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The GOP’s immigration jam

Think Republicans feel in a jam about raising taxes? Wait until President Barack Obama springs comprehensive immigration reform on them early next year.

With Obama making plain his plans to push immigration soon, leading establishment Republicans — fresh off Mitt Romney getting his clocked cleaned by 44 percentage points among Hispanics last month — insist they are now very much open to a comprehensive package, including eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants.

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Same-Sex Issue Pushes Justices Into Overdrive

In the civil rights era, the Supreme Court waited decades to weigh in on interracial marriage. On Friday, by contrast, the court did not hesitate to jump into the middle of one of the most important social controversies of the day, agreeing to hear two cases on same-sex marriage.

By taking both, the court gave itself the chance to issue a sweeping ruling that would cast aside bans on same-sex marriage nationwide. But the speed with which the court moved also raised the possibility of a split decision, one that would provide federal benefits to same-sex couples married in states that allow such unions but would permit other states to forbid gay and lesbian couples from marrying.

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Michigan Madness: Thousands Plan To Lay Siege On State Capitol On Tuesday Over Right-To-Work

On Tuesday, unions, left-wing radicals and their allies are planning to lay siege to Michigan’s state capitol on Tuesday to protest the state lawmakers’ move to give workers the right to work for unionized companies without being compelled to pay union fees or be fired.

On a Facebook page dedicated to a “Day of Action” on Tuesday, as of Sunday night, over 2,400 2,500 activists have pledged to show up to protest. That number is expected to grow by Tuesday.

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