Outrageous Things Politicians Say

politics-stupidLast night Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) went on Fox News’ “Hannity” show to try and explain/defend giving amnesty to illegal aliens currently in the United States.  The segment lasts just less then 7:00 minutes and does nothing to convince most conservatives that this plan is a good idea.

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One Comment

  1. Mark D Quick says:

    Dear members of Congress,
    While you are now talking about Amnesty for Illegal Aliens I was
    wondering if you might also be talking about fairness for American
    families. During the past 20 plus years with our government clearly
    choosing not to enforce our laws and allowing this problem to fester it’s very nice as you put it; your working to solve this problem many of you intentionally allowed to happen.
    During these past 20 plus years our borders have remained open to drug and people traffic to hurt American families. The drug problems brought here are far too clear to see. Increasing Heroin and cocaine additions / drugs trafficked by Illegal Aliens and members of the Mexican and South American drug cartels.
    Then after establishing smuggling networks for the drugs, they started to take lower educated working Americans jobs. I remember hearing about helping struggling middle class American families…. Are you then considering a compensation package for all the American families these people put out of work? A compensation fund for parents who lost our jobs and thus could not put away funds for our children’s college education? Because clearly if you are going to give Amnesty to foreign nationals whom broke our laws and grant them equality and citizenship don’t you think it would only be right to give every American family who has been displaced or harmed by these foreign nationals a fair compensation package also?
    Most Respectfully,
    Mark D Quick
    I hope people will send this to every member of congress joining me requesting for a reply