How Immigrants End Up on the Democrat Plantation

democrat-immigrantsTonight CNJ welcomes a new guest contributor.  Mahesh Ganorkar is himself an immigrant to the United States from India.  His profound love and appreciation for his adopted country is palpable, allowing his passion to permeate his first hand account of living in freedom in the United States. Mahesh started a Tea Party group called Tea is Key in Gillette, NJ; you can find the link down the right side of this page.  Below is an introductory biographical paragraph for Mahesh, followed by his thoughtful insight on why Immigrants end up on the Democrat plantation.  Please welcome Mahesh Ganorker and we hope he continues to contribute in the future!

Being an immigrant myself, I have chronicled my experience with liberals and the tactics they use to take immigrants on the democrat plantation. I joined the TEA Party movement in 2009 after I noticed the sharp left turn this country was making under Obama. I could not stand back and let this great country turn into a socialist state. I am doing all that I can to make America better than the one I immigrated to, and not like a socialist state I immigrated from. I have seen tyranny under socialism, and what it does to dishonor & marginalize a human being.

How Immigrants End Up on the Democrat Plantation

What I am writing on this page is real, a first-hand account of what I have experienced. This is my story, about how the leftists have tried to change my mind, at times ridiculed me, laughed at me, just so that I would give up conservatism and switch to liberalism. I am a Hindu immigrant from India, who feels blessed, honored and proud to be an American!

The American Constitution gave me the FREEDOM to practice my religion, and live by the tenets of my faith without the corrupting influences of socialism prevalent in India. In India, I would have to be a “hunter” (be morally corrupt) to get a materially fulfilled lifestyle or be the “hunted” living a mediocre life. America has blessed me to have a decent lifestyle and to live by my faith tenets unadulterated. Thank you America!

Conservatives seem perplexed about why many immigrants become democrats after coming to America. Shouldn’t immigrants embrace American freedoms and values that they didn’t get in their native countries? And yet they don’t. Why? Please read below - you will be stunned to learn how the Democrats have exploited the immigrants and minorities to retain power for themselves.

The biggest reason immigrants become Democrats is because democrats and the mainstream media are masters at divide and rule politics. Conservatives/Republicans (not RINOs) see people as INDIVIDUALS and not as groups to divide based on their race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, culture, traditions, etc.

Conservatives believe that each individual is born with unalienable rights from his/her Creator, and thus prefer not to inject themselves between God and the individual. They do not try to “classify” a person based on his/her characteristics worthy of exploitation. This silence of the conservatives is deemed as close-minded and uncaring. Democrats cash in on this moral standing of the conservatives to their benefit by actively approaching immigrants and appearing welcoming, understanding and tolerant of their faiths and cultures.

Many immigrants come from oppressive socialist or communist countries, where governments control every aspect of their lives. Such oppressive regimes alter the human nature and suppress their moral judgment of right and wrong. Socialism brings out the worst in humans, and desensitizes them to wrongs of a society. The

people in these oppressive countries are used to a cut-throat fight with fellow citizens for their daily survival. Only those that cozy up with corrupt government officials can benefit personally. They believe in grabbing what they can, by hook or by crook, before someone else takes it.

Jealousy, anger, fears are ingrained in their nature because of the socialist/authoritarian environment they come from. Immigrants come from hard tyrannies where everyone is fearful of each other, trying to compete for the little that they have. In India, Indians never smile at strangers; they stare with hatred and suspicion. You will also never hear words such as “Good for you!” said to each other - because of underlying jealousies.

For liberals/Democrats, immigrant minds are fertile soils for sowing the seeds of hatred, because of the hostile environment they come from. They are wary of everyone and everything around them. Liberals fill in the void, when immigrants come to America. They actively divide them based on their race, color, creed, language, culture, and traditions. Liberal politicians perpetuate jealousy, hatred and fear of mainstream America in the hearts of immigrants.

The liberals know they can easily divide and rule by sowing the seeds of doubt, and use the mainstream media to water it with misinformation. The news media actively propagates hate, and Hollywood mocks religious people as old-fashioned. The members of the media promote themselves as “independent”, free from influence of any party affiliation. The mainstream media is a wolf in sheep clothing, but the minorities fail to see this.

The media lies, distorts, fabricates, suppresses news, deceptively edits news, to fit its narrative that Democrats are “good” and conservatives/Republicans are “evil.” It downplays news that will look bad for the Democrats and overplays lies and distortions about conservatives. Polls are used by media not to present facts but to shape public opinion. The news is presented to fit the Democrats’ tyrannical agenda.

The uninformed immigrants and minorities thus become loyal attack dogs for the Democrats and thus fail to see the EVIL, BRUTAL policies of their own masters. These loyal dogs are fed goodies from the treasury by their masters, and they seem happy with the crumbs. Come elections, the attack dogs are unleashed to maul the very conservatives that are trying to free them from the government plantation and help them their true freedom potential in America.

The conservatives do not lie about their identity or proclaim themselves to be “independent”, thus they are easy to identify. The fear of racist, “right-wing” media is drilled so deep into the hearts of immigrant that most don’t even watch or read any news outlet that gives a true picture of Americans and real problems facing America. Most immigrants never venture into reading, listening, or watching news that will help them become part of America and they do this to the detriment of their own children’s future. The ignorance of immigrants will make the life of their own children as hellish as the one they left behind in their respective countries.

Immigrants (especially Hindus) are driven to give up their moral values and accept the modernism of sex, gay lifestyle, drugs/alcohol, indecency and immorality, especially for their own children who go to public schools. They are driven to immorality via progressive news and Hollywood. They are led to believe that to be part of America they have to be progressive in their thinking.

Remember JOHN ADAMS said: “Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” So the sooner the immigrants are corrupted the better it is for progressives to advance their tyrannical agenda.

The operatives of the left in their respective communities approach these immigrants and portray themselves to be their well-wishers, and the protectors from the “evil” mainstream America. These operatives, Democrats, and leftists are everywhere - neighborhoods, offices, workplaces, places of worship, schools, universities as well as social settings. These operatives are generally someone in a position of trust that the immigrants and minorities look up to. Having fooled one immigrant gives them word-of-mouth advertisement for their liberal brand in that immigrant’s community.

I came across one such operative on December 17, 2012 when I presented conservatism to a group of well-educated, white-collar liberals. I had all immigrants in the group except one white Christian, who acted as their ring leader. He continuously and shamelessly desecrated the US Constitution, his own white race, and the Christian religion. He did not even stand-up for the Pledge of Allegiance, and the immigrants disrespected the US flag just like he did. When hit with facts he seemed irritated, and defiant. At one point he threatened to kill the meeting and eventually he did. He pretended to be the defender of immigrants and minorities by making them feel victimized by main-stream America. Imagine the mind-set of immigrants in his group who he feeds misinformation and gins up their hatred against America. These are the immigrants that need to be rescued from liberal ring-leaders like him.

The left will never let immigrants assimilate with mainstream America, because immigrants will be used as a mechanism to bring America down and forward the Left’s tyrannical agenda.

Immigrants from socialist/communist countries cannot relate to religion, patriotism, and freedom of thought or speech because that is almost non-existent in the countries they come from. The central planners plan everything for them. They are brain-washed in serving the state for the greater good of the society. They do not have the courage to rise against the government, because they see the government as the all-mighty.

I have compiled my direct observations of why and how immigrants end up on the Democrat plantation.

Propaganda # 1: Conservatives/Republicans are “white Christian bigots” who hate anyone who is not like them. A liberal running for elected office from Parsippany, NJ said this to me. This same sentiment was expressed on a national level by Obama when he said this about main-stream Americans, “they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

“White” “rich” “Christians” who are Democrats get a pass, because they are perceived as the “protectors” of the minorities. Democrats also readily desecrate their own Christian faith for political expediency, but because of that they “appear” (in the eyes of immigrants) to be tolerant of other religions.

My personal experience is that mainstream America is a very happy place to be. Having lived in Utah, and the Midwest, I solemnly swear that what the liberals say about mainstream America is not true. I have met the most wonderful, happy, friendly, nicest Christian folks, who loved my family and me for who we are. They opened their homes and hearts to us and treated us like their own.

Propaganda # 2: A business school professor once said to me that the Republican Party is the party of rich, greedy, capitalists who see immigrants as cheap labor worthy of enslaving. They will make immigrants work hard and keep the “profits” for themselves. The left says it is not a level playing field for immigrants and the left will level it for them. The left labels it as “business ethics.” Just recently, Joe Biden made a statement to minorities suggesting that “Republicans will unchain the Wall Street, and chain ya’all” - such statement feeds into the frenzy of scaring people of color.

My personal experience is that immigrants were enslaved to bad policies of the governments in their own native countries. Most of them have a better standard of living in the US - otherwise - wouldn’t they go back to their native countries?

Propaganda # 3: Americans consume more than their fair share of the world production, that’s why immigrants didn’t have enough in their own country. Immigrants are made to feel “victims” of American greed. Americans are labeled as “materialistic” and “greedy.” After getting here, immigrants are made to believe that they are entitled to take their fair share. The immigrants believe that the Democrats help them recover what is rightfully theirs from greedy Americans.

My personal experience is that many immigrants did not have enough in their own countries because of the socialist/communists/tyrannical regimes and their oppressive policies that restricted growth and deprived their citizens of basic needs.

Propaganda # 4: The majority of Christians want to convert immigrants to Christianity, and strip them of their identity, language and culture. Bobby Jindal, Nicki Haley, and Dinesh D’Souza are used as example to show that to be a leader in the Republican Party, one must convert to Christianity to be accepted. The leftists tell immigrants that they will help preserve their culture and language in America by maintaining the “separation of church & state.”

The fact is leftists are using the immigrants as a mechanism to turn this country into a secular state. Secularism has failed everywhere it has been tried. The religion of the majority has been corrupted by secularists in India, Europe, and all other “peace” loving democracies. A morally bankrupt society will breed morally corrupt leaders. When the moral standing of a “peaceful” religion is corrupted, lawlessness rules and corruption thrives. The citizens are forced to be either hunters or the hunted.

Propaganda # 5: Christians want to take away funding from public schools so that they can use that money for their Christian schools. A principal of a public school said this to me. Christians only care about their children’s education and not yours.

The fact is public schools are an indoctrination camp for the captives. In the name of free schooling, the liberals are blatantly robbing the children of first-generation immigrants of their freedom potential.

Propaganda # 6: White people got to America first, carved out the laws to benefit themselves and that’s why they have a better standard of living. Democrats tell immigrants that it is not fair to them as late comers, and thus, liberals want to make it fair by taking from the rich and giving it to the poor, aka redistributing wealth.

The fact is from the Pilgrims on Mayflower, to Irish immigrants, to blacks, and everyone in between - the first generation immigrants struggle upon coming here, but stabilize and then thrive (do better than what they could in their own native countries). Their children benefit by being born in a free country. However, sadly - it cannot be said for immigrants coming to this country at the turn of this, the 21st century.

Propaganda # 7: The Emperor has no clothes on. Immigrants fall victim to the narrative by the liberals and the media, that if they don’t see the clothes of the Utopian Emperor, then they are not smart enough. I have heard it on several occasions that “Americans are not smart, therefore, you see so many foreign graduate students in US universities.” The educated immigrants think highly of themselves, thus want to do something “bigger” than themselves for the society. So to prove their smartness, they gut their morals, and try to set right what they think God could not do, that is create an equitable society. The liberals pump the minds of the educated gullible by artificially placing them on a higher pedestal of mastermind hierarchy, to be the saviors of the uneducated masses and mankind. The losers are the future generations whose freedoms are lost forever, and are saddled with unimaginable debt.

The fact is the media and the democrats label conservatives as greedy, mean, stupid, who cannot think beyond themselves, God and the country. Thus, the media artificially puts the burden on the shoulders of the educated immigrants to be the great intellectuals capable to think beyond oneself, God, and the country - and be the masterminds for the society, social justice, and the world.

As an immigrant, I have been approached by the progressives/liberals, even my friends and family, telling me that I have been brain-washed by the right-wingers. I question them back with the word of God, and that’s a winning argument. Hindu scriptures do not endorse, “collective Karma”, but promote “individual responsibility”; not “Robin Hood charity”, but “personal charity”; not “immoral forms of government”, but “governments based on highest morals”; not “equal results” but, “results based on an individual’s good karma.” Our scriptures are parallel to the Ten Commandments, discouraging lying, cheating, stealing, forcefully taking someone else’s property, and ganging up against dharma (faith).

Thanks to my conservative principles, I have stood like a rock against the liberal onslaught. Our scriptures tell us not to get swayed by emotions, but to stand firm on principles. Emotions are like waves in an ocean, but principles are like a solid rock that withstands the crashing waves. The problem is many haven’t read the scriptures and thus, use their heart (emotions) and not their head (knowledge) to make decisions.

My effort to defend America against socialism is my way of giving back to this great nation that has blessed my family with life, liberty and happiness. It is also my attempt to bring my fellow immigrants not just to be “in” America but “of” America.

Liberals bring out the worst in immigrants by appealing to their fears and jealousies. Conservatives can bring out the best in them by appealing to their morals and better humane side to preserve America for their own future generations.

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  1. Kevin says:

    What a great story and observation on Americanism today.

  2. Mark D Quick says:

    not to forget 70% of these illegal aliens are socialists and believe they are winning the WAR of reconquest……..

  3. wallpent says:

    I like your comment..I think you need to share it with others..Consider there are 5 major ethnic diversifications in united states.. Other countries have much more . we can stop the devidion if we work together and stop the elitist.