Should Same-Sex Marriage be the Legislature’s Top Priority?


Earlier this month, on the first day of the new legislative session, the leaders of the Democrat Party in New Jersey gathered around a podium to declare what they intended to do about New Jersey’s number one problem.

Was it a plan to address the economy and create jobs? Was it to announce a proposal to attract new businesses to New Jersey and to grow the businesses we have? No, it was not.

Was it legislation to cut the taxes that are forcing people from their homes – or to address the growing blight of foreclosure or an unemployment rate approaching 10 percent? No, again.

Did they talk about those who are underemployed – forced to cobble together part-time employment, without the health benefits enjoyed by the Legislature and its staff, to keep a family housed, clothed, and fed? No, they did not.

No, they said. In the midst of this Great Recession, none of those issues rose to the level of the one they intended to tackle. Instead of these “kitchen table” issues, the Democrat leadership decided to make same-sex marriage their “top priority” for the next two years.

That’s right – when more than one in ten of us is without work, suffering an enormous tax burden, with about the highest property taxes in the nation, and a regulatory environment that is among the worst in the country – this is what the Democrats claim is the state’s most important issue: Same-sex marriage. Really? Are they crazy?

We had an election a little over two months ago. Every member of the Legislature was on the ballot last November. They spent millions telling us what their priorities were so that we would give them our votes. Apparently, they lied to us. Their campaign literature was full of things like jobs, the economy, taxes, spending, the budget – but nothing about same-sex marriage.

Not one of the Democrats at that podium – from Senate President Steve Sweeney on down – campaigned with same-sex marriage as their top priority. I live in Steve Sweeney country, Gloucester County, and I’ve read his literature. It just isn’t there. And why would it be, when some of the union halls here are suffering double-digit unemployment, when Gloucester County was one of the top ten job loss counties in America.

Making same-sex marriage the Legislature’s “top priority” shows just how out of touch the legislative leadership is with the lives and struggles of the average person. Every one of the politicians at that podium has a job. Most have more than a few sources of income. Every one of them has better health benefits than does the average citizen.

This act of supreme arrogance should tell New Jersey that the Democrats have no solutions to our economic problems. This remarkable abdication of their responsibility to each of us makes it clear that they do not want to reduce our tax burden, tackle our lack of job growth or job availability, or make it easier for companies to expand and create jobs in New Jersey.

The Democrat legislative leadership does not think you will care that same-sex marriage is their number one legislative priority. They apparently are of the mindset that you enjoy paying some of the highest taxes in the country, high unemployment, and ever dwindling job prospects.

Think about this when the first committee hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee takes up its first piece of legislation of the legislative session – Senate Bill Number 1 – next Tuesday. It is the only piece of legislation on the agenda. Yes – the only one.

And while they are doing this, think about all the families that will lose their homes, the people who will give up looking for a job, the children who will go hungry, union halls with 30 percent unemployment. Think of them – real people who are suffering – while these well-kept politicians go about debating their “top priority”.

What is so important about same-sex marriage that it should come before everything else, in the middle of this Great Recession?

What is going on in the minds of the political class who run the Legislature? Who are they talking to? Where are their priorities?

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  1. Curt says:


    I agree that creating jobs and improving the economy should be the #1 priority.

    This issue could have been easily avoided three years if it were not for a corrupt governor and a bunch of wimps in the Assembly.

    Lets just get the law passed so we can finally have equality already and concentrate on the big issues!

  2. arthur arstight says:

    what are we doing elevating the culture of male anal sodomy with the great seal of NJ to the same level as the sacrament of holy matrimony.? As for gays in the military , you cant put your privates in with your generals.

  3. curt says:


    Wow, you really sound terrified of gay people. I’d suggest you look into yourself to see what makes you react the way you do…unless you are really terrified about what you suspect you may find.

  4. arthur arstight says:


    Guess that the sight of feces on a private does not bother you at all. Thanks for defining both fear and deviancy downwards.

  5. Why do gays always love shoving their morality down our throats? Why do politicians shove legislation of which we don’t approve, down our throats? How did this manic minority come to rule the world? Christians, Jews, Muslims, Blacks - nobody wants it. But the atheistic sodomites keep hammering away.

  6. curt says:


    I guess not but it’s good to see where your mind is fixated.


    Sorry so many things are being shoved down your throat. And I didn’t know that Blacks was a religion. Thanks for the intelligent input.

  7. arthur arstight says:


    minds are higher than the gutter of the same sex issue that you dwell in. Just drop the issue and move on to more enlightened legislation like jobs, taxes that help the real children of real families in NJ. Keep your sex acts private and in the bedroom please.

  8. Curt says:

    Um, thanks Arthur. You keep your sex acts, or lack thereof, in private as well.

    And hopefully marriage equality will be passed and we can move on and get this over with.

  9. Hough A Lugie says:

    We need job equality and the right to work. Curt and his fairies politicians have ruined NJ

  10. Curt says:

    “Job equality.” “The right to work.”

    Darn you figured me figured me out. Because nobody has the right to work.

  11. Bradshaw says:

    I think he means “right to work” as in no closed union shops. There are states with Right to Work laws.

  12. Hough A Lugie says:

    Thanks Bradshaw for giving Curt an english lesson

  13. Curt says:

    This coming from the guy who thinks “fairies politicians” is correct grammar.

  14. JimmyZ says:

    Civil Unions provide all the legal advantages a gay couple needs. The only thing same sex marriage legislation adds is to give a moral legitimacy by calling it marriage. so the same gay community that years ago told the faith community that we should not ” shove our morality down their throat” is now demanding that we allow them to do so. marriage for thousands of years of human history has been defined as a man and a woman. so now we are supposed to just roll over and redefine marriage so gays don’t feel bad. No thanks.

  15. Hough A Lugie says:

    Curt go choke on your fairy cake

  16. curt says:


    These are the same tired arguments that we have debunked before. Spare me the “moral legitimacy” because you are fine with heterosexual couples being able to marry and divorce over and over and over. This is simply about fairness under the eyes of the law.

    And as someone who is a member of the faith community I completely agree with that statement. I know that you are a Quaker, Jimmy and there are many things your religion condemns that are legal. How you pratice is your right and I would never judge you.

    Your choice of words is very telling. I’m sorry that you feel that recognizing equality means that you have to “roll over”. But maybe if you did you would see that there is nothing for you to fear.

    As for the “thousands of years” argument, that doesn’t change the fact that there are thousands of gay people in New Jersey who want to live their lives and have as close the same kinds of families as everyone else.

  17. curt says:


    That the best you got? Yawn.

  18. Jim Killen says:


    You are being disingenuous at best, at worst you are an unmitigated liar. That being said, when you say

    there are thousands of gay people in New Jersey who want to live their lives and have as close the same kinds of families as everyone else.

    First, who cares how many homosexuals there are in New Jersey, that has nothing to do with same sex marriage.

    No one wants to stop homosexuals from living their lives.

    Homosexuals, by their very nature, will not have a family like everyone else, why are you trying to fool not only your self but others into thinking that homosexual behavior is just like everyone else?

    The very idea that the legislature should foist the acceptance of what most people consider abhorrent behavior by changing the definition of marriage is ludicrous. The only thing funnier is how the democrats think this is the single most important issue in New Jersey.

  19. curt says:


    It’s amusing how how you contradict yourself in your own argument. You go from “who cares how many gay people there are in New Jersey” to “what most people consider abhorrent.” Since you blatantly playing a numbers game only when it’s convenient for you let me remind that recent polls show the majority of New Jersey is accepting of gay marriage.

    I’m also amused that you call me disingenuous when I’ve spent the past couple of years on these boards speaking out about this!

    As for gay families not being like everyone else,pay close attention to the parents and children who will be testifying. If you can’t wait that long I suggest you google Zach Wahls. I don’t you if you are truely ignorant or just pretending to be as a way of masking your hostility but the more these families stand up for themselves the less your arguments have merrit.

  20. Jim Killen says:


    I think it would be a great idea to put this to a vote of the people. That is the way it should be handled if we are to change the definition of marriage. It certainly makes more sense than to have the legislature foist it upon us, as their most important piece of work, when there is so much more they should be focused on, and all of that is certainly more important.

    There is no contradiction, most people could care less how many homosexuals there are in New Jersey. That doesn’t change the fact that most people consider what they do to indeed be abhorrent.

    Homosexual families are not like everyone else, and you trying to say they are doesn’t change that. By definition, they simply can’t be, and under no circumstances are they able to reproduce. Civil unions provide all of the protections they are looking for.

    Our legislature should be focused on creating jobs, lowering taxes, cutting spending, sharing services, and relieving the regulatory burden on New Jersey!

  21. curt says:


    After reading the disgusting things you write, it’s not surprising that gay kids continue to commit suicide and hurt themselves. What a tragedy that people like you continue to be self centered in the messages of hate that you spew. But we’re at a point where “most people” are embarassed of people like you who are proud of their bigotry and ignorance. You keep calling kids abhorrent all you want and then whine and cry its not your fault when they jump off bridges.

    If you were really concerned about jobs, why would you put it to a vote and make this process all the more drawn out?

    Gay families are like everyone else, you obviously don’t know of any. If you did it would be apparent that your argument solely lies on your fear and panic.

    “By definition…” Why don’t you explain to me what the definition of a family is?

    And gay people can reproduce, we aren’t sterile. There are plenty of options of having kids and thousands of straight and gay couples have gone this route.

    So sad that people like you focus more on the two minutes it takes to reproduce than the 18 years it takes to raise a child.

  22. Jim Killen says:


    You certainly are all over the place. At least you made me laugh. Nothing disgusting about my comments, just because you appear to not agree with me there is no reason to say my thoughts are disgusting.

    I guess you don’t think the author of this post should be able to write it at all.

    My thoughts, or comments have NEVER resulted in a homosexual committing suicide. Their inability to marry in New Jersey has never resulted in their suicide either.

    I have never said anything disparaging about homosexuals. I do agree with this post that there many more important things that our legislature should be focused on. This issue isn’t one of them.

    Homosexual families are not like heterosexual families, and while they may or may not be sterile, they are UNABLE to procreate and reproduce inside of their marriage. Not some of them, EVERY one of them. Just accept that rather than try to argue it isn’t the case. In the text of this discussion it is a moot point anyway.

    The bottom line is that we need jobs, we need less regulation, we need to cut spending, we need to lower our taxes. The Democrat party in New Jersey has abdicated their responsibility and instead wants to engage in social re-engineering. That’s not their job.

  23. curt says:


    It’s absolutely disgusting when people like you bombard teenagers with messages saying that “most people” think they are “abhorrent”. You think they don’t silently overhear what you say and read what you write?

    What’s interesting on your fixation on procreation is that you didn’t address my point on raising children. Nor did you admit that you don’t know and families with gay parents.

    You rail and whine against things you don’( know and get upset when you’re called ignorant.

    I 1000 percent agree, we need jobs and we need lower taxes. So lets just hope this passes quickly so we can move on. And even if the economy was perfect, you would still be railing against this. I just hope you don’t think you are fooling anybody.

  24. Jim Killen says:


    I disagree with you about homosexuals marrying, that is all I have said here, and therefore I’m the one that’s somehow disgusting? That’s some great tolerance you are able to show.

    I hope people are able and do read what I write. It seems to make sense, unlike your own intolerance.

    No fixation on procreation, just stating facts. Again, inconvenient for you, but facts nonetheless.

    As for raising children, this argument is not about children, it is about adults, their livelihoods, their taxes, and their futures here in New Jersey. The democrats have told them to go to hell!

    Whether or not I know homosexuals is also irrelevant to what the democrats are doing to New Jersey.

    I know that there are many pressing issues in New Jersey and homosexuals being able to marry each other is not the single most important issue facing New Jersey residents today. That does not make me ignorant, yet you and your intolerance label me that way.

    If the economy were perfect you have absolutely no idea what my position would be, do not attempt to say otherwise. Again, let’s return to the facts. The economy is not perfect and my position, along with so many others is quite clear, the democrats need to fix New Jersey not engage in social re-engineering at this time.

  25. curt says:


    When you make up disgusting comments like “most people” think that gay people are “abhorrent” I’m going to hold you to them. Now you’re trying to weasel out of it by not addressing it and spinning it on me.

    I hope people do read what you wrote so they can see how vile and mean spirted it is!

    No the argument about raising children would not be convenient you.

    Lol, let me see if I’ve got this right. You insist that gay families are not like anyone else. I ask you if you know any of them. You say that you don’t and that it’s “irrelevent” and that I’m “intolerent”. Wow.

    Based on your pathological rationals and merritless arguments I’d bet the rent check on what your position would be.

  26. Jim Killen says:


    So facts you don’t like are disgusting?

    I never said homosexuals were abhorrent, what I said, since you are having trouble reading, is that most people think what they do is abhorrent. Again, just a fact.

    Nothing mean spirited at all about wanting our legislators to correct the myriad of problems facing our state. Homosexuals not being able to “marry” each other (They can enter into a civil union) is not among the problems destroying New Jersey.

    I never said whether or not I know any homosexuals. You are correct I do not believe that is relevant to our state legislators making homosexual marriage their single most important priority.

    You are intolerant of anyone who thinks that homosexuals marrying each other should not be the great debate in our legislature at this time.

  27. Curt says:


    Making something up in your head and calling it fact does not make it a fact.

    With all due respect you are as qualified to be the representative of “most people” as Ron Paul is.

    “Nothing mean spirited at all about wanting our legislators to correct the myriad of problems facing our state.”

    Yeah, i never said that big guy. Why don’t you stick to the stuff I did say.

    “I never said whether or not I know any homosexuals.’

    Gee I wonder why.

    “You are intolerant of anyone who thinks that homosexuals marrying each other should not be the great debate in our legislature at this time.”

    Sigh. Dude, get help.

  28. Jim Killen says:


    It appears even you have seen the fallacy of your weak argument to allow homosexuals to marry. It’s about time you tolerate others views.

  29. Hough A Lugie says:


    what the heck is so redeeming about male anal sodomy marriage ? Your Gov Christie Kream promoting Asian sodomites is nothing to be proud of on the Garden State

  30. curt says:


    I apologize for not wanting to live my life according to your views.


    Christie appointed a gay African American judge. Phillip Kwon is straight. You’re so stupid you can’t even get your racism right.

    And the very fact that I had to even say that sentence speaks volumes.

  31. Hough A Lugie says:

    Curt are you drunk again who said anything Philip Kwan being African American you imbecile ?