First they come for your democracy. . . Then your guns.


The level of emotion exhibited by our so-called “leaders” in times of trouble always amazes me. Are they really so un-levelheaded or are they just pimps looking for an advantage to promote their same old agenda.

There is a bill before the New Jersey Assembly today that would use state tax dollars to directly fund a leftist issue advocacy group that has a history of comingling its funds between the three different organizations it operates under: a 501(c)(3) foundation, a 501(c)(4) issues advocacy group, and a political action committee. The bill (S2202) sets aside up to $50 million in funding for this purpose.

Rather than face the scrutiny this expenditure deserves, the Democrats who control the state legislature suggested that there be no discussion on the legislation on today’s agenda, only straight up or down votes, in sympathy with the murder victims of Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook School. Must they try to use everything to their advantage? Is this really the way our democracy now works?

This shows the Democrat leadership for who they are. Beneath the thin justifications and their emotive arguments, are the minds of authoritarians seeking an advantage.

When confronting national problems we don’t need less democracy - we need more.

Xenophon writes of the power of democracy to solve problems in his work, The Anabasis. The story of the 10,000 Greek soldiers who fought the Battle of Cunaxa on behalf of the Persian Cyrus is instructive. Although the Greeks won the battle, Cyrus was killed and the Greeks found themselves in the middle of a hostile empire with no provisions or allies. The Greeks officers were tricked into attending a peace summit, whereupon they were all taken prisoner and murdered. The new Persian ruler thought that the Greeks would have no choice but to surrender, but these were free men and they simply elected new leaders and marched the long way back to Greece, defeating every Persian force sent to stop them.

Happily the Republican leaders in the legislature stood up to the Democrats who control it and talked some sense into them. Bravo! If the Democratic Party keeps acting this way, someone is going to sue them for false advertising.

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