The Image That Will Haunt Republicans For A Generation

christie-obama-laughingToday Rasmussen Reports is out with some intriguing election related data.  According to their polling, 12% of the electorate made up their minds on which Presidential candidate to vote for in the last 7 days - 5% within the last week, 3% within the last few days, and 4% at the very last minute.

Since the media was ignoring the abject failure of the President and his administration in Libya, and most everything Presidential, to focus coverage on Hurricane Sandy, the images beamed into millions of households all day and night, every day, leading up to the election were images of the President actually being and acting Presidential - some would argue for the first time in his Presidency.  An inordinate amount of those pictures and video feeds streaming into homes across the country included Governor Christie and the words of praise he relentlessly heaped on the President.  There were many more news appearances, across all networks, where the Governor unabashedly sang the praises of the President.  All contributing to the very large percentage of voters who said the President’s response mattered and made a difference for them.

A CBS News exit poll on Election Day shows that 42% of voters said that the President’s response to Hurricane Sandy was a factor in their vote.

With that many people making up their minds during, or in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the image above, and the words uttered by Governor Christie during those final few days of the campaign will haunt conservatives, and Republicans for no less than a generation.

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  1. And what is Matt Romney and the boys over at Save “Chris Christie’s
    Rat Butt” Jersey saying about their hero being a traitor to the Republican Party?

  2. Cheryl Evans says:

    Chris Christie is dead to me and I don’t even live in that area. If he was on fire, I wouldn’t piss on him to put it out.

  3. T.Hauser says:

    He might as well become Democrat or Independent, because he will never be able to repair the damage he’s done with the Right…. We always respected his RINOness because of his in your face attitude, but that won’t fly now…. Hope his Obama/Springstein Kit Kat moment was worth it, because the left will never totally accept him either…. He’s done…!!!!!!

  4. David says:

    So, helping people in a natural disaster of epic proportions is not allowed by the GOP? Please.

    As for quoting Rasmussen polls, the polling outfit with the worst record of any in 2012, as your source of info on 12% of undecideds, that is both ludicrous and ridiculous.

    Saying Romney lost because of Christie and Hurricane Sandy is pure denial of the facts. How do you explain losing 2 Senate seats, 8 House seats, several state legislatures and having numerous social issues go against your hate-filled platform? Just askin!

  5. Rob Eichmann says:

    @David -

    As a Christie apologist your saying so doesn’t change what he did, or the outcome it helped produce. The Rasmussen exit polling data was in line with other exit polling data, and has not been challenged.

  6. Julia says:

    David you are an idiot. Were you here when the cops left their duties helping people to be security for the president and those other politicians? They had forty police/guard vehicles that I counted around him that were not available to get people out who were trapped or water to people in shelters.

    You are an old school soviet who likes to talk about helping people but who really supports a leadership that only helps itself.

  7. H. Progress says:

    Blaming Christie may relieve your cognitive dissonance of the election results long enough for you to avoid learning any useful lessons. In which case, you can look forward to an even more humiliating loss in 2016.

    Republican should instead wake up and recognize that the brand is badly damaged. During the past several years, Republicans have offended most Americans except for their core constituency. Indulgence of dog-whistle racism and birtherism. Republican Senate candidates that have truly disturbing points of view regarding a woman’s body, abortion, legitimate rape, and God’s will. An unconstitutional Arizona law that targeted Latinos and poisoned the atmosphere for any serious progress.

    Indulgence of anti-Muslim sentiment and acceptance of extremists like Pamela Gellar. False claims that the President is a Muslim. False claims that the President is not a Christian. Encouraging disrespect of the President and Presidency (You Lie). Sununu’s racist claim that impugned the judgement of a former Four Star and Secretary of State.

    The ultimate insult to the American People was the Republican Leaderships well-coordinated attempt to sabotage the Presidency by denying confirmation of judicial and government officials. Abuse of the filibuster to prevent successful governance by the party in power. Mitch McConnell admonished, “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

    The Republican Party couldn’t beat 7.8% unemployment. That has nothing to do with Christie. Christie also has nothing to do with the Romney’s integrity problem, his tax problem, his Cayman Islands bank accounts, Romney’s premature ejaculation on Benghazi, Mitt the Twitt as described by the UK Press.

    Pinning the election on Christie is denying the great body of evidence that Republicans have worked hard to earn the animus of a lot of Latinos, Muslims, Blacks, Homosexuals, Women, and reality-based voters.

  8. truther says:

    How do you explain losing 2 Senate seats, 8 House seats, several state legislatures and having numerous social issues go against your hate-filled platform?

    The same way you explained losing 6 Senate seats and 63 House seats in 2010. It’s an election, your side had a better line of propaganda this time, wait until next time.

    I noticed that David didn’t mention Governors. Republicans control them two to one and picked-up on Tuesday.

    David’s giveaway line about who he is (”hate-filled” platform - that is, unless it is about hating Christians which libs are really good at) lauds the fact that his side finally won a few ballot questions. That’s cool, maybe they will finally warm to the idea of direct democracy. For years hypocrites like David have been losing ballot questions and then running to the unlected Court to have them overturned. 2012 was only one year. Don’t put those lawyers away yet.

    Here was the big issue:

    Exit polls show that more than half who voted on Tuesday blame Bush instead of Obama for the bad economy. There was a well researched column in the October 29 issue of the New Yorker, written by George Packer called, A Lobbyist Repents. The author worked for Joe Biden and writes that the Bush economic meltdown had its roots in the policies of Bill Clinton’s administration.

    Pity we didn’t make that point during the campaign when Bill Clinton was out campaigning for Obama.

    As for the youth vote, in four years the young people who graduated in 2008 will have spent their entire twenties not havng found a job or a job in their field of study, living at their parents, and deep in debt. It is a hard way to learn a life lesson but it’s the only way for some people.

  9. truther says:

    Blaming Christie may relieve your cognitive dissonance of the election results long enough for you to avoid learning any useful lessons. In which case, you can look forward to an even more humiliating loss in 2016.

    Too bad the data contradicts you.

    It is so funny to see you try so hard to say that YOU ARE THE WORLD when you know that you are not.

    You are desperate to get us to scrap the free-market, right-of-center policies that have seen conservatives take the House off both your heroes, Clinton and Obama. For 40 years — FORTY YEARS — we couldn’t take the House and now we do it regularly. You want us to give up THAT?

  10. Bullmoose says:

    H (for hand?) Progress wants us to forget 230 years of our history to be like him. His idea of freedom is the freedom to screw, period. It goes no further than that. He is something out of Brave New World where sex is served up as a form of forgetfulness to distract the proles from their miserable lives. Woody Allen used the theme in Sleepers.

    It is ass, ass, ass 24-7 and if you don’t participate in ass then you are hate-filled. If this is what Gen Y is about then so be it. They will end up on the rubbish heap and then they will have to figure a way out on their own.

    We will hold our America until we depart the scene. Then you and yours can go work for the Chinese. You will be history’s discards. Not us.
    You will be able to thank your little gods like LBJ, Clinton and Obama (and Republicans too) for running up a big tab and then leaving you with the debt. Keep voting for them idiots!

  11. weeble says:

    From Atlantic County. . .

    “I lived at the Shore my whole life. I was on Long Beach Island during the Hurricane of 1944 when I was 7 years old. I was in Atlantic City during the March 1962 Storm. Those floods were just as bad. But never in my life did the government stop people from going back to their own homes after the storm was over.”

  12. modmike says:

    Why are they so hard on Christie? He was doing what he was elected to do. HELP HIS PEOPLE! Showing bipartisanship and putting the people first before politics is a shining example for any party to observe!

  13. weeble says:

    You mistake bipartisan political backscratching for action. Americans are fools that way.

    Tens of thousands of New Jersey residents are without power. Many have lost homes and everything else that they have. Some don’t have enough to eat and others are struggling to stay warm.

    This is not the time for a responsible leader to go do his self-promoting shtick on Saturday Night Live. But Christie seems so tone deaf that he puts his self-promotion ahead of anything else.

    Are you sure Christie is putting “people before politics”? That is an empty phrase if you are cold and hungry for two weeks.

    In Rahway, where many residents were still without power yesterday afternoon, 400 survival kits handed out by the Red Cross in the City Hall parking lot proved to be too few.

    “All of a sudden it was like a big rush,” Red Cross worker Lauren Franklin said. “They went extremely quickly.”

    For Monique Patterson, who arrived too late to get a survival kit, it was insult added to injury. “It’s been hell,” she said. “I have three kids and we have no power, no heat, for 13 days now.”

    William Dickson, who works for the Union County city, said there has been little communication between authorities and residents about when PSE&G would restore electricity.

    “It’s so cold at night I have to sleep with a blanket over my head and use my own breath to stay warm,” he said.