NJ Democrats miscast point man on gun control


Like many machine politicians, Assemblyman Joe Cryan collects two paychecks: one from the State Legislature and another from Union County, where he is paid to be an Undersheriff. The Assemblyman also operates a couple of businesses.

With so much on his plate, you wouldn’t think he has time to lead the Democrats’ charge on gun control. Think again, because this guy once did all the above while being the Chairman of the State Democratic Party too.

Yesterday’s dump of anti-gun legislation had Joe Cryan’s name all over it. Before 2012 was out, Cryan was capitalizing on the recent murders in Newtown, Connecticut by calling for a limit on the number of rounds a gun can hold. A press release from his office (December 26, 2012) states:

Under current law, it is unlawful to own or possess an ammunition magazine that is capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition. The bill would reduce the maximum capacity of a legal ammunition magazine in New Jersey to five rounds. The bill would take effect immediately. The bill is the first in a series that will be introduced as part of Cryan’s gun safety campaign.

On Monday, he dropped another press bomb:

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy and other recent mass shootings, Assemblyman Joe Cryan (D-Union) has introduced legislation to ensure the mental stability of anyone authorized to purchase a firearm in New Jersey.

Specifically, the bill (A-3667) would require anyone applying for a firearms purchaser identification card or a permit to purchase a handgun to pass a mental health screening administered by a medical doctor or licensed psychiatrist in New Jersey.

Under the bill, the mental health screening would be developed by the Superintendent of the State Police in consultation with the Commissioner of Human Services.

“If law enforcement officers are required to undergo psychological testing in order to carry a firearm and hold their position, why shouldn’t civilians as well? I think you would be hard pressed to find any mass shooting where mental illness did not play a factor. This is a common sense move that is long over due in my opinion,” added Cryan.

All of this raised some eyebrows. It was quietly noted that the Cryan family had long been associated with activities in support of the Irish Republican Army, and while one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, there is the case of Gerry McGeough. The Assemblyman should be very familiar with McGeough, who is serving twenty years imprisonment for attempted murder. In August 1988 he tried to cross the Dutch-German border with two fully automatic AK47 rifles in his car. He was later extradited to the United States, where he was charged with attempting to buy surface-to-air-missiles in 1983. He served three years of his sentence in an American prison until his release in 1996, when he was deported to the Republic of Ireland.

Cryan’s Beef and Ale House in South Orange closed on New Year’s Day. As the Star-Ledger’s Auditor column reported on Sunday, “Cryan’s ran into trouble last year after the state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control said it served underage customers.”

Cryan’s was a long time meeting ground and fundraising venue for some very curious elements of the Irish Republican cause. As Cryan noted to the Auditor: “We are all just glad the walls can’t talk.”

That’s for sure. Maybe somebody should drop some legislation to mandate that all prospective members of the New Jersey Legislature “pass a mental health screening administered by a medical doctor or licensed psychiatrist in New Jersey”?

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  1. Tea party Jane says:

    I don’t want any tea party organization endorsing any known anti gun or weak 2nd amendment candidates for assembly or state senate this year . Are you listening Bayshore and Mahwah phony tea party groups ???

  2. truther says:

    How many of the Irish leaders Cryan honors would have passed a mental health screening administered by the British government?

    Cryan has gone Tory. He’s a fooking Tory!

  3. J.B. says:

    Should we have mental screening for voting too?

    Remember when idiots couldn’t vote in New Jersey? The word idiot meant mental illness or incapacity. The word was replaced in 2007.

    That section of the NJ Constitution now reads: “No person who has been adjudicated by a court of competent jurisdiction to lack the capacity to understand the act of voting shall enjoy the right of suffrage.”

    Why not use the same standard for gun permits?

  4. truther says:

    When is Joe “the fooking tory” Cryan going to propose a version of the British strip search bill?

    All he will need to do is to change one letter. Instead of IRA he can put in NRA and then he can have a mandatory strip of anyone suspected of being a member.

    Call up her majesty’s government and ask for a copy of the bill. They did it to search for arms and you can too.

    Look who is the oppressor now.

  5. The Donald says:

    This Cryan character is an undersheriff. That means he has a gun. How did a person who supports a terrorist organization that blows up little children pass a mental health evaluation?

  6. Andrew says:

    Assemblyman Cryan’s son assaulted someone with a baseball bat in a road rage crime.

    The Assemblyman’s son, John Cryan, was convicted of brutally beating a motorist with a baseball bat while two accomplices punched and kicked the victim, after a case of road rage. The younger Cryan was ordered by the court only to probation but he was later jailed for violating the terms of his sentence.

    With what should be his personal understanding of the effects of road rage, shouldn’t Cryan propose a psychological test for anyone applying for a driver’s license in New Jersey?

  7. morrie says:

    Cryan’s favorite song is about a Thompson machine gun. I guess it is okay for some to have them.

    Off To Dublin In The Green

    Oh, I am a merry ploughboy and I plough the fields all day
    Till a sudden thought came to my head, that I should roam away
    For I’m sick and tired of slavery since the day that I was born
    And I’m off to join the IRA and I’m off tomorrow morn

    And we’re all off to Dublin in the green, in the green
    Where the helmets glisten in the sun
    Where the bayonets flash and the rifles crash
    To the rattle of a Thompson gun

    I’ll leave aside me pick and spade, I’ll leave aside me plough
    I’ll leave aside me horse and yoke, I no longer need them now
    I’ll leave aside me Mary, she’s the girl that I adore
    And I wonder if she’ll think of me when she’ll hear the rifles roar

    And we’re all off to Dublin in the green, in the green
    Where the helmets glisten in the sun
    Where the bayonets flash and the rifles crash
    To the rattle of a Thompson gun

    And when the war is over and dear old Ireland is free
    I’ll take her to the church to wed and a rebel’s wife she’ll be
    Well, some men fight for silver and some men fight for gold
    But the IRA are fighting for the land that the Freestaters stole

    And we’re all off to Dublin in the green, in the green
    Where the helmets glisten in the sun
    Where the bayonets flash and the rifles crash
    To the rattle of a Thompson gun

    IRA hypocrites!

  8. Act On says:

    Assemblyperson Cryan’s gun ban will work as well as did the ban on Cryan selling alcohol to minors.