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no-incumbentsGovernor Chris Christie may be enjoying a post-Sandy bubble of positive poll results, but down at the grassroots level it appears that some conservatives are taking a “throw all the bums out” approach. Over the weekend, an email made the rounds. The subject was “334 days to Election Day” (it was dated Friday, November 23, 2012):

Dear Fellow Patriots:

Today marks 334 days to Election Day 2013, when all 120 NJ legislative seats, and that of governor are up for election. Why is this important? And why now?

This election affords us the opportunity to accomplish here in New Jersey what we were unable to accomplish nationally - restore government to the people. By so doing we can start a trend to be followed all across America.

This can be done by electing 121 dedicated patriots (80 Assemblyman; 40 Senators; one Governor) who truly represent the people, the Constitution and are committed to empower parents to send their children to the school of their choice. (By owning our kids, government owns us.)

Here’s how you can help:

1. Mobilize your group, join with other groups, or form a new one, to strategize and support each other in accomplishing this critical mission.

2. Study up on universal school choice*, and don’t settle for partial solutions, as you wouldn’t settle for fewer lug bolts on the wheels of your auto.

3. Join an event for the third annual National School Choice Week (January 27-February 2), and/or organize one in your community.

4. Join with others in your legislative district to identify the patriots who will best represent you in The New Jersey State Capital.

5. Support your chosen candidates and introduce them to all within your reach.

By investing just a little time each day to the critical task of taking back New Jersey, we will set a worthy example for all Americans to follow - joining with countless patriots, over many generations, who gave their all to preserve our republic.

Please call or write to let us know how you would like to help.

Thank you for your efforts.

All the best.

It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be a year of primaries. The slogan is a pretty good one too: “By owning our kids, government owns us.”

In retrospect, the GOP made a big mistake when it didn’t accept Senator Mike Doherty’s leadership on Fair School Funding. Property taxes haven’t gone down since 2009 (and that was before Hurricane Sandy) and the measly amount of income tax money most Republican-heavy towns get back on the dollar remains a source of smoldering anger that could easy be ignited by the right campaign(s).

Ignoring Senator Doherty’s prescient leadership on Fair School Funding was a missed opportunity that could bite a few GOP incumbents in their backsides.

What might this mean for the Governor himself next year?

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One Comment

  1. Rose Wakemen says:

    I am getting ready for the fight. I have already resigned my committee woman seat because I will not lift a finger to re-elect Chris Christie! On ward all conservative New Jerseyans let’s throw them all out and start over!