This Crap Has To Stop!

a011051Last Monday, a 13 year old boy in a suburb of Sacramento, California was told by the principle of his school that he could no longer fly an American Flag on the back of his bicycle while on school property.  This was done because threats had been received against this boy.  So, the cowards who call themselves school officials took the chicken s**t way out of the situation and turned the target of these threats into the instigator.  This crap has to stop and stop now.  Here is the video of what the boy was told to do and his reaction to it:

 While this incident was not covered by the lame stream media, the incident went viral when the video hit You Tube.  Thousands of telephone calls were made to the school.  One of the more original responses came from a group in Texas that are going to send one million United States flags to this school to remind them that it is not a crime to display the flag. 

With all of the attention that was focused on the town, the Superintendent of the school system recanted on the decision to have the boy remove the flag from his bicycle.  You can hear his “excuses” for the original decision to have the boy remove the flag in the next video:

I hope you heard the numerous times that the superintendent tells the reporter how the decision to have Cody remove the flag was for his own safety.  Only once do you hear him say that the reason Cody had to remove his flag was because of other students who have made threats and that the school leadership will have them come in with their parents to explain that this is not the kind of situations that they want at the school. 

They want to discuss these threats with the parents?  They want to explain that this is something that the children should not do?  What the hell type of leadership is that?  A child is threatened with bodily harm, by a group of students who do not like the fact that he is a patriotic young American who’s only “crime” is to fly the American flag on the back of his bicycle and the adults who are responsible for his safety want to have a little face time with the hooligans?  Real leaders would swear out complaints and have the police haul their worthless little asses into court.  A judge can then give them a little advice on what happens to people, who hurt or threaten to hurt others.  It would also be sweet if a few employees from ICE were at the hearing too.  I just wonder what they might have to say to those youths and their parents.

Now listen to the superintendent try to get the collective rear ends of all of the leadership of the school system out of the wringer:

Pretty pathetic don’t you think?  The people have nothing to learn from school leadership like this.  The real teacher in this story is Cody, who handles himself with pride, grace and the heart of a patriot.  You can see that displayed in this final video which shows you what happens when the good people of this country decide that enough is enough.

How much more are we going to have to take of this crap?  How many more children like Cody have to be made to feel as if their patriotism is perverted?  How many more times are we going to let a bunch of spineless liberals try to tell us that this is the “politically correct” way of handling situations like this? 

The citizens of this great country must be on a constant vigil and be prepared to defend freedom anywhere, anytime and with whatever means available.  It is our country and now it is time to make sure that everyone knows that!

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  1. Tommy Guilfoil says:

    Just saw a posting that top patriots to announce a $ 5 million reward for the arrest and conviction of Feinstein for crimes against the constitution and the American people. Does anyone know anything about it ?

  2. Susan Fisher says:

    What a wonderful commentary on the courage of this young man and what a shame he appears to have more backbone and moral fiber than our so-called President. Rock on Cody. And thank you

  3. Ironbob says:

    It is time to kick some liberal ass.

  4. It is a case where our flag is not Honored..The culture is moving away from laws and public health that protect people and waving a flag as a symbol of expression..the law is the same law 40 years ago as it is today..They are coming after guns now,they will be going after our freedom of expression next,, then our privacy and our cars…Conservatives, christians, TParty and businesses need to unite..Tell a liberal, tell a nanny state person,, tell yor business and tell your representative to enforce laws, public health, guns rights and our expressions Don’t listen to UNION controlled celebrities, like the media and Hollywood….