Sweeney, Democrats, Still Don’t Get It

steve-sweeneyWith New Jersey unemployment still at a staggering 9.7% in October (Pre Hurricane Sandy),  our State’s economy continuing to struggle mightily, and with no plan to reduce our highest in the nation property taxes, what does State Senate President Sweeney and the Senate Democrats want to tackle now?

I’m not referring to their job killing, business deflating, minimum wage hike.

No, the New Jersey Senate President wants New Jersey to adopt cleaner fuels to prevent Global Warming, all in the name of reducing the size of the next Hurricane that will someday hit our shores.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Here is some insight on how the Senator has come to his conclusion:

“Anybody who doesn’t think global warming exists, live in the New Jersey I live in now, where we have tornadoes and hurricanes,” Sweeney (D-Gloucester) said at a Statehouse news conference. “It does exist.”

Since Senator Sweeney was born in 1959, no fewer than 30 Hurricanes have hit all, or part, of New Jersey.  This does not count any of the tropical storms, N’oreaster’s, or Hurricane “remnants” that hit the Garden State during that time.  They are becoming no more frequent than they have in the past.

As a result of Senator Sweeney living his entire life having to deal with one of nature’s creations, a Hurricane, he now wants New Jersey to adopt “cleaner” fuels, like wind, to “prevent” any more Hurricanes from hitting our shores.

With thinking like this, is it any wonder why our property taxes continue to climb, our business tax climate is among the worst in the nation, and our unemployment rate continues to hover around 10%?

The Senate President and his fellow democrats should be focusing on jump starting our economy, not worrying about something they can do absolutely nothing about.

You can call Senator Sweeney’s office to express your frustration with his antics at (856) 251-9801.

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