Outrageous Things Politicians Say

politics-stupid“Children are dying.”  That was the message from former Representative Giffords at today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on taking away your 2nd Amendment right.  She urged the Senator’s to “be bold.”  Her testimony was certainly emotional.  She was indeed the victim of a criminal with a gun.  She offered no solutions to combating criminal activity.  Presumably her call to “be bold” was referring to the shredding of our 2nd Amendment right, and that is simply OUTRAGEOUS!

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  1. Helene Henkel says:

    Of all the people who spoke at that hearing you chose to criticize a women who is still recovering from being shot in the head. How about the Baltimore police chief. His response to Sen. Cruz was the reason TX gun death rates were low because of expert medical care.

  2. Rob Eichmann says:


    You apparently are willing to let the left take away your 2nd Amendment right by any means they deem necessary.

    Yesterday they chose to trot out an emotional witness who offered absolutely nothing in the way of dealing with violent criminals.

    Which other rights are you willing to let them take from you? I’m sure they can trot out an emotional witness for them as well. Are there any rights you would like to hold on to?

    Her emotional testimony nothwithstnding, their goal is to take away our 2nd Amendment right. That is outrageous and needs to be called out and fought no matter who they trot out to do it!

  3. Helene Henkel says:

    Are you taking up mind reading as a hobby? You are not very good at it. My point, which you missed, is that she has not fully recovered from being SHOT IN THE HEAD. Ms. Giffords is being exploited & you are participating in that exploration. If you can’t take criticism from me I suggest you stop sending me email.

  4. Andrew says:

    Helene, give it a rest! We all know that you will find something wrong with anything Eichmann says because you hate his guts. Now you will go along with those who want to curtail our Bill of Rights just to find fault with what the object of your hate says. This is what is wrong with you people, you pull your politics out of your butts and it is based all on your personality disorders. You don’t stand for anything. Sad.

  5. The Egg Man says:

    Helene you appear to enjoy your meals. If Giffords had said “children are dying” from obesity and proposed to do away with fast food, red meat, soda pop, and white sugar, would you still be defending her?

    She is an emotional ploy just like Dr. Goebbels used to fire up hate against the Poles.

  6. Rob Eichmann says:


    It is irrelevant whether or not she is fully recovered from the act of a criminal.

    The reality is that liberals are coming after our 2nd Amendment right and they are doing it with her as emotional window dressing. Sad to see that it appears to be working on you.

    You can criticize me all you want, it won’t help you hold on to your rights, be it the 2nd Amendment or the one they come after next with another emotional character.

  7. Tothian says:

    First of all, if more Americans had guns, a lot less people would’ve been shot. The second the shooter started shooting at innocent people, think of how many people would have immediately intervened and been heroes.

    Politicians are not allowed to deny us our 2nd Amendment right and if they so dare try, they are required to be impeached, for when they take the oath of office, they solemnly swear to DEFEND AND PROTECT the Constitution of the United States.

    Gun Control always equals an increase in Gun Violence. It empowers those who victimize the innocent and defenseless.