More Empirical Evidence For Liberal Tax and Spenders

escape-britainAs if there was not enough evidence that when a governing body raises tax rates - those with the money, those that create jobs, those that stock the government trough will quickly flee the jurisdiction.  Whether it is the State of California, the State of New York, or the State of Maryland, the results of rising tax rates are the same.  Millionaire’s simply flee.  And they take jobs with them.

If you think this is something uniquely American, you are wrong.  In a story from London’s The Telegraph today, two thirds of British Millionaire’s have fled the country after their tax rate was raised to 50%, in order to avoid paying that.  That is an astounding number.

As the liberal tax and spend crowd in our New Jersey Legislature continue to harp on raising taxes on the millionaire’s be sure to remind them of the examples above.  All are from recent history, and all were predictable.

As the United States Congress and President Obama continue to also harp on raising taxes for the “wealthiest” 2% in our country remind them of the examples above when contacting your congressional representative’s office.

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