Happy Birthday Jon Stewart!


How about the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart turns 50 today. Fifty!!!

Jon Stewart’s real name, the one he was born with is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz (same as mine).

Kind of old school to drop your Jewish sounding last name for a British stage name, but WTF he is in the same generation as Bill O’Reilly! As my pop pop always says, “Think Yiddish dress British.”

Anyway this is 2012 not 1952. You don’t have to pass anymore. Jack Benny could be Jack Kubelsky today. Milton Berle could go by Mendal Berlinger. Joey Bishop could be Joseph Gottlieb. Jon Stewart can proudly go by Jonathan Leibowitz. It’s a great name!

Anyway you have come a long way from bartending at City Gardens (my mom tells me stories) when your hero was Eugene Debs. That is old school too. Isn’t he a socialist from a couple centuries ago?

Wiki says you are not a Democrat but an independent socialist or socialist independent. I guess that way you can laugh at everybody.

The weird thing is most millennials get their political news from some old Jersey guy (sorry 50 is old) from the generation of their parents and grandparents. Top that off with the out of date socialist thing and it gets weirder.

Where is the representative of our generation?

When will we have a genuine voice??

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