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The Best and Worst of the 2012 Campaigns, Part II

My last column included awards for a number of 2012 campaign and candidate categories, including the luckiest candidate and the biggest upset. But those only scratched the surface in an election year during which candidate quality mattered a great deal. Part II of my guide of the best and worst of the 2012 election cycle features some usual and a few more unusual categories.

Favorite Candidate Interviews of 2012

I had a number of enjoyable candidate interviews this cycle, with both candidates who won and those who didn’t. My list certainly includes Hayden Rogers, a former chief of staff for retiring Rep. Heath Shuler, D-N.C., who would have won if he had been running in 1978, not 2012. But times and the district’s makeup have changed, and Rogers’ party identification was enough to sink him in this western North Carolina district.  Click here to continue reading this story.

GOP Poll: Republican Brand Tarnished Among Hispanics

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s historically poor performance among Hispanic voters, GOP pollster Whit Ayres delivered more sobering news for his party on just how damaged the Republican brand is among that community.

According to a poll Ayres conducted in four battleground states that have high Hispanic populations, Hispanic voters said the GOP does not respect the values and concerns of their community. The GOP’s favorable rating is upside down in each state and the respondents did not equate the GOP with issues that are at the bedrock of the party.

Speaking with reporters in a small room at the National Press Club, Ayres was, at times, almost laughing at how badly Republicans performed in his poll, which was sponsored by GOP groups Resurgent Republic and the Hispanic Leadership Network. HLN Executive Director Jennifer Korn and former Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., the president of American Action Network, also addressed reporters on the results and the GOP’s relationship with Hispanics.

In the poll, voters identified Democrats as the party more aligned with having ideas that will reduce the federal deficit or help small businesses grow.  Click here to continue reading this story.

Democrats eye hobbled Nikki Haley in 2014

South Carolina’s tandem of 2014 Senate races, thanks to Jim DeMint’s unforeseen resignation, may be drawing all the attention. But what has Democrats really licking their chops is the chance to take on Republican Gov. Nikki Haley in two years.

Oft-mentioned as a potential national candidate, the 40-year-old GOP luminary has seen her popularity in the Palmetto State plummet midway through her first term.

Signs abound that her combative approach with the Republican-led state Legislature is wearing thin. Her conservative critics grouse she’s more interested in burnishing her maverick image than fostering relationships that produce legislation.

“She is headstrong and will not take advice from anyone who is not part of her inner circle,” said one lobbyist who has done work in Columbia.  Click here to continue reading this story.

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