DRPA Is At It Again


The Delaware River Port Authority is at it again.  Under the seemingly corrupt leadership of John Matheussen, last week the DRPA tried something blatantly ridiculous which patently flies in the face of good government.  Even for New Jersey Government officials and bureaucrats, this move appears to be so far out of bounds that several DRPA commissioners, (all from New Jersey) and certainly Matheussen, appear to be devoid of any competence to oversee and run the agency, much less clean up the garbage strewn beneath their bridges.

Earlier this year, the DRPA, no doubt very reluctantly, hired their first ever Inspector General.  His salary is $130,000.00 per year, and his job was to root out waste, fraud, and abuse, all of which have been rampant at the bi-state agency, and well documented.

So far, so good.  Until Vice-chairman Jeffrey Nash and another commissioner circulated a proposal that would, among other things, do the following:

  • All matters of concern to the Inspector General would be brought to Matheussen and other DRPA executives, not Law Enforcement
  • All reports prepared by the Inspector General would be presented to Matheussen and other DRPA executives before being forwarded to law enforcement or made public
  • Those reports could be changed/amended by Matheussen, other executives, and the entire board
  • The inspector General would have to wait to contact law enforcement, even for suspected crimes, until Matheussen and the board acted and allowed him to make contact with the appropriate authorities.
  • The Inspector General’s salary, after less than a year on the job, and with seemingly no responsibilities whatsoever after these changes, would go up to $165,000.00 a year.  A 27% increase.

So an agency whose waste, fraud, and abuse has been epidemic under John Matheussen’s “leadership” now wants to push their watchdog off their highest bridge.

It is important to realize that the Vice-chairman, John Nash, is also a Camden County democrat Freeholder.  Does he discourage the reporting of waste, fraud, and abuse in Camden County as well?

You can read the story from the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

Why does the DRPA think they answer to no-one?

You can contact Governor Christie’s office at 609-292-6000 to express your outrage.

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