Say No To Sohail “Sharia Law” Mohammed

shariaToday Conservative New Jersey is proud to introduce our newest contributor, Susan Jarema. Susan has taken it upon herself to form a group known as “Woman Against Sharia Law”. This post is from a letter she wrote to the Bergen Record. From all of CNJ, welcome aboard Sue! 

I testified in opposition to the nomination of Sohail Mohammed to the Superior Court of New Jersey during the State Senate Judicial Committee hearing on June 27. The reason why is the concern of many citizens across the United States: will such Muslim judicial appointees support or oppose Shariah Law that would adversely affect our precious Constitutional court system of the United States as it has in England and other countries? In fact, Senator Cardinale rightfully asked Mr. Mohammed if he would protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Mohammed answered: “Yes”. However, many of us believe that a substantial number of Muslims, (Mr. Mohammed is a Muslim from India), can lie in order to proselytize and protect the Islamic faith. Further, when Mr. Mohammed was asked to explain, Jihad, he responded in some way to represent the earlier and more peaceful form of the Qur’an whereby Jihad references an inner spiritual seeking. On the other hand, in the latter part of the Qur’an, where the Islamic prophet, Mohammed, took a decidedly violent turn in his writings, Jihad represents holy war with infidels. Due to “abrogation”, the latter part of the Qur’an, the more violent part, abrogates the earlier, and takes precedence of the former, more peaceful part of the Qur’an. Why Mr. Mohammed failed to reveal the dual meanings of Jihad remains questionable.

Mr. Mohammed cannot recuse himself from a case just because it involves Shariah Law. Therefore, a serious question remains how he will rule in a case that involves New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD) involving a Muslim or a Shariah compliant policy. Take for example the new Delta policy, whereby someone who is Jewish, or has a Jewish stamp on his passport, cannot fly into Saudi Arabia. Should someone file suit in a New Jersey court that he or she is being discriminated against by such practice, how would Mr. Mohammed rule? More basically, according to the Center for Security Policy, an organization led by a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy under President Ronald Reagan, Shariah Law has been involved in court cases in 23 states including New Jersey. Nationally, at the trial court level, 15 were found to have utilized or recognized Shariah. At the Appellate Court level there were 12 cases. These cases involved marriage law; child custody; Shariah Contract; Shariah Doctrine; Shariah Property Law; and Due Process/Equal Protection. In other words, Shariah Law can be discussed at the Superior Court level.

During the trial, Mr. Mohammed revealed that his sole trial experience was to represent a man in a marriage situation. Therefore, we have no experience to point to that could indicate how, as a Muslim, he would defend the rights of Muslim women when, under Shariah, they have none. In fact, Canadian women have successfully avoided the implementation of Shariah law in their country as they do not want to lose their children or inheritance if they seek divorce, nor be subject to a husband’s abuse. Such is rampant in Muslim countries.

Mr. Mohammed was proud to cite he flew his wife and children back to America from India for his judicial committee hearing. Some on the Committee referenced that he was, apparently, a good father and husband. But, although that’s lovely, it’s not a substantive reason to appoint anyone to a judgeship whether they be Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, atheist, agnostic, etc. Mr. Mohammed only needs to have substantial experience as a trial lawyer, (he does not), and a true allegiance to support, protect and defend the Constitutions of the United States and the State of New Jersey. As he will probably place his hand on the Qu’ran when he takes his Oath of Office, it’s hard for me to see how he can do that when half of that text speaks of a holy war against “infidels” and where Islamic women remain subject to Shariah Law.

I’m thankful that Senator Cardinale and a couple of other Senators asked serious questions that needed to be surfaced at the hearing. Not to have done that would be insensitive, and shabby, to women’s rights. It’s known around the world that women, in particular, have suffered harsh treatment under Shariah Law. This nominee needs to prove he can be a judge and ignore Shariah in all of his decisions.

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  1. NewJerseyPatriot says:

    One quibble: no where does my passport indicate my religion. Also I don’t think that Jewish is a recognized nationality. I have done extensive international travel, including many trips to the Middle East, and no one has ever asked my religion. Did you perhaps mean “Israeli”?

  2. Roger says:

    What does “Sharia Law” have to do with American or US law? We have a Constitution and individual state laws…

    Is the premise that somehow Moslems will “infiltrate” the US to the point that they will subvert our entire Constitution and way of life, seriously?

    The Constitution supersedes any religious law. It also allows the free practice of religion.

    This website gives Conservatives a bad name. Misguided at best, completely ignorant and racist at worst.

  3. Roger:

    You should check your facts first before you give yourself a bad name; that of stupid:

    Sharia Law Comes to New Jersey?

    Florida Judge Defends Imposing Sharia Law

    Sharia Law Being Practised in Dearborn, Michigan?

  4. Roger is 100% right. There isn’t Sharia Law in the United States, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be. Any suggestion to the contrary is simply an Islamaphobic fear tactic.

    And Fox News is certainly not a place to find facts. Extremely biased opinions that are portrayed as factual, yes. Actual facts, no.

  5. ANobleSocialist:

    You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

    A Non-Fox News source:

    Judge orders use of Islamic law in Tampa lawsuit over mosque leadership

    Facts are facts, so check them before you say something stupid.

  6. Out of curiosity, do you think that calling others stupid adds to your comments? It is possible to offer a decent and well-spoken response without resorting to immature name-calling.

    An ounce of diplomacy goes a long way Richard.

  7. ANobleSocialist;

    You come on our site and make statements without any proof or research questioning facts that we presented. You then accuse us of being islamophobic. That qualifies you for the label stupid.

    By the way, we don’t hide behind stupid monikers on this site, why do you do that?

  8. Silence Dogood says:

    Crazy Gene the Bayshore apologist has set the tea party’s pet socialist on CNJ. I love it. This tells everyone who they are.

  9. JimmyZ says:

    Watch Europe - for they are further along this road. France and England have growing Islamic populations and will be in a position to use democracy “against itself” before the US. Some people already are using the term “Londonistan” to describe this demographic/ political trend - there is a book out with that title.

  10. Duck says:

    There are some misconceptions here about the legal issues. Several articles are cited to refute the notion that Sharia Law simply cannot “be applied” over domestic, secular law.

    Just going with the most widely covered and inflammatory example:

    The New Jersey case in which the trial judge accepted the abusive husband’s defense that his conduct was permitted by Sharia Law. That decision was promptly reversed and the husband has been convicted of kidnapping and rape. This case is not evidence of how Sharia Law is creeping into our courts. It is an example of how it won’t creep in.

    If you have any questions for me, I’d be happy to answer them.

  11. Open-Minded says:

    I think it’s great we have a Muslim Judge. There is no sharia law in the US. US constitution trumps all other religious laws or beliefs. There are many judges across the country, even in the supreme courts, that lack trial experience but are great judges. You don’t need to try many cases to understand law. You need to be fair and what matters is law and evidence adduced in the specific case. I don’t understand why people keep taking about sharia law when there is nothing sharia about his practice as a judge or a lawyer. Defense attorneys represent all kinds of people (good or bad.) As a defense attorney you do not concern yourself with what the person did but more if the evidence and proofs prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person is guilty. Let’s stop mixing religion and law together and trying to confuse the world. Roger is accurate and whoever disagrees is racist, ignorant, and close minded. It has been 2 years since Honorable Mohammad has been judge. I don’t see any ACJC violations or ethics violations against him. I hope we have more Muslim judges over time to kill this misconception of terrorist bullsh*t. Muslims are allowed to have the same liberties and rights as any other religion or minorities in the US. Many lawyers and Judges practice different religions but what makes a good judge great is being able to separate your personal beliefs from your duty and obligation to uphold the US constitution. By the way, do Jewish judges or lawyers take their oaths on the Torah. No they do not. They take it on the Bible. The Bible is a holy book recognized by Muslims and revered to be extremely religious and pious. Stop the ignorance people and learn about the religion before you make assumptions. People need to think with a unbiased mind before they speak (or write).

  12. Open-Minded says:

    I forgot to mention in my previous comment that this sharia law stuff is all bogus. Honorable Judge Mohammad is from India where sharia law is not practiced. It is actually banned by the Indian government and has been opposed by Indian Muslims for years. Why are we talking about sharia law when this man has never before practiced sharia law nor has he lived in an area which permits sharia law. All this sharia law stuff is completely irrelevant and has nothing to do with him. This is just a tactic for people to mislead others. Even if there was an alleged incident that occurred in Michigan or Florida (or where ever) it was an oscillated event which has nothing to do with our new Judge. Stop trying to justify our hate for other religions based on untrue facts and make-believe arguments. This is all frivolous opinions and is far from the truth. First we enslaved Black people and acted like we were slave masters and now we believe all Muslims are terrorists who practice sharia law. Right in front of your eyes, the patriot act has nullified our Bill of Rights but no one seems to realize or care about the manifest injustice this will cause on innocent people. Instead, we are concerned with whether this Judge will enforce sharia law when that has nothing to do with anything. When will this madness end?

  13. Open-Minded says:

    oscillated = isolated* Sorry, typo.