NJGOP To Meet, Should Examine Election Results

njgopThe New Jersey Republican State Committee is set to meet at 6:30pm on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.  The meeting will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel located at 390 Forsgate Drive, Monroe, NJ 08831. New Jersey Republican State Committee meetings are always open to the public, and provide you with a good opportunity to meet the committee members either before or after the meeting is conducted.

Earlier this afternoon I sent the following e-mail to Chairman Raia, fellow State Committee Members, and Republican Members of our State Legislature:

Dear Chairman Raia:

I understand that the NJGOP’s pollster will be presenting the results of his post-Hurricane Sandy survey at the meeting of the Republican State Committee on the evening of Wednesday, November 28th. From a story run in the Philadelphia Inquirer last week, I was heartened to read that the numbers for the Governor were quite good and that voters generally approve of his handling of the hurricane’s aftermath so far. This is good news, especially in light of New Jersey being one of the few states in which President Obama’s margin improved over 2008 (for instance, in neighboring Pennsylvania Obama’s margin of victory was cut in half).

With the devastating losses suffered by Republicans at the county and local levels three weeks ago, I hope that the pollster will be providing a detailed analysis of our prospects for 2013, when all our Senators and Assemblymen/women will be up for re-election, in addition to the Governor and Lt. Governor. Instead of just an executive summary in memo form, I hope he will also provide us with some details, along the lines of crosstabs, broken down by geography, socio-economic groups, and so on. I hope that what he presents will measure intensity and give us some idea about how strongly voters like or dislike aspects of our party’s record.

As you know, I try to keep my ear to the ground on issues that concern the conservative base in our party and what I’ve been hearing worries me. There is a lot of anger out here in the grassroots and it doesn’t begin or end with Hurricane Sandy and how it was handled. Here are some additional issues that I hope the NJGOP’s pollster has taken the time to test:

(1) Property taxes have long been the number one issue in New Jersey. Can our pollster tell us if New Jersey voters feel that their property taxes have gone up or down and who do they blame or credit for this? It would also be important to have a breakdown by party, suburban/urban, etc.

(2) ObamaCare, its implementation and its ramifications on all our medical care is on the minds of all voters and especially Republican voters. Many conservatives were upset when the Christie administration failed to sign on to the lawsuit to block ObamaCare and now they are concerned about how the state will cooperate with the Obama administration in implementing this unwanted infringement into American liberty. Does the NJGOP pollster have any numbers to increase our knowledge about how voting groups feel about this?

(3) The Christie administration recently gave funding to Planned Parenthood. This has upset many in the Pro-Life community. This voting block is very concerned about any funds going to support the work of Planned Parenthood, so I think the NJGOP should understand the intensity of feeling to the administration’s decision to provide funding.

(4) The new state Attorney General is moving forward with an anti-Second Amendment legal action begun under liberal Democrat predecessor Paula Dow. This is another core voting group in our party’s coalition. We need to understand their feelings in advance of next year.

(5) Some of the Governor’s appointments have greatly disturbed our party’s most loyal voters. One recent state Supreme Court nominee was, in the minds of more than a few, selected based on his sexual preference and not on any previous courtroom or judicial experience. Many of our legislators made statements of support for this nominee and even cast votes for him. I believe that our party should know how the voters over all feel about this, and especially how Republican voters feel about it.

There are others, but these are the top five that come to my mind. I look forward to hearing what the NJGOP pollster has to say about all this and look forward to our meeting on Wednesday evening.

Thank you.

Rob Eichmann

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