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Governor Chris Christie’s authoritarian style doesn’t serve him well. While there are some in his, by some estimates, growing cheering section who applaud his every grunt and threat, for more he is coming to represent your angry neighbor. This begs the question: Do Americans vote for their angry neighbor for President?

Didn’t the politics of rage go out with populists like George Wallace?

His press conference on January 2nd could have been handled differently and should have been, if this report from bears any resemblance to reality:

Christie hints at campaigning against those who opposed Sandy relief, says ‘primaries are an ugly thing’

By Matthew Arco | January 2nd, 2013 - 2:58pm

TRENTON - Outraged at some House Republicans and Speaker John Boehner’s decision to prevent a Sandy relief bill from hitting the floor for a vote, Gov. Chris Christie left the door open to possibly campaign against GOP lawmakers who prevented the package from advancing.

The governor was asked Wednesday during a heated press conference whether he would consider campaigning against anyone who blocked the measure from coming up for a vote.

“We’ll see,” responded Christie. “Primaries are an ugly thing.”

Christie slammed Boehner and internal fighting in Congress for the reasons the $60.4 billion Sandy aid package failed to make it to President Barack Obama’s desk. The proposal recently cleared the Senate and would have been sent to Obama - who has supported the bill’s passage - if it cleared the House.

The governor vowed to keep fighting for the aid package, saying he and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo are ready to do what is necessary to see New Jersey and surrounding areas get relief.

“Gov. Cuomo and I are not wallflowers,” Christie said. “We are not shrinking violets

Isn’t this a big overreach by the Governor? The Republicans who oppose the Sandy aid are doing so because it is a positive or at least a neutral position to take with the voters who send them to Washington. That’s general election voters. With the conservative voters who control Republican primaries (especially so in the places these folks come from) it is probably a slam dunk.

How is a Governor who wants to take tax money and spend it in his state a threat to a Republican congressman who represents the taxpayers footing the bill? This threat wasn’t thought through very well.

But it is more than just overreach, it is a preview of the way the Governor likes to do business all close and personal with political leaders in states where he’s going to have to win primaries in 2016. That’s primaries with lots of conservative voters who don’t support what they perceive to be Obama pork spending that doesn’t have a benefit to the states they live in.

This was another Sandy-related mistake by the Governor. He can’t keep making them if he intends to run for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.

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  1. Bbibbett says:

    Big boy will probably switch over to Dem after he is reelected.

    He should be asked if he will stay an R after he is reeleected.

    He seems to be setting it up to switch parties.

  2. Donny Dee says:

    Chris Christie is the most effective Governor in New Jersey’s history, and this translates into the 70% approval rating he has among voters, and 90% among Republicans. There is no Republican in the country today who is more popular than Chris Christie. That’s because New Jersey voters appreciate his sticking up for the state regardless of politics, and even the rest of the country understands that Chris Christie is doing the job he was elected to do instead of pandering to a small and irrelevant segment of his political party. Just compare the approval rating of John Boehner and House Republicans at 12% with Chris Christie’s 70% approval. That says it all.

  3. Tea party Jane says:

    Donny dee another one of the small penis Republican suck ups
    Looking for a job in the next Christie administration because he missed out in the first

  4. truther says:

    “Donny the serial abuser of women” has a very small stick that he beats.

    He knows that Christie’s approval ratings in New Jersey don’t mean jack dick in those congressional districts where Christie is making his threats.

    Try a new stick, Donny.

  5. Mark D Quick says:

    90% among Republicans

    until they realize Christie is in favor of:

    Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

    Supports Obama’s Green Energy Programs

    Allowed toll hikes for NJPA and DRJTBC…

    Bought and Paid for by Goldman and Sacks

    Tossed Romney under the bus and helped re elect Obama and Bob Menendez…

    Trashed fellow republican for his own future..

    just to list a few things of concern

  6. Ronald Rainer (Edited) says:

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