Liberal NJ Assembly Moving Lightning Quick To Shred 2nd Amendment - UPDATED

gun-controlThis afternoon, Angela Delli Santi, of the Associated Press reports that the liberals in the New Jersey Assembly are coming after lawfully owned guns and our right to own them,  and they are moving at lightning speed to do it.  At some point today, a package of 20 bills will be introduced.  They will all get committee hearings next week and be voted on by the full Assembly on February 21.

It has been evident for the past couple of months that liberals would be coming for legally owned guns.  The New Jersey legislature, notoriously a body that does nothing very quickly, has suddenly decided to try and pass these insidious laws before opponents can mount organized opposition.

It is disgraceful that they begin this move on a day when some 1,000 2nd Amendment supporters rallied at the Statehouse in Trenton.

The pace of their actions would indicate that they want nothing to do with hearing from supporters of the 2nd Amendment, or in carefully deliberating what it means to shred the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.  If they are able to move so quickly and callously to strip this right from us, which right will be next, and then which one after that?

The committee hearing information and bills they will consider can be found at the bottom of this column.

If you are able to attend committee hearing next week, you are strongly encouraged to do so to be heard.

It will be up to grassroots supporters of our Constitution to defeat these bills.  Governor Christie chose NOT to attend today’s rally outside of his office.  Now is the time for Governor Christie to forcefully lead the opposition to these insidious laws.  Will he?

You can click here to get contact information for your 2 Assembly members (just click one of the options on the right hand side of the page) and let them know what you think of this scheme to take away your God given birthright.

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The New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee will be meeting in Committee Room 11, 4th Floor of the New Jersey Statehouse Annex at 10:00am Wednesday February 13, 2013 to consider the following Bills:

Bill Abstract
A588 Ammunition, penetrate body armor-proh.
A1116 Handgun sales-estab. 180 day prohibition
A1329 Ammunition magazines-reduce to 10 rounds
A1387 Weapon free zones-estab. sch., pub. fac.
A1613 Ed. Security Task Force-estab.
A3510 Firearms permits and id cards-concerns
A3645 Ammunition sale-face to face transaction
A3646 Ammunition-estab. regulatory sys.
A3659 Weapons, cert.-destructive definition
A3666 Ammunition sale-proh. mail order
A3668 Assault firearm manuf-St investment proh
A3687 Firearm id card-disqual. Terrorist List
A3717 NICS-submit cert. mental health records
A3748 Gun sales, priv.-background check req.
A3750 Ammunition sales-estab reglatory prog.
A3754 Mental health prof warning-seize firearm
A3772 Firearm purch. id card-picture req.
A3788 Firearms records-abolish right of access
A3796 Firearms, unlawfully possessed-disposure
A3797 Firearms-concerns seized and recovered
AR143 Gun buyback prog.-express support
AR144 Mental Health Parity-concerns exemp.
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  1. [...] any of the 20 bills being pushed through the Assembly next weekprotect our school children in a tangible way? Of course not. They are politically-correct attempts [...]

  2. [...] any of the 20 bills being pushed through the Assembly next weekprotect our school children in a tangible way? Of course not. They are politically-correct attempts [...]