Outrageous Things Politicians Say

politics-stupidOld liberals just don’t learn their lessons.  One term freak accident former Governor Florio is back at it.  Yesterday, speaking at a Trenton press conference to unveil yet another liberal coalition of “pediatricians, religious organizations, liberal activists and labor unions,” the former Governor wants to make the strict gun control laws he ushered in 2 decades ago even stricter.  Another prime example of how liberals just don’t ever seem to learn from history.  OUTRAGEOUS!

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  1. cgw3431 says:

    Liberalism is a mental disease that prevents the sufferer from thinking rationally. Unfortunately it is spreading and will eventually kill our freedom and culture. Hopefully, a vaccine will be discovered to prevent liberalism from spreading any further.

  2. Tothian says:

    We need to save America from these evil people who want to violate our freedoms to protect and defend ourselves and those we care about.

  3. Liam says:

    Just a comment on what Tothain said.
    I presume what you are talking about is the banning/restriction of guns. I live in Australia, and I do not own a gun or know ANYONE who owns a gun. I or anyone I know has never had a problem with “protecting” themselves with a gun. If the other guy doesn’t have a gun you don’t need one either. Also liberalism isn’t evil, saying it is it like saying “I don’t agree with the pope on EVERYTHING, that means he must be evil”.


  4. N.L. Greger says:

    It is all a part of plan to remove the threat of firearms to the ruling Class. Isn’t that what Agenda 21 is in part about?