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Chris Christie’s star is shining bright. How long can it last?

The turnaround in Christie’s standing in his home state has clearly given pause to Democrats like Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who, not too long ago, seemed poised to mount a gubernatorial bid of his own.

Still, in politics, popularity – particularly when it comes in the wake of a single event – can be fleeting. The real questions are: How long can Christie’s halo last? And, even if it begins to tarnish (as history suggests may be inevitable), could it still help propel him to a White House bid in 2016?  Click to continue Reading.

Chris Christie’s secret storm

Governor Chris Christie’s de facto endorsement of President Obama on the beach at Brigantine, New Jersey, is one of the most bizarre events in the history of American politics.  On October 31st, in the closing days of the presidential election, the keynote speaker at the Republican convention began singing the praises of Barack Obama.

Christie’s defection came at the worst possible moment for the GOP.   After a lackluster summer, the Romney campaign had finally caught fire.  Romney’s clear-cut victory in the October 3rd presidential debate sent him soaring in the polls.   On October 18, Gallup showed Romney seven points up, 52-45.  Click to continue reading.

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