Is NJ Criminalizing Law Abiding Parents?

gestapo-badgeIn Springfield, Union County, the State of New Jersey may be on the way to creating criminals of the parents of 4 year old Jeremy Pereira.  The young boy is allergic to eggs.  He attends the Edward V. Wharton School Early Childhood Center.

Instead of attending school yesterday, as he has done since the beginning of the school year, the administration has told his parents that he can not come back until April.

The flu shot “vaccine” contains egg product in it.  Being allergic to eggs, his parents have opted not to have his 4 year old body injected with the allergen.

The State of New Jersey is one of the only states in the country that mandates flu vaccines for children of his age, with very few exemptions.  Of course if young Jeremy’s parents had lied and claimed a religious exemption there would be no problem and he would be in school.  If he had previously had the shot and suffered an anaphylactic reaction (In other words had he nearly died from an allergic reaction) he also would not need the shot.

So what happens next to the Pereira’s?  Will the State of New Jersey next say that they are unfit parents and move to take custody of the boy?  Will the Pereira’s face legal or criminal problems because their son is not attending school?

It is this kind of government micro managing of our daily lives that is destroying our freedom and liberty.

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  1. joejoe says:

    I think the school system should now foot the bill for home schooling. If nothing else works, school the boy at home via k12, while taking legal action.

  2. toni bark says:

    Flu stats for the state of NJ are no different than any other state. In light of the flu vaccine mandate and no lowered rates of Flu, isn’t it time NJ stops bending over backwards for Merck and rescind this absolutely shameful mandate?

  3. Hal B. says:

    The minute the scare quotes went around the word “vaccine”, the article’s attempt at credibility went straight out the window.

  4. Terry says:

    Really, Hal B? So you can’t see the forest through the trees because the word vaccine was in quotes?? The boy is ALLERGIC to a component of the vaccine. The government wants to FORCE the parents to INJECT a known allergen into his system…and the parents are told “let’s see what happens”. Regardless of which viewpoint this was written from, those are the facts. How would you feel if it were YOUR child???? NJ and this country have lost their way on the road of sanity….

  5. Rose Wakemen says:

    Did I fall asleep and wake up in China? What has happened to this country and Dear God, help us fix it.