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political-newsKey news articles, opinion pieces, and reports to improve our understanding of the political landscape:

Analysis: Christie’s Fiscal Cliff — $3 Billion and Counting

It’s a problem no governor wants to face in a reelection year budget, even a governor like Chris Christie riding a post-Sandy wave of 70 percent approval ratings.

With less than a month to go before his annual Budget Address, Christie is facing a structural deficit of at least $2.5 billion that could top $3.5 billion by the June 30 end of the current budget year.

The gap is too large to cover even with record revenue growth, as NJ Spotlight shows.  Click here to continue reading this story.

What Ideas Are Conservatives FOR?

Many looked at the results on Election Day and saw disaster. At The Heritage Foundation, however, we see opportunity. Americans are asking: “What do conservatives stand for?” This is the opportunity to tell them.

There are important lessons to be learned from the recent election and the current trends in American politics, for sure. But we believe this is precisely the time to reaffirm the principles that guide us and to redouble our efforts to change America’s course.

That’s why, after careful consideration of the political landscape in Washington and nationwide, we’re pursuing bold reforms that meet the demands of the moment and address the magnitude of the challenges before us. But at the same time, we are laying out a compelling vision of a prosperous and secure nation, where the American Dream is within everyone’s reach.  Click here to continue reading this story.

Conservatives Blast New Senate Group Designed to Navigate Primaries

The news Sunday that a Republican group was forming to recruit better Senate candidates and counter conservative organizations’ attempts to sway primaries was met with immediate antagonism by at least one conservative group.

The Senate Conservatives Fund, founded by former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, issued a statement calling the project “another example of the Republican establishment’s hostility toward its conservative base” and even criticizing the new group’s name, Conservative Victory Project.

The statement came in reaction to a New York Times story that detailed the initiative being formed by American Crossroads, a GOP-aligned super PAC built to help Republicans get elected to office. Republican strategists are concerned about a replay of the past two election cycles, when at least five Senate seats were jeopardized specifically because of the quality of the Republican candidate nominated.  Click here to continue reading this story.

The GOP’s Hagel Dilemma: To Filibuster, or Not to Filibuster?

Chuck Hagel’s halting and unconvincing appearance Jan. 31 before the Senate Armed Services Committee hardened Republican opposition to his confirmation, but his critics would likely have to mount an unprecedented, and very divisive, challenge to block him from becoming Defense secretary.

Since Hagel appears to enjoy the support of most, if not all, Democrats, Republicans would have to filibuster his nomination — something that has never been done to a Cabinet nominee since the advent of the 60-vote threshold nearly four decades ago, according to Senate records.  Click here to continue reading this story.

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