State Legislature Moves Toward Agenda 21


Quietly moving through the New Jersey legislature are two bills that will destroy every neighborhood in our state, humiliate taxpaying citizens who have the unfortunate experience of being foreclosed upon, and greatly expand the size of our government - while doing absolutely nothing to return New Jersey to prosperity.

It is well known that the State of New Jersey is busy at work on a new “State Plan” to replace their old master plan regarding New Jersey’s growth and dealing with affordable housing.  There are many in the conservative community who are vehemently opposed to this type of structure coming from the State Government, as they believe it is acquiescing to the United Nations and their “Agenda 21″ program for sustainability.  This legislation is even worse.

The bills are A2168 and the companion bill S1566.  Both are titled the “New Jersey Residential Foreclosure Act.” It’s proper title should indeed be the Residential Destruction Act as it is described here.

This legislation would be one of the largest expansions of State Government in our history, and will bring the government into every neighborhood in our state while also making them the largest landlord and “private” property owner in New Jersey.  All with your taxes.  All on top of the frustration and humiliation of a family that has lost their job and had their home foreclosed upon.

Subsidized housing in every neighborhood.  That is the goal of this legislation.  You can read about the hearing in front of the Assembly Housing and Local Government Committee earlier this month here.  Take a look at how the “advocates” for this legislation are behaving.  To them, this is a great way for homeless people to be able to own a home.

This legislation does absolutely nothing to cut our highest in the nation property taxes, our regionally high unemployment and underemployment rates, or to foster job creation or growth.  This bill seeks to humiliate hard working New Jersey families and it does so with their own tax dollars.

There have been 3 hearings on this bill to date, 1 in the Assembly and 2 in the Senate.  I have attended to testify at two of the three.  I was the only one in opposition to this insidious legislation.  Over the past couple of weeks many conservative, grassroots, and Tea party activists have asked me what they can do to stop this legislation.

As Bill Eames of the Morris Patriots asks:

“Are you comfortable thinking that the NJ Foreclosure Relief Corporation may purchase the house next door, across the street or up the block? What happens to our local tax base?”

Steve Lonegan, the New Jersey Director of Americans For Prosperity was blunt and to the point:

“This legislation is nothing more than the redistribution of wealth throughout New Jersey, and they will utilize your tax dollars to accomplish it, while at the same time growing government to an unprecedented level.  We will have subsidized housing in every neighborhood in New Jersey under this scheme.”

There is still an opportunity to fight these bills and prevent them from getting to Governor Christie’s desk.  The first opportunity is this week.

On Thursday, the Conservative Leadership Caucus will be meeting at 1:00pm in Committee Room 1 of the State House Annex located at 125 West State Street in Trenton.  This was a scheduled private meeting of the caucus.  I have spoken to the members and with Assemblywoman Alison McHose.  They agree that this legislation must be stopped and have asked me to invite anyone who wants to learn more about these bills and what you can do to stop them to come to the CLC meeting on Thursday.  I hope to see you there.

There will be one more committee hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, probably sometime in May.  The hearing has not yet been scheduled.  It will be important that as many of us as possible appear and testify against this legislation.

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  1. Mark D Quick says:

    Mark Quick presented a brochure to the Committee with regard to sustainable New
    Jersey and how Agenda 21 sells out to the United Nations. He suggested that we drop
    the Sustainable Jersey grant and asked that the Committee read up on this and discuss
    further at the next meeting.

    oct 19,2011 Frelinghuysen