Socialists Will Never Advance Conservatism


Freedom and Liberty loving Americans all across our country know full well the dangers of Socialism. It is, quite simply, the antithesis of all we believe in. Not just what we as individuals believe in, but what our country was founded on. Again and again, our country has rejected Socialists and their collectivist agenda, in order to promote freedom and liberty for all of our citizens.

Across our country, and yes, even here in New Jersey; citizens have come together and formed all kinds of patriotic groups as a result of what many see as our government infringing on, and the taking of our freedoms and liberties. In short, these citizens see the United States creeping, or in some cases moving rapidly, toward socialism.

The groups these citizens have formed have many different names, 9-12, Sons of Liberty, Patriots, and Tea Party. All were initially formed in an effort to combat the erosion of our freedoms and liberties, to reign in our government, and to promote individual responsibility over cradle to grave servitude to the government’s wishes and whims. All were promoting conservative principles and beliefs in their communities. Some have been more successful than others, but most can claim success at some level in helping to shape the direction our governments’ at all levels, are taking.

It came as a complete and utter shock for conservatives across the country when they learned that a Tea Party group here in New Jersey invited a Socialist candidate for public office to speak to them, and give him and his collectivist agenda a platform.

While that is mind boggling in and of itself, the reaction since it was made public has been nothing short of astonishing.

Taking the politically-correct line, some purported “conservatives” lamented that we should give everyone’s views a proper airing. These purported “conservatives” went on to attack anyone who expressed dismay at the idea of having Socialist candidates prospect for votes at tea party meetings. What’s next?

Will Bill Ayers be the next keynote speaker at a conservative gathering? Will Barack Obama join Sarah Palin at national tea party gatherings? Why are these purported “conservatives” suddenly propping up the Socialist Party USA?

Over the course of the next several days I will be contacting many of the conservative groups in New Jersey to ask a couple of simple questions:

1) Is your group conservative and advocating for conservative principles and beliefs to your elected officials?

2) Would you ever invite a Socialist to one of your meetings?

3) Is socialism something your group advocates, supports, and wants to work towards?

Knowing grassroots conservatives throughout New Jersey as I do, I am pretty confident in the answers I will get, but I will write about them either way. Unfortunately, the antics of some purported “conservatives” have made this reaffirmation process necessary.

By the way, how many conservatives have ever been invited to address the Socialist Party USA? None, of course. The idea of it would be ridiculous.

As conservatives, aren’t we trying to defeat socialism? Why would conservatives want to promote it and give it’s believers a platform to spew their vile contempt for freedom and liberty? Why would a purported “conservative” seek to defend giving a Socialist candidate a platform?

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, Socialism should be relegated to the ash heap of history. The sooner the better is what real conservatives believe.

Giving Socialists a platform, or defending those that do, is not ever going to advance conservative principles and beliefs.

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  1. Frank Fiamingo says:

    100% Rob. There is a huge difference between respecting the right of others to free speech and providing a platform from which they have an opportunity to do so. There are already a plethora of available platforms for the Socialist agenda, starting with the mainstream media. We as conservatives have to do everything we can to counter this with the promotion of solid, straightforward, conservative values.

  2. I’m not sure who wrote the above article (there is no byline). Can you identify who you are?

    There has been, from the beginning of the Tea Party movement, an effort from both the GOP and the DEMS to marginalize the Tea Party. While progress has been made, there still is, in some small circles anyway, a long way to go apparently.

    Save the nickel and don’t call me to ask “Is socialism something your group advocates, supports, and wants to work towards?” You can call if you need help understanding your (getting creepy) obsession with Barbara Gonzales.

    Tea Party folks: This is for you - take heart: Don’t be discouraged, you will be pulled/punched/kicked by competing political candidates and their surrogates. You will be drawn into conservative “turf disputes”. These things are not for you - keep it simple, and keep it all Tea Party, all the time.

  3. Jim Lefkowitz:

    If you look right under the title of the article on the front page of CNJ you will see who wrote the article. In this case the post is by Rob Eichmann.

  4. Silence Dogood says:

    To Lefkowitz:

    Are you really good with Socialist Party candidates coming to Tea Party meetings? Really?

    This was stupid to do and worse than stupid to try to defend. How are you going to call Obama a Marxist when you host real Marxists? It is a joke!

    Wait until the rest of the national Tea Party hears about this. They will probably ask you to change your name.

    Grow up, stop whining, and learn to take a little constructive criticism.

    Your conspiracy theories are getting old. Nobody has to attack the Tea Party when they do stupid things like cavorting with Marxists.

  5. David F. O'Neal says:

    A week ago at the fence post I listened along with several neighbors to one “liberal” neighbor spew for about twenty minutes. When he was done I explained that my wife was away and my liquor cabinet was empty. I asked if I could come share his wine and wife. Share and share alike,right?
    Needless to say he was initially offended. But he and the others present quickly realized what an ass he was making of himself!
    I went home and had a piece of apple pie.

    My point is that sometimes you have to let an ass speak to the masses to allow the masses to be reassured of their own convictions.

  6. Rich:

    I entered the site at the post, not the front page. The post does not show who the author is.


    1. There is no “National Tea Party”
    2. I don’t debate with fake screen names.

  7. Silence Dogood says:


    I hear you, but that is person-to-person. Conservative organizations, or those who want voters to believe they are, should not give a platform to someone who is to the LEFT of Obama.

    Especially when, just a few months before, the same tea party group was out carrying signs calling Obama a Marxist. You really can’t have it both ways.


    1. There are a number of national Tea Party organizations. GOOGLE it and find out. There is also a Tea Party Caucus of members of Congress who would just gag if they heard what you were up to.

    2. Bet you didn’t say that to Col. Manly Rash when you were swallowing everything he dished to you. Of course, we shouldn’t expect any of you to be consistent.

  8. Silence Dogood says:

    “Sometimes you have to let an ass speak to the masses to allow the masses to be reassured of their own convictions.”

    How did that work out for us in 2008?

  9. Roland Hosey says:

    How can anything good come from a conservative group giving a socialist an audience?

    Socialists and socialism need to be defeated, not accommodated.

  10. Rodney King says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  11. Roland Hosey says:

    Not with a socialist.

  12. Silence Dogood says:

    The B.S. artist formerly known as Manly Rash is losing it again today. He’s writing about movies, French toast, and someone he calls, and I quote, his “Favorite Dick”. No kidding.

  13. Bayshore Moderate says:

    Bayshore Tea Party is doing an outstanding job promoting mainstream Republican values and Republican candidates by reaching out to Independents and even Democrats to ensure a Republican victory this November and to elect Anna Little for Congress next year.

  14. Jim says:

    It’s sad to see working people adopting ideologies against their better economic interests. Conservatism, if you haven’t noticed, is just a guise for the rich and powerful who profit from our labor to rape us even more. Can you imagine a factory/job where you and your buddies controlled the place? Where the rich bosses didn’t reap a HUGE profit from your labor? Where decisions were made democratically? Imagine a Walmart where the employees made the decisions, produced the goods, decided on health benefits, etc. We’d be a much more democratic society under that kind of socialist system. Socialism is nothing more than extending democracy to the economy. I’m all for it.

  15. Roland Hosey says:

    Since I work, collectivism is always against my economic interests.

  16. Silence Dogood says:

    If Jim is anything to go by, the B.S. artist formerly known as Manly Rash is gaining a following among the Socialist community in New Jersey.

  17. JimmyZ says:

    “Socialism is the equal distribution of misery.”–Winston Churchill

  18. Jim says:

    Albert Einstein, “Why Socialism?”

  19. Silence Dogood says:

    Liberal Democrat Congressman Rush Holt is a physicist too. I guess Jim will want to draft him for President.

    The B.S. artist formerly known as Manly Rash has done something I didn’t think possible. He has given socialists a foothold in the tea party. Now they will want access to present their B.S. every election. Watch out because a few people will buy it.

  20. [...] With the disappointing Presidential election results and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it was easy to miss the results of this local election in Monmouth County.  The Red Bank Regional High School District elected 19 year old Socialist Pat Noble to their school board.  This is notable because this candidate was promoted by a “conservative tea party” group in New Jersey as a “fine young man too young to do any harm.”  At the time, CNJ argued vehemently that no conservative group should ever give a platform to a socialist.  The first of many articles on that can be found here. [...]