Outrageous Things Politicians Say

politics-stupidBack in February, 1st District Assemblyman Nelson Albano was stopped by the New Jersey State Police for going 71 mph in a 55 mph zone on Route 29 in Trenton.  Several days later, the Assemblyman sent a letter on his official letterhead to Col. Rick Fuentes, the Superintendent of the State Police, saying he wanted to file a complaint and was requesting an investigation of the trooper.  He claimed that he was “humiliated, embarrassed, and disrespected” by the trooper’s “charade.”  Assemblyman Albano sits on the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee which over sees various aspects of law enforcement activities in New Jersey, including the State Police.  The video below clearly shows that Assemblyman Albano was abusing his position as an Assemblyman when he wrote that letter which could have destroyed the trooper’s career.  Outrageous!

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