fjfsmIt is ironic but true that Liberty is not free. Our ancestors knew this fact well. Many brave colonists lost both their Liberty *AND* their lives during the founding of our nation. That was not their intention. They did not want to die. They wanted to live. They wanted to be FREE to pursue their own happiness. Something more important than simple existence drove them to their decision to fight the oppression of the British. The colonists were prevented from living freely by a government that had become far too removed from the people they ruled. In fact, the very notion of having their lives ruled and controlled by a government that had grown more and more removed from the lives of the people, prompted our ancestors to take up arms against their oppressor.

Two hundred plus years later we find ourselves back in the position of being ruled and controlled by a government that is completely unresponsive to the yearning of the people for the restoration of their INDIVIDUAL Liberty. Unfortunately, in the meantime we have forgotten what it means to fight for our freedom. Sometimes it seems like everyone is sitting around waiting for “the other guy” to “do something about it”. Well guess what, you *ARE* “the other guy” and it is YOU who needs to “do something about it”.

In their wisdom, our founders developed a foundation that makes it unnecessary (except in the most EXTREME situation) for us to take up arms to reclaim the freedom that is rightfully ours. They gave us a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that supersede the power and authority of those who ignore its structure and spirit. However it is not enough for us to remain complacent and expect these documents to do the work on their own. It has always been and will always BE the vigilance of “WE THE PEOPLE” that ensures that the constraints placed upon governmental authority are obeyed. When they are NOT, it is the job of “WE THE PEOPLE” to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. We must be willing to put our lives and reputations on the line and to use *ALL* of the tools our founders gave us to rein in the excesses of our government.

NOW IS THE TIME my good friends to educate yourselves in the ways of the enemy of the people. *NOT* to emulate them, but to beat them at their own game. We must use the tools of the body politic to force the oppressors from their thrones in Washington, and replace them with men of reason, integrity and morality. This WILL NOT HAPPEN by accident, and it will not happen if we shirk our responsibilities to ourselves, our families and *OUR* descendants.

There are MANY of us who cannot say that our direct ancestors were among the FIRST Patriots of our nation, but there should not be ONE of us whose grandchildren cannot say that they are descended from the NEW Patriots. It is time to decide what your role will be in the restoration of the United States of America. Whatever it is, there in no time to waste. Begin to organize NOW. If you are not associated with a Liberty Oriented Group (LOG), then either join an existing one or start your own. We must begin to identify Liberty oriented candidates ASAP. The challenge to the enemies of the people must begin TODAY.

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