Say What Governor?

chris_christieDuring a question and answer session after his speech at the Reagan Library Governor Chris Christie gave an answer to a question regarding illegal immigration that just did not sound right. It came across more like a sound bite then something that he has actually done during his administration.

When the subject of Governor Rick Perry’s calling Republicans heartless for not wanting to give discounted tuition rates to the children of illegal immigrants, Christie gave this response:

“I want every child who comes to New Jersey to be educated, but I don’t believe that for those people who came here illegally, we should be subsidizing with taxpayer money, through in-state tuition their education,” Christie said. “And let me be very clear from my perspective: That is not a heartless position that is a common sense position.”

Hold your horses’ people, is this our Governor speaking? Is this man who had this to say about illegal immigrants?

“Being in this country without proper documentation is not a crime,”

It is true that Governor Christie did, during his campaign against Corzine, have the following to say:

“And Governor Corzine’s support of in-state tuition for illegal immigrants when his budget slashes property tax relief and increases taxes on so many New Jerseyans is astonishing.”

But, what has he done about the problem of illegal immigrants paying in-state tuition rates. Why didn’t we hear a word from him when Morris Community College was going to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates?

County College Of Morris Votes To Allow Illegal Immigrants To Enroll In Classes

And could this possibly be the same Christie who has never come out and admonished college presidents who would say something like this:

“The County College of Morris is taking a step in the right direction,” said G. Jeremiah Ryan, president of Bergen Community College, which already admits undocumented students. “Bergen will continue to support the removal of barriers to educational opportunities for the students we serve.”

Chris Christie continues to mesmerize people with what he says, but no one is looking at what he really does. It is about time for America to wake up and start doing their homework on our Governor.

There is an old saying; “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk”? Governor Christie has the first part down pat. Unfortunately for the citizens of New Jersey he never has learned to follow through on the second part.

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  1. Recordkeeper says:

    You forgot Christie supported gov florios assault weapon ban when he was freeholder. He pays the usual RINO lip service to the second amendment

  2. Recordkeeper:

    Your right but I wanted to stick to the illegal immigrant issue. Christie might talk a good story, but he lacks results.

  3. D. Porter says:

    Unfortunately just being in the U.S. without permission is somehow not a crime according to a U.S. Attorney in New York, but it ought to be. It appears that the act of sneaking in or overstaying a visa is a crime, though, and practically everything illegals do here to survive is criminal (fake or stolen ID, stealing jobs, etc.). I’m all for tossing them out upon detection without costly and lengthy hearings, etc.

    Christie is too arrogant, cocky, and John McCain-like to be trusted on this illegal alien invasion issue, IMO.

  4. NFS says:

    I’m just so-so on Christie, but I will take anyone over the current President, What I don’t understand is that illegals are already going to our public schools. Many public schools (especially so-called Abbott districts) per pupil costs, exceed even the cost of some great colleges (TCNJ for instance). I think that is a far worse injustice than the in-State college tuition breaks. I think both should be addressed, but no one is.

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