Stark Raving Ideologues


Below is an e-mail sent out the morning after the Presidential election from Steve Goldstein of the group Garden State Equality. It is instructive, because Goldstein and his group often try to portray themselves as non-partisan and seeking to attract support from both Democrats and Republicans.

From: Garden State Equality [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 11:12 AM
Subject: two quick things after last night’s victory by President Obama

Two quick things for you and all our other Garden State Equality members on this incredible day after history:

1. We have been inundated with requests for tickets to our Inauguration Celebration Brunch on Sunday, January 20, 2013 - and with questions as to whether the brunch will be on that Sunday since this year the public ceremony will be the next day, Monday. Yes, the brunch will be on that Sunday, when President Obama takes the constitutionally required oath of office. It means we’ll have a host of political stars joining us that Sunday who would not have been able to join us because they’d have otherwise been at the public ceremony in Washington.

Tickets will go on sale soon. Again, please save the date: Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 11:00 am at McLoone’s Boathouse, West Orange.

2. Feeling jazzed up after last night, many of you have asked us how you can get more involved in Garden State Equality to help us override the Governor’s veto of marriage equality.
Let us take you to lunch of coffee at a time and place convenient to you anywhere in New Jersey. Members near you, along with myself, will come tell you more about the organization we love and what role you can play. Not every organization would do this, but we believe in building a movement one person at a time. We would love to get to know you better.

Contact me personally at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or on my cell, xxxxxxxxxxxx, to set this up.

Today we celebrate history. Today we celebrate you.

On behalf of Garden State Equality’s Board,

Yours always,


Of course, Garden State Equality is a committed left-wing Democrat Party organization. Instead of a multifaceted and honest approach to the economic diversity of its members - business owners, investors, trade union members, public employees, management, professionals, unemployed, retired, and so on - the group promotes a single sexual identity that begins and ends with the Democrat Party.

When seeking Republican support, Garden State Equality claims to be a bridge across the party divide but in reality, as the e-mail above shows, it is little more than a slobbering cheerleader for the Democrat Party. Republicans should remember this when dealing with Garden State Equality. Remember the role played in driving political star Bill Baroni out of the legislature and contention for statewide office?  He thought they were equal with regards to Democrats and Republicans and paid a dear price.

No matter their position on same-sex marriage, Republicans would do better to find common ground with other Republicans and to seek protection there, instead of depending on the false embrace of those who will always hate you, simply because you are a member of the Party of Abraham Lincoln.

And always remember that - the Party of Abraham Lincoln - who focused the nation on the evils of slavery while the Democrats were insisting on the “right” to own another human being. It will take another 100 years for the Democrats to wash away that sin - especially as they continue to hold their annual homage, the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, to the memory of two slave holding Presidents who held women as their property, and who took sexual advantage of them.

Remember this the next time a Democrat tries to claim moral superiority. Their party was the face of the pro-slavery political establishment. They trace the origins of their party back to the plantation and celebrate their slave-holding leaders, year after year, until this day. Remember this and remind them of it.

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