.

That produced a huge laugh at the Tea Party’s expense and caused many GOP establishment types to dismiss the new movement as incompetent. Why? Because LaRossa was the most liberal Republican legislator when he served in 1990’s, sucking up to the public employee unions every chance he could, and sticking New Jersey with the most liberal state Supreme Court chief justice in its history. If the Tea Party thinks he’s a conservative, so the establishment types reasoned, that doesn’t say much for the Tea Party. And now LaRossa is guiding Bader Qarmout.

Poor Dwight Kehoe, poor TPATH, poor Tea Party, Bader Qarmout lied to you. He lied to you the same way Dick LaRossa used to lie to groups on BOTH sides of the abortion debate. Hey, it’s politics - but don’t confuse it with principle.

We would love to have the opportunity to settle this in a court room. The Judge: “Under penalty of perjury, did you, Bader Qarmout, write these words and post them or cause them to be posted on your campaign website.” Bader Qarmout: “Yes I did your Honor.” The Judge: “Case over.”

It is surprising just how unprincipled and amoral TPATH’s endorsement is. They write: “TPATH is certain that is his position and although we may not agree completely with some of Mr. Qarmout’s ideas on immigration, they are ideas and thoughtful ones.”

So Dwight Kehoe, would you like to tell us which positions of Bader Qarmout’s are those that you “may not agree completely with”? Why keep it a secret? Oh, I understand, you want to support Bader Qarmout because he’s part of the “gang” even though you are uncomfortable about the positions he takes. Wow, you sound more like a party insider than a principled conservative.

Let me guess. Could it be Bader Qarmout’s position on giving illegals driver’s licenses that has you so concerned that you dare not mention it?

It should. If recent polling is anything to go by, in New Jersey 90% of Republican primary voters oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and of the 3% in favor, they call themselves liberals or moderates - not conservatives!

Dwight, did you know that we can’t find anywhere else in America where there is a Republican Senate or Congressional candidate campaigning on giving driver’s licenses to illegals? Even Democrats oppose it, as this exchange between liberal Democrat Senator Chris Dodd and Hillary Clinton makes clear:

Illegal immigration is one of the core issues of the Tea Party movement. Your endorsement of Bader Qarmout makes you a liberal on immigration. Period. End of story. You may be the Attila the Hun of Birthers, but on illegal immigration you are Mr. Roberts.

The same goes for the Bayshore Tea Party Group, Monmouth County Tea Party Coalition, Ocean County Citizens for Freedom, and the West Jersey TEA Party. You are all LIBERAL on illegal immigration.

Congratulations, you all endorsed the most liberal Republican Senate candidate on illegal immigration in AMERICA. That’s right. The most liberal on illegal immigration in the whole darned country. Now there’s something to make your groups stand out. And it’s why people are just shaking their heads and laughing.

Dwight, have you considered changing TPATH to BLUEPATH? With regards to illegal immigration, it would be a heck of a lot more honest.

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  1. Walter says:

    Barack Obama told me that he wasn’t a Marxist so I guess that means he isn’t. His campaign manager said that he’s a Christian who was born in the USA so that means he is. Kehoe can’t be that stupid.

  2. I am smarticus says:

    I’ve not commented here, till one of your delinquent posters decided to have a little fun with my name.

    Ahem…. You can’t just post what YOU consider to be the facts, you have to add stuff like “Dwight, check your diaper.” And you want to be taken seriously? Journalism? Lol! Your higher education shines through like a beacon in a storm! I’m certain reading this you must have majored in Drama, and I commend you on all your hard work to recieve that diploma.

    I look forward to hearing from your wolfie guy. I’m sure he’ll have some comment soon. Insulting? I’d expect nothing less. He’ll have a tough time being as condescending as the above article though. Maybe generate a little traffic on the site here….

  3. Rob Eichmann says:

    They aren’t perceived facts, they are right off his web site.

  4. i am smarticus says:

    You flesh out one WORD of my post and completely ignore the point, that you ask to be taken seriously while talking like a boy who can’t wait to grow up.

    You get credit from me for putting your neck in the noose though, like you do repeatedly.
    Shoulda had someone proof read this last article. Doesn’t sound like you at all. Nothing clever at all to disguise the malevolent umdertone.

  5. Rob Eichmann says:

    There is only one point to the article.

    TPATH, a supposedly “conservative” group supports driver’s licenses followed by amnesty for illegal immigrants. That is a very very liberal position and one which even RINO’s run away from. Bader has embraced it. Your anger should be directed towards him, he is the one that wants to reward the criminals.

  6. Beating A Dead Bader says:

    With everything else going on this is all you clowns keep coming up with? A presidential election year, and you all keep beating up on a guy who has as much chance as a pork chop salesman at a jewish wedding. No wonder the tea parties are toast. Who cares anymore anyway besides one or two egotistical bloggers? The tea parties are like the keystone cops, they can’t get out of each other’s way.

    Not one tea party candidate has made an impact on any election in New Jersey. The US Senate primary is all wrapped up by RINO Joe Kyrillos, who might as well take a cruise around the world and not come back until September. The Socialist Pat Noble has a better chance to beat Kyrillos in the GOP primary than Bader Qarmout. Dave Larsen spends more time distancing himself from Gene Hoyas than he does attacking Len Lance, who already has the support of the tea party’s favorite poster boy, Mike Doherty. Even Steve Lonegan has been uncharacteristically quiet this election cycle. Has Lonegan been bought off by Chris Christie and the RINO establishment? Seems that way.

    The only real slobberknocker we have to look forward to in the GOP primary is the one between Anna Little and Ernesto Cullari. Not that it should make any difference since regardless who wins Frank Pallone can look forward to another squash match.

    And no one wants to take on Chris Christie, who could appoint Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the NJ Supreme Court and aside from some noise by what’s left of the tea parties, the rest of the GOP establishment would praise Christie for his “bold” action. Chris Christie has the GOP in a bear hug and the tea parties, regardless of who and what they pretend to be, are as relevant to New Jersey politics as Lady Gaga is to fashion design.

  7. Walter says:

    “Egregious, nasty and blatant lies… foul, dirty than dirt lies and intentional distortions slithering from them… repulsive.”

    Did you think that the diaper comment is out of context after all that?

    I think it is clear who isn’t telling the truth here and it’s Qarmout and TPATH. If Qarmout is so sure he didn’t write it, he should sue CNJ. Then, when he loses, he can pay them. Better yet, maybe he’ll lie on the stand. Then he’ll get what Clinton should have got.

    Remember, it was Qarmout or his brother who came to Eichmann’s home to threaten him. He wants his way. He forgets that we are not in his classroom. He doesn’t control us like he does his students. We are free and it frustrates him.

  8. Wolfie says:

    Bader supports amnesty for illegal aliens. His is black letter policy.

    It doesn’t matter if the candidate behind the policy is a Democrat, Republican, or Tea Party. It is amnesty. It is liberal.

    Tpath is shilling for Bader but take away Bader and you are left with the policy. It is a liberal policy. Take it to any conservative immigration group and see if they buy it. They won’t because it is liberal.

    The only reason it flies for the TP in NJ is because of TP politics. Instead of getting candidates to be better conservatives, the TP in NJ defends them being liberals.

    I don’t know if I should LOL or cry.

  9. i am smarticus says:

    Dick & Tater: You folks keep shoveling smoke. ‘Preciate all the hard work yur doin.

    When does the joe kyrillos endorsement hit the pages? It’ll be coming soon. Bet on it folks.

  10. OC says:

    If Joe Rullo landslides in Ocean County there is going to be an upset in this race.

  11. Walter says:

    Smoke? Then sue them. Afraid? Sure you are. You won’t lie to a judge the way you lie here.

    Those are Bader’s words. He supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. His plan is to give them drivers licenses. He wrote it and he put it on his website. Nobody made him do it. It is what he feels. He is a liberal on illegal immigration. No use saying otherwise, because it isn’t true. His words are there for everyone to read.

    That makes his supporters liberals too. That makes you a liberal, smarty.

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  13. Don Adams says:

    The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, a federally registered Political Action Committee, backed Congressman Jon Runyan in the 2010 primary.

    We were the only local Tea Party to do so–and we’re proud of Jon’s record. (Beats the heck out of John Adler’s, God rest his soul.)

    We also tried hard to get Anna Little and Scott Sipprelle elected–endorsing them in the 2010 primary as well.

    In 2012 (actually, January 2011), we sought to persuade Anna Little to run for the US Senate.

    When she declined, we did the only responsible thing–we endorsed Joe Kyrillos.

    While Senator Kyrillos may not be 100% Tea Party conservative–he is certainly not a RINO. (The term RINO has been so overused–if you don’t like a candidate–don’t explain why–just call that person a RINO.)

    Just because the Tea Party is unable to field credible candidates in every race doesn’t mean it should fold its arms and do nothing.

    We have to work to defeat the leftist Democrats–especially the likes of Obama and Menedez.

    In order to do so, both the Republican and Tea Party must come together and support the most viable alternative.

    Is there anything unreasonable in this?

    All of the name calling and finger pointing on this site is not productive!

    And please–stop painting the Tea Party groups with the same broad brush. We are all very distinct.

    (Just so you know–the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC is registered in Blackwood, NJ. Nearly 50% of our board and 45% of our members are from the Garden State.)

    And by the way, the PAC is also proud of its January 2 (eve of the Iowa Caucus) endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney.

    Conservative New Jersey ridiculed us at the time. We’ve learned to wear their BS as a badge of honor.

  14. Rob Eichmann says:

    There is no BS when it comes to bad neighbor Bader. He supports drivers licences for illegal immigrants followed by amnesty.

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone as he has a very long record of wanting to ignore local, state, and federal laws and do as he pleases.

    The tea party groups that support this liberal are clearly identified. They are giving the tea party folk a bad name, not a web site reporting on their stupidity.

  15. @Don Adams - Hillarious, proud of Runyans record? he voted for the NDAA twice, the Patriot Act, the debt ceiling, supports unconstitutional wars, avoids all public contact (unless its a controlled environment), and for someone who claims not to be a “politician” as a number of lobbyists and political insiders on his staff. Of course theres more to cover about Runyans terrible record which cant be covered in this 1 repsonse. Shelley Adler pretty much supports the same positions as she has yet to even address them in the 3+ months of her campaign. I’m confused as to what the difference is between them both. And those other candidates you mentioned are also a joke, I guess your group is just another branch of the establishment.

  16. Ed Mazlish says:

    A mere waiting period for citizenship and the right to vote - with no accompanying tests of loyalty or understanding of America - is well worth criticizing.

    Criticizing someone who wants to decriminalize government controls preventing foreigners from coming to America and peacefully trade his labor, capital and other goods with American citizens is not proper criticism, in my opinion.

    Just because the government says so does not make something right and proper - even if there is constitutional authority for it. The Constituton grants the federal government the power to operate post offices, but not many Conservatives believe this is a proper function for the federal government today.

    I also think we Conservatives need to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable - even when (and maybe especially when) we are right about something. Challenging ideas with which you disagree - as I have done above - does not mean you can’t respect the person with whom you disagree and understand that you are workin toward the same goals. Even if you disagree and disagree strongly on the means for achieving those goals.

    And by this comment I don’t mean to suggest that there are not RINOs who hate us and with whom we share no fundamental agreement. Clearly such animals exist. But that does not mean every disagreement proves such disloyalty to the cause.

    The Fousers were able to put some very big disagreements aside in order to found this great nation. We would do well to learn from their example and find ways to work together for shared goals where shared goals exist.

  17. J.B. says:

    Bader Qarmout is a creature of Dick LaRossa. He was created to put money in LaRossa’s pocket. That is all his candidacy is about. It is like Lon Hosford in 2010. LaRossa made money and Larsen lost.

  18. How does one maintain a civil discourse with a lynch mob? Rob Eichmann’s position is blunt: anything short of a swift boot is the rear is “too liberal” when it comes to illegal immigrants.

    Allowing illegal immigrants to get driver licenses provides two immediate functions: safer roads and census.

    An illegal immigrant providing census is a step toward naturalization. Naturalization may not be in the cards for everybody (or anybody) but in the meantime driving without a license simply compounds a criminal situation. Eichmann’s objection is ludicrous. He’s not really concerned about illegal immigration at all. There are no illegal immigrants driving up and down the roads where he lives. There are no illegal immigrants taking jobs away from the teenagers in his town. There are no illegal immigrants crowding the emergency rooms of his local hospital. Anybody reading this can tell the Eichmann’s sole point is he is “more conservative” than everybody else.

    How much does the State of New Jersey pay an Assemblyman to boast? How long will his constituents put up with this nonsense?

  19. J.B. says:

    Libreria Editrice sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton. Too bad some in the TP are not even as conservative as a liberal like Chris Dodd. What a joke!

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  21. jtsgrandmom says:

    The GOP have long been proponents of “Path to Citizenship” which is another way to say “Amnesty For Sale.”

    To deny this would be extremely disingenuous if not downright dishonest. The list of GOP reps that support “reform” of immigration law, as in re-FORM immigration is long. Rubio, tauted by the GOP as a star conservative is out there selling the “Dream Act.”

    Quarmont’s position is much closer to the establishment GOPs, no matter how much you pretend otherwise.

    The conversation about Qarmont’s GOP-esque immigration re-FORM started among the grassroots tea parties and I suspect, that is where you found it, since path to citizenship, re-FORM has long been accepted by those loyal to the GOP party and platform.

    Since Qarmont’s is not fundamentally different from the GOPs position, you would likely never have noted this in the first place, had you not been monitoring the Tea Parties, so closely and found an issue that you could weaponize against them.

    But your holier than thou act falls far short of the mark, in fact, boomerangs back, since your duplicity is exposed. You simply cannot be for the GOP and against Amnesty for Sale.

    As far as the “only” candidate who takes this position, would make note:

    GOP needs to woo Hispanics with proposals like a “Republican DREAM Act.” ~~ Romney

  22. Rob Eichmann says:

    There is no pretending going on. While New Jersey may not recognize the GOP platform, 49 other states do. That platform DOES NOT propose drivers licenses or amnesty for illegal immigrants. Stop your nonsense.

    Most grassroots and tea party groups are vehemently opposed to this liberal plan. Conservative groups, in and out of New Jersey are opposed to this plan. There simply are no other Republicans running for congress that have a plan anywhere near as liberal as this one. The couple of groups that are supporting this drivers licenses and amnesty plan have a myriad of other problems as well as this one.

    At least you are admitting it is “amnesty for sale”. That is a good start. Now come the rest of the way and denounce it as the liberal crap it is.

  23. jtsgrandmom says:

    Republicans IN Congress are promoting reFORMing as opposed to enforcing immigration law. They are promoting path to citizenship.

    The GOP platform is nothing more than false promise, they say what will get them into office and deliver the same destructive policies, once in.

    How many times do you expect us to fall for that bait and switch?

    Where is the RINOs opposition to BHO’s “Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver,” which takes effect in 10 days and grants amnesty to about a million illegals?

    Please don’t try to sell plausible deniability. Each aggregious Exec Order should be met with steadfast opposition from the GOP majority House. They have the power, authority AND THE MANDATE to overturn these Exec. Orders.

    They do not, not because the can not but because they will not. Their silence is deafening and after years of BHO and Bush dismantling Constitutional law, their silence proves compliance and approval.

    And frankly, illegal immigration is only one side of the immigration problem coin. The other is legal immigration.

    How DARE the GOP majority issue over 1 million H1B visas to foreign white collars this year when there are so many American white collars out of work? These visas are not issued without promises of employment. The GOP in their quest for global empire continues to import more and more, over 2 million in the past 2 years, when a moratorium is in order?

    No sir, your sainted GOP can go to hell.

  24. Rob Eichmann says:

    Where do you stand on giving drivers licenses followed by amnesty to illegal immigrants? I’m against it. My party is against it. Where are you?

  25. Mark D Quick says:

    Actually Rob,
    Baders position is the same as Scott Garrett’s. I don’t see you dragging Scott through the mud. Garrett also refuses to support Everify, funds foreign intererests and voted to fund Solar projects that Rich is writing articles on. Scott does not fight for the American people but that of foreign interests. Like Chiusano and Mc Hose supporting Equal Education Funding… both are for vouchers. Then again why is the Republican Party not screaming about a vote that if past Christie would not sign???? Your Party??? Agenda21 and its evil counter parts voted and funded by Republican’s / Started by a Republican ( Whitmann} Robber of the Pension fund I have to still pay for, yet again. NJ Tax Dollars going directly to foreign interests voted for by every member of the Assembly and Senate…. So please Rob tell me about your Party/ The Treason, Lies, Theft and Tranfer of the American Dream to Forteign interests not to mention US Soil to China here in NJ..
    Rob do you support our country staying in Afganistan till 2024 to allow the Chinese to steal the Afganistan peoples natural resources. But then again Scott Garrett does… Your a Joke Dude, I may mispell a few words but YOUR STUPID and can you say WIGGS..
    Actually read what the goals of Agenda21 are then explain Oroho Chiusano and McHose pushing for shared services and mergers. Call it saving money while hiding the true intent of Larger government control and less person rights and freedom…

    So Rob are you happy to support TREASON?
    Private citizen Mark D Quick

  26. HERB SIGL says:


  27. Beating A Dead Bader says:

    If there was a mercy rule in politics this would be the time to use it. It’s like watching a squash match in pro wrestling where the winner keeps kicking the loser while he’s down and the bell keeps ringing the match is over. You’re showing less mercy to Bader than Killer Kowalski when he bit off the ear of Yukon Eric after he already won the match.

    Bader has less than a twinkie’s chance in Christie’s mouth of beating Kyrillos, so continuing this beatdown of Bader serves no legitimate purpose. If Bader was a dead fly you’d still be trying to pull off his wings. Show a little mercy, please.

  28. Beating A Dead Bader says:

    To the moron who claims Jon Runyan is a tea party Republican, give me a break. If the vanuous space between his ears ever contained an original thought it would die of loneliness. Runyan was an empty helmet before he was recruited and programmed by political operative Chris Russell on behalf of Burlington County GOP Chair Bill Layton’s political machine, with the blessing of Ocean County GOP Boss George Gilmore.

    Runyan takes his marching orders from GOP bosses Layton and Gilmore. How ironic to call yourselves “Indepence Hall” tea party and endorse Runyan who is as independent of his RINO bosses as Arlen Specter is a Republican.

  29. @mark Quick

    Good point about the support here for unconstitutional wars. Im sure they also support TSA molestation, the DHS police state, the Un-Patriot Act, CISPA, and the War on Drugs.

  30. J.B. says:

    He has no chance to win! Show mercy! Where did I hear that before?

    Yes, yes, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK said that when he was running in 1988 for President as a Democratic Party member. He campaigned on “traditionalist Christian family values and strict Constitutionalism” and got .04% of the vote. Oh the beat down. Mercy!

    Then he became a Republican and won a state house seat and got a high of 43% as a candidate for the U.S. Senate and was the Republican nominee for Governor.

    No mercy.

  31. Politicalpony says:

    Dear Don Adams and the Independent TP,
    KYRILLOS is a party hack and doesn’t even come close to being a conservative. You people should do a little more homework. As for your endorsement of Sipprell, the better more conservative candidate in the primary was David Corsi. Now during this election you sick on the hind tit of the GOP once again with your endorsement of Big Government Romney who has more tricks than Flipper the Dolphin. I’d like to see your membership roster to find out just how many NJ residents actually belong to this do called conservative group. Everyone over here in Jersey know this group was created by the GOP as a front group posing as Yes Party. The group is one of the earliest embedded GOP traitors to the cause. Don’t you all have enough to worry about in your own city and state? You all act like Mayor Bloominberg of NYC, sticking your nose in everyone elses business. Worry about endorsing your own candidates in PA and leave NJ to NJ. Of you should happen to come back in here telling us how you have plenty of NJ residents on your membership rolls, bring the list with you. Because I’m in NJ and I don’t know anyone from over here that knows anyone from NJ that belongs to your group of GOP hacks.

  32. Ron Bass says:

    @ jtsgrandmom
    I think your assessment of the Republican Party is quite accurate. If this was a team sport and they were scored on their opposition to the Dem White House the score would be about 65 to zero with most of the Dems scores by executive order.
    If your writings or comments can be seen anywhere else supply links.

  33. Wolfie says:

    Dear Phil Grimm (politicalpony),

    Phil, cool down. Stop all the conspiracy stuff. You sound like Lyndon LaRouche, David Duke, and Gene Hoyas.

    Accept that people have different opinions that you have. You should criticize their opinions if you want to, but present your views without all the insane conspiracy stuff. It doesn’t reflect well on you or your cause.

    Barbara Gonzalez once supported Joe Kyrillos too. Did that make her part of the “embedded traitors” to the cause? Just to jar your memory, here is that story in the Star-Ledger from February 2, 2012, titled “As he launches U.S. Senate campaign, Joseph Kyrillos strikes pledge of fiscal restraint”. Here is what your leader said:

    Little was backed by the Tea Party in 2010, when she won a congressional primary. But Barbara Gonzales, who founded the Bayshore Tea Party and backed Little then, was in Middletown to support Kyrillos because “I feel that Joe has the best chance of beating Menendez.”

    Phil, you need to chill. You sound like you could kill somebody. That’s what a lot of people find scary about the Tea Party. You talk like you want to take someone out and have them shot. You are like an overtight spring waiting to break. Calm down. Have a beer. Enjoy the weekend.

  34. Wolfie says:

    Ron, I think it was grandmom who wrote about shooting every member of Congress. Do you really want those links?

  35. Genesis Liu says:

    I usually don’t usually post comments… I did not read the article but the caption caught my eye BIG TIME!!!!

    Question… I would like to find out who I can contact so I can stir up some drama about the driver’s test. Why the heck is the test in all languages when streets signs are only in English?

    Wanna stop illegals for this that and the other thing? Stop illegals from obtaining valid drivers licenses. If they are here from another country on a visa, etc. they should not be entitled to a driver’s license unless they know, understand, can read and write the English language.

    Thanks for posting Rich… Glad to get that off my chest after a dramatic episode at the MVC a few months ago.


  36. Jim Killen says:


    That is well said. You go to Hoyass website tonight and he is agreeing that giving drivers license’s to illegals is a good place to start negotiating with liberals from.

    This Bader idiot wants to give them amnesty, licenses, and everything else we get for being Americans, all as a reward for breaking the law.

    These people are nuts, plain and simply nuts!

    Today is Memorial Day, not “let’s give them all amnesty day”.

  37. Roland Hosey says:

    So this Bader moron wants to reward criminals by giving them drivers licenses, then full amnesty.

    The Hoyas character thinks that is a good idea.

    Tea party’s support Bader and Hoyas.

    Personal attacks against writers on this site opposing rewarding criminals for their behavior are condoned by “conservatives”.

    Is New Jersey really this nuts?

    Who the hell would support Bader and his amnesty plan that is to the left of both Hillary and Obama and dare to call themselves conservative? You are nuts!

    Then there is this Hoyas person. Obviously a liberal plant. Don’t know why anyone would or could take him seriously. Lonegan saw through him, Doherty saw through him, McHose saw through him, Eichmann saw through him, the list is endless.

    If New Jersey conservatives are represented by Bader and Hoyas, they are pathetic.

    What are you thinking?

  38. Edward Durfee says:

    What do WE not understand about the word ILLEGAL. They are illegal because they crossed our border without permission. They are “foreign invaders”. So let me see if I understand, we are willing to allow our elected to have the opinion that it is OK to “reward invaders”? Why don’t we just give up and subject ourselves to the foreign invaders way of life? Not for this Marine. As far as I am concerned, myself, law enforcement and the elected ALL are given and swear to the “Oath to Defend” the Constitution. Where does the Constitution allow us to “reward invaders”? As far as whom is more conservative or liberal, neither of the candidates discussed are pro-borders. I was present at the Bergen County Republican Organization meeting when Mr. Kyrillos stated that we need to do something for the children of the illegals, something like a modified dream act. I wish I had the direct quote, but then again I am not a newspaper person. By the way, Mr. Kyrillos believes we need the UN.

  39. [...] percent in the polls types of perpetual candidates, so get to the big lode of … TPATH.  (Noted.  Whatever the case of their opinion on immigration, we see that the big Hitler comparison on the [...]