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Arrested Development?

Governor Chris Christie set tongues wagging this week when he told reporters that he cried when Bruce Springsteen hugged him. It made headlines:

Time Magazine: Chris Christie Wept over Springsteen Hug

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have worked closely with President Obama in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, but it appears he’s more emotionally invested in a different budding bromance. Christie admitted at a Monday briefing that he started “weeping” after he hugged Bruce Springsteen at NBC’s telethon for Hurricane Sandy victims on Nov. 2, the Record reported.

Los Angeles Times: N.J. Gov. Chris Christie finally gets Bruce Springsteen’s approval

The two most famous Jersey Boys in America today are the stars of an unrequited-love story. Gov. Chris Christie, a gruff-talking Republican, is also one of Bruce Springsteen’s most devoted lifelong fans despite The Boss’ well-known liberal beliefs.

Entertainment Weekly: Bromance alert! Chris Christie cried after getting a hug from Bruce Springsteen

It’s true: music really does bring people together. Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is renowned for his forcefulness, but he’s clearly a big softie at heart: the politician burst into tears last week after getting a hug from his icon (and ardent Obama supporter), Bruce Springsteen.

NBC 10 Philadelphia: Now “Friends,” Christie & Springsteen Hug

New Jersey’s famously tough-talking governor finally got a hug from his longest-running unrequited love. Speaking Monday at a briefing on storm recovery. Gov. Chris Christie revealed he unexpectedly spoke with Bruce Springsteen earlier in the day and had met The Boss at NBC’s Sandy benefit on Friday night. Christie was discussing storm-related matters with President Barack Obama when Obama handed the phone to Springsteen. “(Obama) told me in times of difficulty that the only thing better than one Jersey guy is two Jersey guys,” Christie said. The Boss was traveling with Obama as part of a campaign trip to swing states.

New York Magazine: Christie’s Dream of Befriending Springsteen Finally Comes True

Chris Christie’s deep love for Bruce Springsteen is notoriously unrequited, but now the two have finally come together. After rebuffing the Republican governor’s numerous advances, at NBC’s Hurricane Sandy telethon on Friday, the Boss told Christie that he’s proud of the way he’s handled the disaster. “We hugged. He told me, ‘It’s official. We’re friends,’” Christie revealed during a news conference on Monday. Naturally, Christie gushed about the encounter while on the phone with his new BFF, President Obama. “I told the President today actually that the hug was great and when we got home there was a lot of weeping because of the hug,” Christie said. “And the President asked why and I said, ‘To be honest, I was the one who was weeping. Everybody else was fine.’” Little did Christie know, he was in for another magical encounter with his idol. “[Obama] told me that in times of real difficulty that he thought that the only thing better than one Jersey guy were two Jersey guys and he put Bruce Springsteen on the phone,” said Christie.

Washington Post: Christie: Hug from Springsteen made me weep

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told reporters Monday that he had an unexpected - and moving - conversation earlier with his hero, Bruce Springsteen. He also got a hug from the rock legend on Friday, at a benefit concert for victims of Superstorm Sandy. He later cried, calling the moment a highlight in a tough week. “Bruce and I had an opportunity to chat for a while Friday night… we hugged and he told me, ‘it’s official, we’re friends,” Christie said at a news briefing.

The Governor’s hug made quite a few Republicans cringe, coming on the heels of Christie’s embrace of Obama. This new “bromance” was clearly orchestrated by Obama, who was delighted with the boost Christie had given his campaign a week before the election.

We all get that Governor Christie is a fan of Springsteen and that he has attended more than 130 Springsteen concerts since 1975. We all remember when Christie sang “Thunder Road” when he made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in September. But an ardent teenaged crush should be put aside by a man who holds high office. It looks bad to see Christie chasing after this self-righteous liberal asshole.

Springsteen might have been edgy back in the 70’s, but he is just another rich, posturing baby-boom entertainer who thinks throwing on a $900 pair of jeans makes him a member of the proletariat. He isn’t a Pete Seeger or Woody Guthrie - he’s a wannabe - too comfortable in his wealth to give it up to be the real thing. And there is our Governor, chasing after him like some hysterical school girl. It’s disgusting.

It is instructive that the one group that has come to Governor Christie’s defense also has a problem with putting aside the things of youth and embracing adulthood. If you’ve noticed a lot of inane, over-the-top comments, gushing with praise for “the greatest Governor in history”, appearing under any story about Christie recently, it is the work of this group.

They are called the “RLSH community”. That’s short for Real Life Super Heroes. Like the people who believe they are real life vampires or real life pirates; it’s a subculture who get dressed up in superhero costumes and who believe that they are real superheroes. They walk the streets at night, when people won’t be as shocked by their attire (it’s dark, I guess) and sometimes get involved in “fighting evil”, whatever that means.

These RLSHers write that they are “warriors and protectors” of Governor Christie, who they worship as a kind of totem. For them, Christie is “America’s Governor and the greatest Governor in history.” They believe Christie is fighting “super villains” with them.

What’s up with America? Our country is in deep trouble. We don’t have time for this juvenile bullshit. Grow the hell up.

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  1. wiredNJ says:

    Springsteen is a POS phony. Seeger had the integrity to join the Communist party and get arrested for his beliefs. His music is real. He performed from jail and in hobo camps.

    Springsteen is a rich poser who hangs out with the royal family of Monaco. He is so rich that his daughter and the Princess of Monaco are equestrians together. Equestrians!!! What is less working class than that?

    Springsteen doesn’t perform from jail, he performs from Air Force One. He rides around with the President of the United States and campaigns for corporate Democrats. Seeger walked with hobos and campaigned for communists. Springsteen is a filthy, dishonest liar.

  2. Donny Dee says:

    You’re just mean and jealous because you never got a hug from Bruce Springsteen and Chris Christie did. I’m sure there are plenty of hurricane victims who gave hugs to Chris Christie when he came to help them out of their misery, what’s so terrible about that?

    The fact is since Hurricane Sandy Chris Christie has transcended partisan politics and become a national hero, much like Andrew Jackson after the Battle of New Orleans. When he is swept into the White House with overwhelming GOP support as well as independents and moderate Democrats, he’ll be on stage at the inaugural ball rocking with Bruce Springsteen while you’ll be sitting at home crying in your kool-aid about RINOs and sell-outs.

  3. ViP says:

    You butthurt conservatives really need to stop with all these crazed assumptions. “Corporate democrats”? Are you fucking serious? That’s almost like an oxymoron. You do realize, that the GOP has ALWAYS had a deep history with big corporations? The same stereotypical “evil” corporations?

    There’s no such thing as being “socially conservative” since that only means you’re holding onto America’s racist and bigoted past. “Fiscally conservative” just seems like a selfish perspective that tries to justify our base nature of greed. There are more than enough examples of things like venture capitalism, universal healthcare, gay rights, etc etc having positive affects on society. You conservatives really need to get your heads out of your bigoted asses and get over this xenophobic mutilated expression of patriotism and ACTUALLY read the constitution. ACTUALLY read what people like Thomas Jefferson wrote.

    There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of an America where we can once again be a beacon in the world for freedom and expression of free ideas. The purpose of life is to live life with as much quality and quantity as possible, and to ensure others the very same right and to recognize when it is time to pass on the mantle to the next generation. PROGRESSING society to accept things such as LGBT rights, increasing the dignity of women in the workplace and what they can do with their body helps towards that purpose. The fact that we work in a mainly 2-party system doesn’t give anyone the right to side with one party just because they agree on a single point that is only important to them.

    It’s time people started thinking of politics as how it can help everyone as a whole rather than what policies benefit me only. This whole “party loyalty” that everyone adheres to is extremely much like the “My God” vs “Your God”, “My sports team” vs “Your sports team”. This whole “Black vs white” game that people have a natural tendency to fall into holds us back from truly being critical thinkers on a subject as important as government. Life consists of shades of grey, and we must analyze politicians on every policy that they take a stand on, and ask the question “Why?” What evidence backs up this belief? What vision does this belief work towards? The fact that people would agree with their party based on the sole reason that their “Economic policies make sense” does NOT justify that vote. You HAVE to take into account the person’s past actions, their ideals, their motives, and even yes, look at their race, religion and socio-economic status and CAREFULLY ANALYZE whether or not that would lead to bias in policy making.

    The fact that “Lobbying” exists makes us fall into a 2-party system even deeper. Now since the corporate world is much better connected to eachother than the middle and upper class is to eachother this allows for super-pacs to form. The fact that corporations can form super-pacs and be allowed to lobby for the wishes of the EO’s and not every single employee of that company does not make sense. It also puts these rich people in a position where they have power and there is only one obvious route to benefit them, which would be lobbying. When you put people in positions where they have control and power over others without the proper wisdom to back their leadership it can quickly become a negatively authoritarian establishment, which our jungle-like corporate world has correctly exemplified.

  4. A. Viggiano says:

    I have not been a fan of CC’s politics, but I am a fan of his obvious commitment to and caring for the people of NJ. And I am a fan of the man whose emotions allow him a full range of feeling, and who is genuine in his responses. He has been on the job since Sandy began, has witnessed terrible destruction and sadness, and is probably exhausted both emotionally and physically. He dared to be moved by a gesture of support and solidarity from someone he greatly admires, and to reveal how he felt. Good for him, and give the guy a break. Enough with the meanness, scorn, puerile criticism. Do half of what he does, and then add your comments. Geez– don’t people ever get tired of being hateful? And leave Springsteen out of it– he’s another one who works tirelessly for what he believes in, instead of going online to snipe at everybody else.

  5. Andrew says:

    The fact is since Hurricane Sandy Chris Christie has transcended partisan politics and become a national hero, much like Andrew Jackson after the Battle of New Orleans.

    What drugs are you on? The recovery is a mess and as CNJ pointed out here a couple days ago, the Governor failed to push post-Hurricane Irene legislation that could have had a plan ready for this one. He failed that test of leadership.

  6. Andrew says:

    “Corporate democrats”? Are you fucking serious? That’s almost like an oxymoron.

    What an asswipe!

    Don’t you know how to use your computer? Go to the FEC website and look up how much corporate cash goes from corporate PACs into the pockets of Democrats.

    Let’s take any liberal Democrat. How about Diane Feinstein, Senator from California. Here are her top five donors:

    PG&E Corp $118,950

    General Atomics $55,750

    Edison International $50,750

    BAE Systems $38,000

    Diamond Foods $31,599

    Here are her five top donor groups:

    Lawyers/Law Firms $468,985

    Lobbyists $346,246

    Retired $327,463

    Electric Utilities $285,950

    Securities & Investment $265,219

    This doesn’t count soft money.

  7. Andrew says:

    You conservatives really need to get your heads out of your bigoted asses and get over this xenophobic mutilated expression of patriotism and ACTUALLY read the constitution. ACTUALLY read what people like Thomas Jefferson wrote.

    An asswipe redux!

    Would this be the same Thomas Jefferson who held women against their will (slavery) and had sex with them as if they were his property?

    Let’s see, this leftie asswipe called VIP (Very Insignificant Prick) uses this slave holder (and founder of the Democratic Party) as his example for conservative “bigots” to emulate. Gotcha.

  8. Andrew says:

    Sorry Veggiano, but I’m going to kick you in the ass too. Christie has been warm and well fed since Sandy began. That’s more than could have been said for many of the people he’s supposed to represent. Did he open up the unused Governor’s mansion to those without homes? NO!

    Instead of hanging out with pig celebrities like Brucie Springsteen, he could have moved into a shelter and shared the same privations as those he represents. Did he? NO!

    I’m sick and tired of these rich liberals who play at being the common man when they order their lives to stay as far away from the common man as possible. A think it foul for any politician to kiss their asses any more than they are kissed already.

    Take a look at who these celebrity pigs gave money to for President (courtesy of Open Secrets):

    Number of Celebrities

    Obama, Barack (D)

    Romney, Mitt (R)

    Gingrich, Newt (R)

    Perry, Rick (R)

    Bachmann, Michele (R)

    Thune, John (R)

    Cain, Herman (R)

    Paul, Ron (R)

    Celebrities are the establishment in America. They are wealthy elitist pigs who need taking down a peg. Tax them a 95% (for the children) and see what these pigs have to say then.

  9. Andrew says:

    As you can tell I finally got my power back.

  10. truther says:

    Exit polls show that more than half who voted on tuesday blame Bush not Obama for the bad economy. There was good story in the Oct 29 New Yorker by George Packer called, A Lobbyist Repents. The author worked for Biden and writes that the Bush economic meltdown had its roots in the policies of Bill Clinton’s administration.

    Pity we didn’t make that point during the campaign when Bill Clinton was out campaigning for Obama.

    As for the youth vote, in four years the young people who graduated in 2008 will have spent their entire twenties not havng found a job or a job in their field of study, living at their parents, and deep in debt. It is a hard way to learn a life lesson but it’s the only way for some people.

  11. Jersey Girl says:

    First of all…you all are opinionated idiots. i am not politically savvy, I admit. I am not a huge Christie fan… He has destroyed the pension system for police officers..NJ is one of the highest taxed states in the land.. I am a huge Bruce fan. I was there from the beginning aat the Jersey shore and stil some 150 concerts later. Through all those years, Bruce always stood fast to his beliefs however controversial they were or are. I also don’t agree with some of those beliefs either.
    You are all losing sight of the reasoning behind that hug and those tears…two men with very different political views came together because of a single issue that they both hold dear to their hearts and that is the love of their state of New Jersey and the intense pain they feel for the destruction and devastation Hurricaine Sandy brought to our land. Two Jersey boys put the political bullshit aside and came together for New Jersey. Don’t any of you think that this governor is emotionally torn? That he is genuinely trying to help the thousands displaced? To finally be accepted and supported by Bruce Springsteen after the years of opposing have a disaster such as this bring them together because of the love of New Jersey and her people is by far overwhelming for anyone….
    You all have alot of opinions as to why… And assume Christie is star struck and Bruce is hugging a Republican….how ignorant are you all really? Close your computers and get your asses to Seaside…then talk to me…let one of you face that destruction and tell me if a hug from either one of those men wouldn’t bring you to tears…

  12. Julia says:

    I am in a shore county you idiot. We don’t need over the hill rock and rollers to make a fly in/fly out to enhance their brand. We don’t need a governor playing photo op with the president. This is a time for adults not hugs.

    After Hurricane Irene these idiots had the chance to prepare for the next one. We could have had a power restoration plan in place last May. The governor did nothing. Sandy was the next one.

    Don’t defend that they didn’t have a plan.

    Your “two jersey boys” is b.s. in a world full of b.s. that accepts b.s. in place of action. You should get real.

  13. weeble says:

    From Atlantic County. . .

    “I lived at the Shore my whole life. I was on Long Beach Island during the Hurricane of 1944 when I was 7 years old. I was in Atlantic City during the March 1962 Storm. Those floods were just as bad. But never in my life did the government stop people from going back to their own homes after the storm was over.”

  14. Agin1 says:

    Saw a report today about the disorganization of the relief effort in Hoboken. Supplies dumped on the street. It doesn’t sound like Christie is doing his damned job.