O’Reilly fingers Christie for Romney loss


Fox News called it. We can thank Governor Chris Christie for four more years of Barack Obama. Even before the race was called, Fox host Bill O’Reilly called Christie out:

O’Reilly: Superstorm Sandy Will Factor in an Obama Win

Tuesday, 06 Nov 2012 09:00 PM

By Todd Beamon

News commentator Bill O’Reilly said that Superstorm Sandy will be a factor in any victory by President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

“If Obama wins, Sandy will have something to do with it,” O’Reilly told Fox News. “Hurricane Sandy will have a role because of the images.”

O’Reilly cited the television images of Obama making speeches in New Jersey amid the devastation left by Sandy - as well as his positive endorsements from Gov. Chris Christie.

“Here was the president shown in his presidential jacket. Here’s is Chris Christie next to him - and giving him a big hug,” O’Reilly said. “That picture was very helpful to the president.”

“He got more currency from Sandy than he got negative currency from Libya,” O’Reilly added. “That to me is amazing.”

O’Reilly added that during the storm’s aftermath, Romney was not as visible as the president was - even though the former Massachusetts governor collected supplies during an Ohio rally to be shipped to Sandy victims.

“For five days, the Romney campaign was not in the news,” O’Reilly said. “That helped the president a lot.”

As a result, “If Mitt Romney loses Ohio, the president is re-elected,” O’Reilly added.

So sit back and enjoy another season of hope and change – courtesy of our Governor. But don’t worry, Bruce Springsteen and the Governor are friends now. All is well.

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  1. O’Reilly wasn’t the only one who thinks that Chris “Fat Boy Rino” Christie handed the election to the Bama.

    From Dick Morris:

    But by working seamlessly with an acerbic Republican Governor like Christie, Obama was able to blunt Romney’s advantage in this crucial area.

  2. Ed Mazlish says:

    Christie is going to switch parties. He can never get through a GOP presidential primary, but he can win a Democratic primary. He might even switch for next year’s gubernatorial election - if he is not in Obama’s Cabinet.

  3. This is what Chris “Fat Boy Rino” Christie had to say about the election:

    Christie on election: No time to look backward

  4. Robert Hode says:

    It’s rather insulting to suggest that all of our efforts these last four years have been for naught due to the events of the past few weeks. Were our convictions so weak and indefensible? Are people really more impressed by photo opportunities than our enduring philosophical agenda? Could it be that our position is actually incredulous; as incredulous perhaps as suggesting that Christie will switch parties?

  5. Rob Eichmann says:

    The insult came from our Governor who cried at the opportunity to be friends with and talk to Springsteen. He sang the praises of the socialist Obama for that experience and “friendship”.

  6. Donny Dee says:

    Hello Losers,

    My, my, aren’t we in a sour mood today. Do we have our panties in a bunch all because the Governor of New Jersey said something nice about the President of the United States in a time of extreme emergency?

    As this website has accurately pointed out in previous posts, and confirmed by last night’s results, is that the GOP was hurt less by Chris Christie embracing TPOTUS than it was by its association with the “tea party” brand. Just ask Dick Mourdock, or Tom Smith, or Todd Akin.

    Chris Christie will not become a Democrat because there is no need to. Chris Christie is the Republican Party, and the Republican Party belongs to Chris Christie. Get over it. With Romney gone and Paul Ryan having proved himself to be nothing more than an inconsequential nebbish, Chris Christie is the defacto leader of the GOP. When the polls come out showing who is the preferred nominee among GOP voters in 2016, guess who will be at the top by a very large margin!

    All that remains now is for Chris Christie to win re-election by an overwhelming margin, and then go on to cleanse the GOP of its more extreme elements, and that includes the so-called “tea parties”. With the tea parties out of the way, Chris Christie can move to the political center like he did in 2009, attracting enough independents and moderate Democrats to sweep to victory in 2016. Just don’t expect to be invited to the Inaugural Ball, which will likely feature Bruce Springsteen.

  7. Bbibbett says:

    CC bailed out Revel and that is working out well. Bailed out solar industry. Opposed natural gas depot and 1,000 permanent jobs in NJ. Gave us Kwon and Harris. Zeroed out school aid for 100 suburban towns that voted for him. Will bail out Xanadu. Has borrowed billions without voter approval including today’s $2.6 Billion placement with JP Morgan. Named an almost all democrat cabinet.

    Yep. That sounds like the leader of the GOP.

  8. Rob Eichmann says:

    Yes, we are in a sour mood today. Our Governor propped up and effusively praised a socialist allowing him to look like a leader for our country. Inexcusable.

    Read the exit poll data, it made a difference, not just in the Northeast but across the country.

    The “defacto leader of the GOP”? You are drinking, smoking, or injecting too much of something.

    Have you taken a look at how well he did for New Jersey yesterday?

  9. Donny Dee says:

    All politics is local. The reason the GOP got clobbered in Bergen County is that Bob Yudin is a disaster as Chairman and he failed to unite the BCRO behind its elected public officials. He allowed too many whiners and bellyachers to have their way at undermining the GOP ticket.

  10. alex says:

    Donny must be a Democrat if he is calling anyone Losers. if he is, as I suspect, a working member of the NJGOP, he is the BIGGEST LOSER in the room. His organization lost EVERYWHERE in the state and spent millions doing it.

    As for his weak silly spin about Christie not hurting the Romney-Ryan ticket, he should forget about it. That horse has left the barn. Everybody has dumped on Christie about it. Rush’s 50 million listeners know, O’Reilly’s millions of viewers know, everybody knows.

    Then there are the exit polls that show what the Christie-Obama “bromance” did to Romney.

    The real topping to all this is the three-way bromance Obama got going when he added Bruce Springsteen to the mix and Christie “cried” because he got a hug. Is this gay or what?

  11. Ed Mazlish says:

    I think Donny Dee should be invites to write some guest posts as to why he thinks the GOP needs to cleanse itself of the TEA Parties. I say that in total seriousness: with the coming civil war within the. GOP, I think Donny’s perspective would add considerably to what has been posted on these pages. Donny’s views should not be relegated to the comments section - they need to be discussed and debated front and center, with appropriate disclaimers from CNJ.

  12. Ed Mazlish says:

    Even the Christie cheerleaders at Save Jersey acknowledge that Christie now has a problem with the GOP base:


  13. Robert Hode says:

    Had there been no hurricane and no Chris Christie Romney would have lost anyway. He simply was not a viable candidate and we all knew that from the get go. Each and every candidate - Bachman, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, Santorum - was a pathetic joke. It’s embarrassing enough being associated with this parade of clowns; must we really point the finger at the governor? Perhaps the time has come to take a good look at ourselves and accept a modicum of accountability.

  14. alex says:

    He’s a True Leader. The kind of Leader that voters have wanted for so long.

    True Leader? Like Maximum Leader?

    Who gets you to write this crap? Are you some kind of leather bar fascist or just another slobbering shill from the Governor’s office?

  15. alex says:

    I don’t know about a mirror Robert, but maybe you should look at those exit polls. Facts matter more than Fat.

  16. truther says:

    Had there been no hurricane and no Chris Christie Romney would have lost anyway. He simply was not a viable candidate and we all knew that from the get go.

    Did Christie know that?

    Then why did he try to force every Republican office holder in the state to stand behind him when he endorsed Romney?

    Did he know Romney would lose to Obama so that he could run in 2016?

    You seem to be saying that this was the plan all along.

  17. Robert Hode says:

    I am saying no such thing. I don’t pretend to know what Christie’s ambitions are. Storm or no storm you can’t expect an empty suit to win the presidency. People didn’t vote for Obama because Christie rubbed shoulders with him; they reelected him because he’s not afraid to show a little humility. Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned there if we weren’t so stubborn. Christie’s alienation of a bunch of boneheads can only be a good thing.

  18. truther says:

    Now you’ve both been outted.

    Robert Hode is a Democrat who doesn’t want the GOP to say “no” to Obamacare and Tothian is a weirdly obssesed fatty chaser.

  19. alex says:

    Hode = Think Progress

  20. E.R. says:

    Mr. Hode is simply ignoring the exit polling, while Mr. Tothian is confusing political posturing with leadership.

    Why all the superlatives when dealing with Christie? Just because he pays your salary that doesn’t make him a god.

    No, it is not “the right thing” to pull away police and support from their task of aiding in the disaster relief efforts.

    It is a FACT that every Presidential visit makes a mess of infrastructure and pulls away enormous resources for security and support. Why would any sane person want to do that during a disaster?

    I know why, because it makes for good reality TV and satisfies our need to be voyeurs. It is also a free advert for the politicians.

  21. Robert Hode says:

    Instead of simply saying “no” you could try offering a BETTER idea! Or better yet you can dismiss me as a democrat and blame Christie for the outcome of a national election. You should listen to yourself as closely as yoy listen to exit polls! I have never seen such a stubborn group of know-it-alls! It’s too easy to just say “no”. In fact it’s childish. You’ve waited around too long for somebody else to come up with a better idea and the best you could do was Romney. Seems you haven’t got ANY ideas at all!

  22. E.R. says:

    Hode, you dismissed yourself when you bashed the Republican leaders in the House and Senate for saying no to the Obama administration.

    If you were not such a sad know-it-all partisan of the Left, you would actually read a little about some of the legislative alternatives proposed by Republicans. Go on Thomas and search it.

    In fact, the Obama health package wasn’t even read by your beloved Democrats and when it was (after they voted on it) they found it full of corporate nonsense placed by lobbyists for the health care industry.

    The joke is on you.

  23. Robert Hode says:

    saying “no” = “we got nothing”! Can’t you see that? It’s got nothing to do with Christie or Sandy or where my political affiliations lie; you’re never going to win elections with “we got nothing” which is what yoy tried to do with that empty suit candidate of yours! Wise up!

  24. truther says:

    You have got to hand it to Hode. He always falls back on name calling. “Empty suit”? Tell that to the U.S. Ambassador your “one” let die after he was gang-raped.

  25. E.R. says:

    Tothian writes like he has a juvenile crush on Chris Christie, but it is probably just as likely that he is employed by him.

    Christmas is coming and I hope he gets his raise. He has certainly done a lot of brown-nosing to get it.

  26. Julia says:

    No. I’m a straight man and my girlfriend is like really thin, the way I like it.

    I think so highly of Chris Christie because of the fact that he’s such a great Leader and I also think he’d make a great President some day

    Oh and just so you all know, for every insult thrown at America’s Governor Chris Christie, the Greatest Governor in U.S. History, I’m going to praise him 100X more.

    This fella is disturbing. Do straight men refer to themselves that way? I think he is the really thin girlfriend.

  27. Julia says:

    There are lots of writers who I don’t know but through their writing, so unless you are a put on (very possible) I am getting to know you and I find you disturbing.

    Do you know the man you worship? How much time have you spent with your hero? Before you answer, remember that there are wives who after years find they do not know their own husbands.

    You are disturbing. Think about turning down the volume.

  28. Julia says:

    You did not answer my questions: Do you know the man you worship? How much time have you spent with your hero?

    Are you Tothian the RLSH?

  29. Julia says:

    If you don’t actually know him, then perhaps you are in love with the image and not the man.

    It was a friendly question. You are aware of Tothian the RLSH then.

  30. Julia says:

    Yes, I’ve heard of you. You are part of a new phenomenon called the RLSH community.

    If I may borrow from Wikipedia, an RLSH is a “Real-life superhero”. . . “people who dress up in costumes, help the homeless, and fight crime. They perform services that they believe benefit the community in a variety of ways. Some real-life superheroes hand out supplies to the homeless, while others seek to combat crime through community patrols and neighborhood watch in which suspicious activity is identified and reported to the proper authorities.”

    Do you and other members of the RLSH community identify with Governor Christie?