Protecting New Jersey’s Children?


A million dollars to prevent school children from calling each other names but nothing to protect schools from invasion by an armed criminal. What is wrong with the priorities of the legislative Democrats who sponsored A2709?

This legislation appropriated $1 million to “implement bullying prevention programs and anti-bullying training programs” in New Jersey schools but does nothing to prevent a criminal who, in defiance of every gun law man can devise, takes a weapon into a no-gun school zone, forces his way into a school, and then starts a murderous rampage. Which is the bigger threat to children?

Will any of the 20 bills being pushed through the Assembly next week protect our school children in a tangible way? Of course not. They are politically-correct attempts to make it seem as though the political class is doing something, when in fact they are doing nothing. The entire legislative package proposed next week is aimed at taking firearms away from the innocent - law abiding citizens who have committed no crime - while doing nothing tangible to prevent criminals from getting and using illegal firearms.

In comments released today, Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose summed it up well:

This is about more than being able to own a gun as a collector or for target shooting or hunting. The Second Amendment is a cornerstone of our Bill of Rights. The Founders of our Republic placed it directly after the Amendment that protects our Right to Free Speech, of a Free Press, the Right to Assemble, to Complain to Government and Petition it, and Right to Practice our Religious Beliefs.
And make no mistake about it, let them take away this piece of our Bill of Rights and they will not be content until they have taken it all away. Just look at what some Democrat legislators have proposed in New Jersey - home inspections… that’s right, home inspections for every person who owns or wishes to own a firearm in New Jersey. So not only do they want to take away our Second Amendment Rights, with this legislation, they want to steal our Fourth Amendment Rights too.
More and more this debate is taking the form of class warfare. On one side, we have a political establishment who work in heavily guarded buildings - paid for with our tax dollars - and wealthy special interests whose wealth buys them armed security 24-7. On the other side, you have us, average citizens on average incomes - moms, dads, grand moms, grand dads - just plain jills and joes who either have a firearm for self-protection, or risk ending up a police statistic.
This is the great flaw in the argument that the other side makes against the Second Amendment. They believe in guns. They believe in guns for them. They want the rest of us to cross our fingers, say a prayer, and make do with a telephone call to a shrinking Police force.
And this is why we can count on such a broad spectrum of people coming together - from single, urban moms to rural farmers; Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Independents, honest Democrats, and even Liberals who want to protect the Bill of Rights - they will all come together to say “NO” to this power grab by a political establishment that simply doesn’t care about protecting us.

The only real protection our school children can count on is the presence of a “good guy” with a firearm to stand between our children and the criminal with a gun. Get real Democrats!

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