The Age of Ass


This week, Governor Chris Christie reappointed gay rights advocate Steve Goldstein to the New Jersey - Israel Commission.  The Commission has a nominal role in New Jersey government, but Goldstein’s place on it is indicative of the power of his persuasion.

Steve Goldstein is an ideologue fired by anger and resentment.  Make no mistake about him and those he has appointed to carry on his work over at Garden State Equality.  It is not about tolerance - the uneasy rubbing along together - it is about change of the destruction and creation variety.  For those of us who harbor such out-of-date, romantic sentiments as “boy meets girl”, the Goldsteins of the world demand that we cleanse our minds of this and act like we believe in a more accommodating “boy meets whatever”.

To think otherwise, to have an opinion otherwise, is to be accused of hate - for which you can lose your job or be tossed out of school.  We need only look at the first fruit of the newanti-bullying” law, pushed through by politicizing the emotion surrounding the personal tragedy of a young man.  Under this law, the truth is no longer a defense.  Subjective “feelings” trump truth, so long as they follow the theories laid out by the political establishment.  It is positively Orwellian.

If you doubt that we are in the Age of Ass,  if you doubt the consensus view of the powerful, of the elites who make up the establishment, think of the immense pressure placed on the Boy Scouts to open their ranks (recruit?) gay scout masters. This isn’t tolerance.  It is the destruction of one culture and its replacement with another.  It is the imposition of an ideology of destruction and creation that seeks uniformity.  When it is done there will be only one way to think and no where to hide from it.

The writer Lillian Smith was an old-fashioned liberal.  She was as tolerant as she was brave.  As one of the first Southerners to write about the evils of segregation, she lived long enough to see most of that system eradicated and reforms enacted, but at the end of her life, she became concerned that the love of ideology would trump humanity.  In accepting the Charles S. Johnson Award, she wrote:

“It is his millions of relationships that will give man his humanity… It is not our ideological rights that are important but the quality of our relationships with each other, with all men, with knowledge and art and God that count.

The civil rights movement has done a magnificent job but it is now faced with the ancient choice between good and evil, between love for all men and lust for a group’s power.”

“Every group on earth that has put ideology before human relations has failed; always disaster and bitterness and bloodshed have come.  This movement, too, may fail.  If it does, it will be because it aroused in men more hate than love, more concern for their own group than for all people, more lust for power than compassion for human need.”

“We must avoid the trap of totalism which lures a man into thinking there is only one way, one answer, one option, and that others must be forced into this One Way, and forced into it Now.”

As for the Steve Goldsteins, we suspect their fate will be like that of the boy who hated his father.  Loved his mother fiercely but hated his father.  His father beat him, demeaned him, disinherited him.  So this boy grew into a man and while still in his thirties his mother died, this mother who had nurtured him and protected him, she died.  The man stood at her casket as they lowered her down and tried to cry but no tears would come.  The man’s father lived into old age, withered away and died while the son was in his fifties.  At the father’s funeral, much to his son’s surprise, he could not control his tears.  He was sobbing, inconsolable.  Why?

The man was driven his whole life by hatred of his father.  When his mother died, that was a loss, but when the father died, when the hate had lost its object, the man’s life was empty, over.

Democracy requires humility.  It is the opposite of proud ideology.

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  1. Guy Fawkes says:

    The new conformity is to have a pro-gay attitude. I don’t want to be forced to conform. I don’t care and I’m not pro or con. Just leave me the f*ck alone.

  2. Alan says:

    I’m with you Guy. The tyranny of political correctness is antithetical to the tolerance needed to live in freedom and peace. Liberty is one of our inalienable rights. Inalienable. It can’t be taken away, compromised or over ruled. Not even by a majority in a democracy. When a democracy tries to take away my liberty it is no longer a legitimate government.

  3. Guy Fawkes says:

    We do not live in a “democracy”. Our system is a highly developed “soft” authoritarian one, in which two “choices” are offered who have made it through a screening process controlled by the political establishment (two parties) and their paymasters. Obama is not the will of the people, because the establishment supressed the messages of all but one of the other “choices”, and he wasn’t much of a choice. For many people Obama was the most favorable choice on a menu of two poor choices. Most Americans of voting age did not vote for Obama. Of those who did not vote for Obama, most opted not to vote at all. Such was the menu.