Outrageous Things Politicians Say

politics-stupidEarlier today the United States Representative to the United Nations, Susan Rice, stood up in front of the press and babbled nonsense about the North Korean threat and what the toothless and feckless United Nations will do about it.  You would think that a rogue third world country conducting yet another nuclear bomb test would provoke some semblance of a real reaction from an administration official who has at least some credibility left when speaking to the press, much less the world.  OUTRAGEOUS!

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  1. Bbibbett says:

    What should we do macArthur Eichmann?

    Blow em up?

    Nuke em?

    Let’s nuke the Chinese while we are at it.

  2. Rob Eichmann says:

    You don’t have to blow them up.

    You don’t have to nuke them.

    You sure as hell don’t have to appease them!

    You sure as hell can do better than sending out a moron with no credibility to spew something other than her rambling nonsense.

  3. Bbibbett says:

    I don’t like her either.

    But you have no answers MacArthur Eichmann.

    What would you do?

    Preemptive attack?

    I am all for an overwhelming response of destruction if they ever so much as touch us, but what can you really propose other than to pound your chest?

    It really gets tiring after awhile all this chest pounding.

  4. District 23 refugee says:

    Who is this spineless no-name who attacks Eichmann but won’t give us his to kick around?

    Rice is a joke. Why defend her? Unless you want her tail? That I could understand.

  5. Bbibbett says:

    Not defending Rice.

    Let Japan deal with it.

    We are broke.

    MacArthur Eichmann has no suggestions on how to handle other than to shout appeaser and pound his chest.


  6. The Donald says:

    Yeah, looks like Bbibbett is a pussy.

    So glib. Let Poland deal with it. There’s a depression.

    Pussy Bbibbett has no suggestions on how to handle other than to shout ‘we are broke’ and suck his thumb.


  7. Bbibbett says:

    Don’t jump into every fight just because you can. Fight when you must. You guys are serial abusers of the military.

    Usa is most defensible country on face of the earth. Use it to our advantage.

    Pride goeth before the fall.