Outrageous Things Politicians Say

politics-stupidThe United States Senate Armed Services Committee today took up the nomination of Chuck Hagel to be the next Secretary of Defense.  It didn’t take long for both liberals and conservatives to easily and plainly see that this man is simply not qualified for the job.  By early afternoon his performance was being widely described as a “disaster” - and that was by supporters.  His poor performance continued as he called Iran’s government “elected and legitimate” and then proceeded to engage in what Jeffrey Goldberg described as “jewsplaining” on twitter.  The first short video is of Hagel speaking about the “Jewish Lobby.”  The 2nd video is from today when Senator Graham asked him two very simple questions about his comments, and Hagel’s answers are simply OUTRAGEOUS!

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  1. Bbibbett says:


    Graham is your boy because he will do whatever the Israeli lobby tells him to do.

    Libya and Egypt are examples of countries we shouldn’t have gotten involved with. The Muslim brotherhood now controls both of these countries. Is that better than it was?

    Hagel had to act contrite to get through committee.

    In his heart, he still knows that AIPAC runs the show and you do too, Rob. Just can’t say that though.

  2. Rob Eichmann says:

    No argument about Libya and Egypt, simply no reason for us to intervene.

    Graham is certainly not a conservative, yet it is worth mentioning that he did a good job exposing the hypocrisy of Hagel and the danger he would be if confirmed.

    Hagel is about appeasement. That is dangerous for us.

  3. Bbibbett says:

    Hagel doesn’t want to keep fighting stupid wars.

    The Republicans like Graham and MCCain were all for the Arab spring that has proven to be a disaster.

    Remember McCain wanted to invade Georgia in the former Soviet Union? That would have turned out great.

    Seems like you forget recent history, Rob.

    Did you ever serve in the military, Rob? Maybe you should sign up and be the first out of the plane into Iran.

  4. Rob Eichmann says:

    Most of what Graham and certainly McCain have wanted to do about damn near anything is a disaster. Not sure what your point is.

    Hagel wants to appease our enemies from a position of weakness. There is nothing more to it than that.

    For once, Graham did a good job today with those questions. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Appeasement does not work, it never has, it never will.

  5. Bbibbett says:

    Appease who?

    Who is invading the US?

    It is called national defense, Rob.

    It is not called National Offense.

    Let’s stop fighting wars for Exxon and the banks.

    Gadaffi and Hussein became “bad guys” when they decided to sell oil for gold and non-dollar currencies. Same deal with Venezuela.

    Can’t you see the truth, Rob?

    Our country is run by crooked bankers(e.g., Tarp bailout) and our boys in the military fight the “bad guys” to keep the phony money system alive.

  6. Rob Eichmann says:

    Appease who?

    You can’t be serious.

    National defense begins and ends with strength. Perhaps you remember the quote: “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH

    I realize that Ron Paul doesn’t necessarily agree with it, but it damn sure worked out very well under Ronald Reagan.

    No one is advocating for crazy wars or stupid intervention. At the same time, appeasement of our enemies will not get them to play nice with us. Hagel wants to appease those regimes that are hell bent on harming or destroying us. Wrong man for the job.

  7. The Walrus says:

    Don’t mind Sen. Bbibbett.

    He always makes it personal.

    Until someone makes it personal about him.

    Then he cries bloody murder.

    Goering said:

    “Did you ever serve in the military? Maybe you should sign up and be the first out of the plane into Russia.”

    A loose translation but the same old same old. Goering polishing his medals.

  8. Ruth says:

    Don’t make it personal boys! You can disagree without being disagreeable.

  9. Bbibbett says:

    Who is being appeased?

    Seriously, Rob.

    Who is being appeased?

    Who is threatening to attack us?

    If Iran ever attacked the US, it would be vaporized that day. No doubt.

    Israel has nukes. They can defend themselves.

    BTW- it is not a personal attack to ask Rob if he served. He can still join if he is so gung ho.

    Remember when Bush said that Iraqi oil would pay back our war debt? What a joke.

  10. Ruth says:

    Maybe not a personal attack but still a boring exercise of measuring penises. Didn’t you grow out of that in high school?

    If your argument makes sense it is the words that will win the day, not whether or not your tackle has been stamped Uncle Sam.

  11. Bbibbett says:

    The point is that Rob wants to send others to fight wars. He should be willing to jump into the breach if he believes in the cause so much. If he believes, then he should lead by example.

    That is not trying to be a bad ass. That is just asking him to step up and take the lead.

    It’s easy to advocate getting into a fight when your ass is not on the line.

  12. Ruth says:

    Now you are trading in b.s. Nobody can “jump into the breach” and “lead by example”. The armed forces have been professionalized. Besides which it is a young person’s profession. If you don’t start young there is no chance of leading by example or otherwise. You can’t be so stupid as to suggest otherwise.

    All you are really trying to do is to tell him to shut up because he is not allowed to have a point of view unless he served or serves in the armed forces. That is bunk.

    It is the same kind of b.s. the liberals pulled when they brought in Gabby Giffords to testify. I’ve been shot and I trump all of your opinions because I’ve been shot and if you haven’t been shot shut up.

    It doesn’t work that way. Everybody has the right to his or her opinion.

  13. truther says:

    I think a first test of courage is the willingness to post under your own name. I’ll admit I fail, but so does Bibbett. Rob passes that courage test.

    Bibbett and Rob probably have the same record of military service. Bibbett isn’t actually showing us his dick, he is describing it to us and trying to convince us that it is the biggest, baddest dick that ever swung between two balls. This dick is so awesome that we should be stunned into speechlessness by it.

  14. Bbibbett says:

    The personal attack is Rob saying that Hagel is an appeaser. Give us some facts to support the claim that he is an appeaser.

    If Iran attacks the US, we should wipe them off the map.

    We should attack Iran pre-emptively because Bibi wants us to? He has been saying this for decades.

    It would be bad to attack Iran preemptively.

    Oil would go to the moon.

  15. Rob Eichmann says:

    I’ll make this easy:

    Former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, rumored to be in contention for the job of defense secretary, has a long record of opposing sanctions on countries including Iran, North Korea, Syria, Libya, and Cuba.

    he gave a speech calling for the opening of a U.S. diplomatic post in Tehran.

    In his 2008 book, America: Our Next Chapter, Hagel wrote, “America’s refusal to recognize Iran’s status as a legitimate power does not decrease Iran’s influence, but rather increases it.”

    “The last thing we want to do or should do in my opinion is try to isolate North Korea,” Hagel said in 2003.

    In 2008, Hagel co-authored a Wall Street Journal op-ed with prospective secretary of state nominee Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), entitled, “It’s time to talk to Syria.”

    This appeasement specialist does Jimmy Carter proud.

  16. Bbibbett says:

    What does it hurt to talk to other countries, Rob?

    Nixon went to China.

    Reagan went to Red Square.

    Pride goeth before the fall.

    It is simple-minded to dismiss other countries because they are “crazy.”

  17. Rob Eichmann says:

    And Chamberlain went to Munich…

  18. truther says:

    But Hitler is a highly decorated veteran!

    How dare you challenge what he says or does!

    Did you serve? Lead by example!

  19. Bbibbett says:

    OK, Rob.

    I see your point.

    Well let’s just start dropping bombs on Syria and Iran. We can’t take any chances now can we?

    We can follow that up with a million troop occupying force to bring democracy to the middle east.

    I am sure the Russians won’t mind. And if they do, we can attack them too.

    We can just put all of these expenses on a credit card.

    The future is looking brighter every day!

  20. truther says:

    In 1938 the future was looking brighter too.

    If only we had let Hitler have Poland!

  21. Bbibbett says:

    Maybe we should have declared war on the Soviet Union in 1939 because they invaded Poland at the same time from the East. Why didn’t the Brits and French declare war on the Soviets in 1939? Seems inconsistent.

    And speaking of Czechoslovakia in 1938, did you know that Poland and Hungary peeled off parts of Czech at the same exact time Germany did? Maybe we should have declared war on those two countries as well.

    You folks have been brainwashed by public schools and the media. You have no idea what really happened.

    If it was an act of war for Germany to invade Poland from the west, why was it not an act of war when the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the east? Is there a difference?

  22. truther says:

    Do you really want to go on record in support of allowing the expansion of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi empire? Really?

    In fact, Churchill did bring up taking action against the Soviets, but it was rejected because they had enough to deal with fighting the Nazis.

    Remember the timeline:

    Sept 1, 1939 - Germany invades Poland.
    Sept 3, 1939 - Britain declares war on Germany.
    - France follows.
    Sept 17, 1939 - Soviet Union invades Poland.

    Remember that Churchill did not become Prime Minister until May 1940. Until then, the wimps were running the show and they liked to spread their ass cheeks for any aggressor.

  23. Rob Eichmann says:

    Hmmm, wimps = appeasers