Outrageous Things Politicians Say

politics-stupidOur new Secretary of State, John Kerry, gave a very bizarre speech in Charlottesville, VA yesterday.  It was even more telling, since just a month ago he was a sitting United Sates Senator.  He rambled about how our foreign policy problems are the result of…  are you ready for this…  The United States Congress and the looming foreign policy cuts that are coming if the sequestration cuts take effect.  Clueless and OUTRAGEOUS!

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One Comment

  1. cgw3431 says:

    His credibility as a diplomat!!! LOL!!

    Swiftboat Kerry is nothing but a opportunist - he proved this when he married into the Heinz fortune. His run for President exposed his traitorous background. I guess this is what qualifies you for Secretary of State - after all look at what he is replacing.