The Religion Of Peace; Continued

truth-about-islamOver the weekend America’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, traveled to Afghanistan.  During her visit with Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai, she announced to the world that the Obama administration has designated his country to be a “major non-NATO ally.”  Are they kidding?While Secretary Clinton was visiting our new “major non-NATO ally” some of the citizens of the country were carrying out a sacred religious ceremony.  It seems that two Taliban leaders had the same girl friend.  When this type of situation occurs in a Muslim country, there is only one person to blame for it, the woman.  Following is a video of that ceremony.  Please be advised, this is the “uncut” video.


And people continue to say that Islam is the “Religion of Peace”.

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  1. William Walker says:

    Do you hate muslims?

  2. What gave you that idea?

  3. William Walker says:

    Just curious. Do you hate muslims or not?

  4. JimmyZ says:

    I don’t hate Muslims, but I DO hate the violent anti-American, Anti-Western nihlistic culture that the Arab Muslim world is VERY VERY comfortable with. I also hate the idiocy that - in the name of “tolerance” - requires us to ignore the Islamic Jihad against the Western world that is underway in MANY parts of the world.
    But of course ANY criticism of Muslim culture is automatically deemed to be some kind of hate speech or intolerance or bigotry.
    THAT intolerance has GOT to stop. It is time for people to wake up and realize there are literally millions of muslims who are cheerleading the demise of the West.

  5. Believe whatever you want, but have you heard an outcry from the
    “Religion of Peace” leaders in Passaic or Paterson?

  6. @William Walker, what gave you that idea?

  7. William Walker says:

    Well do you hate Muslims or not? You continuously bash the Islamic faith and adherents. You don’t have to like them, but it seems like you hate them. Is that the case?

  8. @ William Walker; you tell me.

  9. William Walker says:

    You don’t have the courage to emphatically state whether or not you hate Muslims?

  10. @William Walker: I stand by what I post. Do you stand by a religion that believes women should be gunned down for nothing?

  11. William Walker says:

    Oh come on. Have you read a Bible recently? Religion can be twisted by those who wish to use it for their own purposes. There are numerous examples of Christian terrorist groups.

  12. William Walker says:

    Your answer is in the post? Is that some creepy way of saying you hate Muslims? Just come out and say it. This is Muslim hating post #4. Have some courage.

  13. @William Walker: So by your reply, you approve of muslims shooting or stoning women to death. Right?

  14. William Walker says:

    You would glean something so ridiculous from my post. Quite feeble minded. I disapprove of people and groups which use religion to justify violence. I also disapprove of people blanketly claiming that an entire religion is evil. You use Islamic terrorism to justify your hate. If you are too obtuse to realize that there is a distinction between Muslims and Islamic extremists, then there isn’t much hope that this witll turn into a rational debate.

    Thanks for playing.

  15. William Walker says:

    Do you deny the existence of Christian terrorist groups which use the SAME tactics? Do you deny the existence of “Christian” states which allow the same horrors? Since we know such groups and states exist, is it safe to say that Christianity is an extremist religion? It flows logically from your argument.

  16. @William Walker: I don’t gleem anything from your comments except the fact that you believe it is acceptable to shoot or stone woman to death. That is all.

  17. Ed Mazlish says:

    At a better time in a America’s history, we did not distinguish between “moderate Nazis” and Nazis. Nor did we distinguish between “moderate Shintos” and Shintos. We identified the enemy and defeated them unapologetically. Islam fully integrates a political movement with religious symbols, and is no different than either of those earlier ideologies - except that it has more adherents.

  18. Mr. Walker:

    In Islam there is no distinction between politics and religion. They are one. Tell me what other religion has that?

    Islam was born in violence and preaches violence. It was spread by violence (and, interestingly, Europeans are condemned by resisting this spread using violence). As Richard said, this woman was executed because two men had an arguement about her. She was violated so she had to be executed. Sharia says that this is OK. I am surprised that she wasn’t stoned. What other religion has these roots? What other religion, as a religion, preaches this?

    While other terrorists may have been Jewish, or Christian, or Budist, or whatever, their acts were not condoned by their churches. Even the Nazi’s were ultimately, but secretly, condemned by Christians in Germany.

    Why is a Christian on Iran’s death row for the sin of leaving Islam?

    Islam’s definition of tolerence is conversion to Islam. Christians and Jews (people of the book) also have the opportunity to pay a tax and be subservient to Muslims (read what the Muslim Brotherhood wants for Egypt…see how the Copts are treated there), otherwise they can be slaves. If they resist slavery they should be executed. Is this tolerence? Is this the religion of peace? Apostacy is punishable by death.

    One can resist Islam and its teachings without being a hater. But resist we must. If those Muslims living in American want Sharia, they should go someplace where Sharia is practiced. Afghanistan would be a good place to begin. Iran would work if you are Shia. We don’t hate you…we just don’t want you here if you refuse to assimilate and live under our laws.

    Perhaps there are some reform Muslims who renounce Sharia. If so, I would love for them to speak out.

  19. JimmyZ says:

    @ William Walker: Are you out of your mind? Can you name these “Christian terrorist groups which use the SAME tactics”? I don’t remember the Knights of Columbus flying any jetliners into skyscrapers. When was the last time a Sister of Charity strapped on an explosive belt and took out a K-Mart full of shoppers? You talk about “Christian” states which allow the same horrors”. Again – ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? You are throwing around examples of things that don’t exist. And, if you want to suggest that a group like the KKK (in the 1950’s American south) was “Christian” then you will have a hard time proving that since all of their tactics are condemned by Jesus and the Bible. On the OTHER HAND if you want to say these radical Islamic groups are NOT representative of Islam, then you have to deal with the fact that the Koran DOES support what they do. The Koran teaches that if the “infidel” refuses to convert to Islam then you CAN murder them. That is a very far cry from the Christian Bible.

  20. Tom Gardiner says:

    “if Islam is a religion of peace then Scientology is a religion of happy marriages ” Katie Holmes

  21. Amaterasu says:

    What kind of person would bring Shintoism into a conversasion about Islam?

  22. Helen says:

    Islam stands for peace…in this video its clearly not what ISLAM stands for..i dont know why people always misreading, misinterpreting, misunderstood the word ISLAM!!! Quran says
    “There is no compulsion in religion…” (Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 256)
    This statement above
    is supported by another Quran saying:
    “…If God had willed, He would have made you all in one nation and one religion), but that He (God) left you in different religions to compete in good deeds and society benefits. The return of all of you is to God; then He (God) will inform you about that in which you differ”(Quran, Chapter 5, Verse 48).Again, this video is not what ISLAM stands for…

  23. @ Helen:

    Why don’t you tell this to the families of the 4 Americans who were killed in Libya last week. I am sure they will derive great comfort knowing that it was all just a “misunderstanding”.

  24. Andrie says:

    Islam is a peace,, N I love islam.

  25. @ Andrie:

    Islam is pure evil.

  26. Andrie says:

    @Richard Zuendt
    Kampret Lo …

  27. @Andrie
    Who cares, Islam is still nothing more then a gutter cult.