The One O’clock Review of the News

political-newsKey news articles, opinion pieces, and reports to improve our understanding of the political landscape:

“In the days since Republicans lost an election many in the party thought was theirs, chatter has been bubbling about what the GOP should do to recover. For Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, it starts with the smallest of actions: abandoning the state’s now-infamous straw poll. Once a festive checkpoint on the road to the leadoff Iowa caucuses, the poll has devolved into a full-blown sideshow, Branstad and other critics contend. They say it’s an unfair and false test that has felled good candidates and kept others from competing in the state.”

“Allowing the Republican establishment to choose senate candidates represents a very bad idea, says Chris Chocola, president of the conservative Club for Growth. There has been talk in GOP circles that the National Republican Senatorial Committee should play a bigger role in backing candidates during the primaries. The idea is to avoid candidates like Todd Akin in Missouri and Richard Mourdock in Indiana, who lost their races earlier this month after offering controversial comments about rape and abortion.”

“In the name of shared sacrifice, it’s time to impose a tax on the $7 billion in box office receipts that Hollywood generates. I added up the domestic box office activity for the week August 26 through September 1st based on figures provided by Variety. The take for the week for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Our Idiot Brother, Spy Kids: All The Time In The World, plus 130 other box office leaders was $136 million. Year-to-date those films have grossed over $4 billion. $7 billion in annual receipts can hire quite a few teachers. 145,228 teachers actually.”

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