The Mad Dash for Gun Control

gun-control-1In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, our states and the nation are rushing to put even more laws on the books for gun control. With glaring hypocrisy, many of the staunchest advocates for gun control either carry - such as Diane Feinstein - or retain armed guards for their personal protection.

There are 23 pieces of legislation sitting in Trenton right now, none of which would have prevented an incident such as the recent Connecticut tragedy. A2430 is especially noxious, with invasive psychological testing requirements. Serious mental health issues will turn up on the background checks already required under existing federal law. A panel will be convened to ’study’ the issue, yet no gun advocates will be represented on this panel.

The CDC reported figures on firearm deaths in 2011 - the most recent year available - was 11,078. The FBI website ( reports violent crimes decreasing for the eighth year in a row, so we can assume that the 2012 figures were a bit lower. We need to compare this with the over 2 million lives SAVED each year because armed citizens were able to defend themselves from criminal attack. These statistics were compiled by Professor Gary Cleck, ACLU member and lifelong Democrat. Limiting the number of bullets in a magazine would only serve to give criminals an advantage over law-abiding citizens.

It is important that we refrain from rushing to pass even more gun laws that infringe our Second Amendment rights and impair the ability of normal citizens to protect their lives and property. Please show Trenton your opposition to more onerous gun laws by attending the February 8 rally at the State House in Trenton beginning at 10 AM. Buses are available from various locations in New Jersey through

Criminals by definition do not pay attention to laws. The last thing we need is more ‘feel good’ legislation that will not stop or deter crime but rather further limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families.

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  1. This makes sense to me!