The Marine that Senator Menendez Won’t Stand Up For

jon-hammarLast week I wrote about Senator Menendez lamenting about the “harsh tactics and cruel conditions facing undocumented workers” in the United States.  Putting his ridiculous assertions aside, that same post asked the Senator to do something, do anything, to help a United States Marine.

Jon Hammar is being held in a Mexican jail, chained to a bed.  Senator Menendez doesn’t seem to care.

Senator, once again here is your chance to do good for a fellow human being. No, he isn’t a foreign citizen illegally here in the United States. He’s an American with a legal problem in a foreign country. More importantly, he is a fellow human being.

Why not do the decent thing and stand up for him and give this person and his family some hope for the holidays?

Please call on the Mexican government to ensure this American Marine’s safety and his human rights are protected and maintained while in their custody.

Please ask the Mexican government to ensure the speedy adjudication of his case.

Please ask the Mexican government to ensure that his confinement is not used as a means for criminals to extort money from his family.

What has happened is an outrage and decency demands that you act.

Will you?

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Senator, Take another look, this is a United States Marine!


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