The Real Crime in Gun Control

gun-controlRecently, Justice Department Spokesman Matthew Miller state that firearms permits should be denied those with “serious mental illness.”  Although as most Americans would agree with that, the deception lies in the exact meaning of “serious mental illness.”  In many states, such as New Jersey, you are deemed unable to receive a firearms permit if you tell the truth and state that you have been - or are - on “anti - anxiety” or “anti - depressive” medications. This is more than silly, it is moronic.    The real crime in “gun control” is not just the “state” methodically disarming the citizenry, nor is it just the fact that “gun control” only really controls good and law – abiding citizens. Criminals can get any and all types of unregistered weaponry and tactical ammunition with ease. It is not just the “state” taking away our “right to keep and bear arms”, but the real distortion of “gun control” is in the fact that many, many citizens who have or had any neurotic condition and been treated successfully for it (such as anxiety, depression or mood disorders) are denied permits to purchase a pistol or rifle. With the exception of those who have been committed involuntarily to an institution, attempted suicide or those who have been a threat to harming others, reasonable denial of such a right is a warranted and a prudent practice.

The local police and the New Jersey State Police charge and “arm and a leg” so that we may have their blessing to claim our right to purchase firearms and ammunition, yet want a “release” from a psychiatrist as clearance, in order to absolve them from any “liability”. That paper means nothing as we shall see later, yet strangely, they refuse to take any responsibility for those applicants that have had such mild conditions in the collective scope of our human frailty.

36 – 42% of armed police officers are being treated for any one of these neuroses, at any given time. Just as many are on psychotropic medications, yet they carry weapons round the clock and are armed to the teeth!

Just look at the stress disorders that police suffer from, and the failed marriage rate of police officers. Again, they are armed 24 hours a day. Who certifies to the public…us…that they will not snap? See where we are heading?

Thirdly, if someone wants to kill themselves or others, a piece of paper from a psychiatrist or a therapist is an unfair and meaningless request. No one can guarantee anyone’s behavior, any break with reality or any crime of aggression and is a completely ridiculous form of public “safety”. If the desire is there, no paper or testimony will ensure that any act of harm - whether by blade, rope, gas, “suicide by cop”, electricity, pills, alcohol or a “street piece” will not act out in proper society. No shrink, police department or paperwork will be able to forestall that extreme behavior… and the “state” knows it.

As we must already deduce, including the most staunch “gun control” advocates, that the system we use is flawed and unconstitutional. Exhibiting a sad lack of clear thinking, both police and legislators wish to just absolve themselves from any responsibility regarding this outrage. They sought this “gun control” so they should take not only our fees, but the responsibility for the whole program! They cannot just exercise the selective harassment of law – abiding citizens in the practice and free expression of their God – given rights as Americans. Just as a “wall of paper” is supposed to add some sense of safety when we hire teachers who may abuse or sexually use underage minors. These papers and testimonies mean nothing…just like many Catholic priests or church leaders who go through all types of background checks. All of these again stop nothing.

No matter how they try, the “state” will never trump God. Such ludicrous gun “laws” and the unjust robbery of anyone’s second amendment right is something most Americans are firmly against. Maybe the powers that be still seek to strip us of that right, leading us to a state of a government taxing us to death, not representing us and robbing us of our Constitutional rights. Such a formula has led many Americans to a point where they believe that to restore this nation to a free and just society, they may need to bear arms once again against the oppression of tyranny. It has happened before in our beloved nation, but then again, how can we do anything as they take the guns away from the citizenry – whether by fees or ersatz psycho testimonies. And they still cannot control the hardware or behavior that allows the criminal elements of our nation to run amuck…killing and stealing at will.

The crime of gun control rests on the state and it alone.


Steven Maness, Ph.D., Chairman

New Jersey Chapter

Conservative Party, U.S.A.

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  1. Ed Mazlish says:

    The leftists who advocate gun control presume all of us will be guilty of misusing a firearm - but those same leftists belligerently insist that we presume terrorists are innocent until proven guilty in a civilian court of law. The issue is the same in both cases - the presumption of innocence is being used by leftists just as they use all other cultural institutions of Western civilization, that is, for the purpose of destroying Western civilization.

  2. Frank Fiamingo says:

    In fact, the firearms statutes in NJ are written in such a way as to presume that any person who possesses a gun is guilty until proven innocent. In NJ, if you possess a handgun without a “carry permit” (which is virtually impossible to obtain), it is up to you to convince a law enforcement officer that you fall under the very limited exemptions in the statutes. The primary exemption is that you may possess a handgun in your home for self-defense. You may take the handgun to the range and back. You are not allowed to pick up your friend on the way to the range. The way the statutes read, the exemption only covers you from point A to point B and back again. The same is true when transporting your handguns while in the process of moving from one residence to another. In both cases, the handguns must be transported unloaded and inaccessible to the passenger compartment, either locked in a gun case or in the trunk of the vehicle. Any departure from these limited exemptions can result in a prison sentence of up to 10 years for felony gun possession. It is important to understand that there is absolutely no requirement you have any criminal intent. Simple possession is all that is required. Some of you will remember the recent case involving Brian Aitken as a prime example of the result of these statutes.

  3. Robert l says:

    New jersey should be banned from the USA they dont beleive in the US constitution. so they should walk the plank and be ex-communicated!!!

  4. Robert l says:

    The right to keep and bare arms should not be infringed!! (2nd Admendment to the US Constitution)

  5. Robert l says:

    Whats next take away our right to free speach or our choice of religon?

  6. Kaylaa says:

    Well, I think that Gun control is a big issue in many of our worlds on going debates. I don’t think New Jersey is trying to go against our constitution, they are simply making it harder to purchase guns if you have a history for a disorder. They are trying to prevent suicide attempts and what not. I mean my god people! It’s s lot safer, it’s not like they are banning guns completely. You people complain about anything! Stop and think for once.

  7. TeaParty Gal says:

    The real crime in Gun control is that the 2nd and separate clause in our second amendment is not for criminals to abuse and is never ever for politicians, journalists , and Judges to infringe.

    Please ask these idiots why even during the last civil war when over 700k of our fellow Americans perished that guns were never confiscated nor the 2nd amendment infringed like it is today. Ask them also why in the 20,s 30,s40,s and 50s that there were gun clubs in American high schools and no one got shot ???

  8. TeaParty Gal says:

    Kaylaa. NJ has a long track record of cherry picking the bill of rights especially the 2nd amendment. NJ even ignores Federal statutes issuing licenses for Curios and relics and class 3 licenses by the BATF

  9. Dave Berman says:

    the presumption of innocence is being used by leftists just as they use all other cultural institutions of Western civilization, that is, for the purpose of destroying Western civilization

    Cultural institutions of Western civilization? Leftist use cultural institutions to destroy Western civilization? What does that mean? Isn’t sort of like the water using the ocean to sink ships? Are you planning on putting together a book someday soon?

  10. truther says:

    I heard teaparty gal was going to do a book on you and call it “the ass-bandit”.