Outrageous Things Politicians Say

politics-stupidToday the President nominated former Senator Chuck Hagel to be our next Secretary of Defense.  This is a disgraceful m=nomination for may reasons, it is OUTRAGEOUS that the President thinks this is the best, most qualified person for the job.

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  1. Bbibbett says:

    At least he served in the Military, Rob.

    When did you serve?

    Just tell the truth. You don’t like him because he does not adhere to an Israeli first foreign policy.

    He will use the military to defend US interests, and not knuckle under to foreign interests. You don’t like that.

  2. truther says:

    It is more likely that Hagel will serve the Obama administration and implement its policies. I don’t think Obama would have appointed him if he said he would do otherwise.

  3. Donny Dee says:

    This is an outstanding choice, though I am quite (and very pleasantly) surprised. Chuck Hagel is a decorated Vietnam combat veteran with a solid conservative record as US Senator. He will bring conservative principles and restore traditional values to the Pentagon and our armed forces.

  4. Mark D Quick says:

    like McCain he will seek to punish American’s because they feel their time in hell was not supported so why should todays Airmen Sailors, Soldiers or Marines get anything more…..

    A complete sellout to Agenda21 during his time in the senate…

  5. Bbibbett says:

    It is good that Hagel served in combat and saw the horrors.

    He will think about that before he sends our troops off to war at the behest of AIPAC.

    Cheney and Rummy et al never thought about that. Pieces of garbage.

    After serving as Supreme Commander Allied Forces Europe and two terms as president, what did Ike say in his last speech?

    Beware of the military industrial complex. These scumbags only want to spend your money chasing the boogeyman. They could care less about our troops.

    Rob- you are a chickenhawk. You should join the military and be the first airborne troop out of the plane in Syria, Iran, and wherever else you want to attack.

  6. Rob Eichmann says:


    I don’t like him because I think his views and thoughts on foreign policy are, for the most part absurd. It has nothing to do with whether or not I served in the military, it has nothing to do with your thoughts or opinions on Cheney or Rummmy.

    Quite simply his ideas about dealing with known threats and enemies seem closer to appeasement then they do looking out for our interests. I suspect that is why Obama has nominated him.

  7. Bbibbett says:

    Our intervention in Libya and Egypt and Syria is working out so well.

    Our rebel friends in Syria just cut a Christian’s head off and they fed his body to dogs. Why are we supporting that?

    The neocons have conned you, Rob.

    They make the money and we go down the drain.

    Wake up!

  8. Rob Eichmann says:

    I don’t recall that I have ever advocated for an interventionist policy, anywhere.

    I certainly have never supported Syrian rebels.

    At the same time, I will never advocate or support a policy of appeasement. Hagel does, and that is my problem with him.

    Appeasement does not protect or further our interests, anywhere in the world. That’s just common sense.

  9. District 39 Victim says:

    Hagel is a gun grabbing Jew hating Nazi who hates the State of Israel

  10. JimmyZ says:

    Chuck Hagel has the endorsement of Iran’s Foreign Minister. Since I am confident that Iran is only interested in peaceful co-existance with it’s neighbor (at least until it has about a half dozen thermonuclear weapons completed) we can all rejoice, hold hands, and thank our lucky stars that a majority of our voting citizens have chosen to re-elect “The One”.

  11. truther says:

    A question for Donny “the hand” Dee:

    He will bring conservative principles and restore traditional values to the Pentagon and our armed forces.

    Are you saying that Hegal will overturn gays in the military?

    Or will he support the administration line and add “conservative” cover to the policy?

    You really gotta learn to think. You suffer from premature commenting.